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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold a k14wg amethyst ring!


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September 2022

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k14wg I sold a ring with amethyst! If you want to buy gold platinum or diamond jewelry, please leave it to Jewel Cafe, which has the highest customer satisfaction 💍I found it by sorting out belongings, end of life, elimination, life sorting, etc. Don't you have anything you don't need anymore? Especially large Kihei jewelry and jewelry with large gemstones are highly recommended to be sold to Jewel Cafe because they are not fashionable and cannot be worn because they are not trendy. Among them, many people say that even if they receive a ring as a gift, the size does not fit and they do not use it until it is repaired. Even if you don't have colored stones, we evaluate designs and products, so you can buy them at a high price✨

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Thank you very much for selling the k14wg ring with amethyst to Jewel Cafe ! It is also a gemstone and is famous as the birthstone for February! Purple is the highest color in the twelve ranks of the crown, and in China, it was also the color that only emperors were allowed to wear, making it the most noble color. Yes㊗ There are several criteria for purchasing gemstones such as amethyst, and the price is determined based on a comprehensive evaluation of the shade of color, the presence or absence of inclusions, and the luster and luster! Please bring it with you😌❣Don't forget the appraisal that describes the 4Cs for diamonds!

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The 14-karat white gold gemstone jewelry that we purchased this time is a product that many people bring in! Because platinum requires processing costs, we want to get silver-colored jewelry at a reasonable price! 🌈At Jewel Cafe , we purchase a wide range of gold and platinum jewelry, including emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, alexandrites, padparadscha sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and Paraiba tourmalines. Please feel free to ask our staff about pearls, corals, amber, etc., which are often inquired about! At Jewel Cafe , we always offer high-value purchases with free assessments. We will guide you with a high price assessment! All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

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