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Jewel Cafe Tropicana Gardens Mall

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Purchase / Assessment MENU

  • 1Purchase assessment

    Assess each item you brought carefully and inform you of the purchase price.

  • 2Speed assessment

    Assessment completes shortest within 10 minutes. Approximately assess the price for you.

  • 3Fragment assessment

    Assess items that are broken, defective, or lacking accessories.

  • 4Summary assessment

    The amount assessed will increase if you bring multiple items together.

Today's Gold and Platinum Price

Gold Ingots
RM259/ 1g
RM135/ 1g
Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

Store Information

Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall
Our operation time has resumed 10:00 am to 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday (including Public Holiday).
Business Hours 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Closure 1st & 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Phone Number +603-7612 6827

  1. Tropicana Gardens Mall direction to Jewel Cafe

    Search for CC West Entrance. Turn to your left.

  2. Tropicana Gardens Mall direction to Jewel Cafe

    Enter through this Donki's entrance.

  3. Tropicana Gardens Mall direction to Jewel Cafe

    Go straight and you may see us at your right side.

  4. Tropicana Gardens Mall direction to Jewel Cafe

    Welcome to Jewel Cafe.

Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

3 Features

Drinks for free at stores
We have a wide choice of free drink menus that for you during the purchase assessment at the store.
Free jewellery cleaning service
We also carry out free cleaning of jewellery in shops other than the items you choose to sell. We will collaborate together to disinfect your valuable goods for long time use.
Wide range of purchasing items
At Jewel Cafe, we can buy a wide variety of products such as jewelry, ingots, coins, platinum, colored stones, branded watches, branded bags and diamonds.
Today's Gold and Precious Metals

Price Quotes

Price Table
RM 259
RM 254
RM 210
RM 194
RM 143
RM 89
RM 135
RM 132
RM 126
RM 121
RM 114

● Gold and platinum quotes in the domestic trading market. These quotes are updated between 9-11 am on weekdays.
● Due to fluctuations in market prices and exchange rates, they may differ from actual market rates. ● Differs from the in-store purchase price.

Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

Example of Purchases

Purchase Results
  • Purchased atRM 14,200!
    Old Kihei with other jewelries
  • Purchased atRM 10,000!
    Louis Vuitton Alma PM Monogram Giant
  • Purchased atRM 68,800!
    ROLEX Sea-dweller 126603
  • Purchased atRM 8,500!
    Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM Monogram
  • Purchased atRM 36,000!
    Hermes Birkin 35 gold hardware
  • Purchased atRM 2,500!
    Chanel Coco mark W hook Cambon Line
  • Purchased atRM 79,000!
    ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116503G
  • Purchased atRM 40,500!
    A massive amount of gold and silver jewelries
  • Purchased atRM 22,500!
    Gold, platinum, white gold jewelries
  • Purchased atRM 5,860!
    Gucci GG Wicker Mini
  • Purchased atRM 58,800!
    Sum of gold and jewelry such as ingots
  • Purchased atRM 56,710!
    Large 2ct diamond ring
  • Purchased atRM 450!
    Coach Charlie Carryall
  • Purchased atRM 1,815!
    Prada Canapa Tote with pearl
  • Purchased atRM 10,800!
    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150
  • Purchased atRM 5,900!
    Tiffany T wire bracelet
  • Purchased atRM 12,400!
    Cartier Pasha Seatimer
  • Purchased atRM 2,700!
    BVLGARI SERPENTI flap cover bag

※The value is only for reference purpose. Value affected by the condition and market price.

Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

Strengthening Items

18 Gold Jewellery
Talking about the Jewel Cafe, buying of antique jewels! Many of the rings and necklaces are made of 18-karat gold and are engraved with K18 in general. Certain purities and platinum are also purchased at a high price.
Example of purchase price
Multiple K18
RM 18300.00
Gold cup, chain
and Coin etc.
RM 24500.00
Multiple Jewelleries
with Diamond
RM 16400.00
Pure Gold Bullion
and Old Jewelleries
RM 27000.00
Gem stone jewellery
Starting with Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Of course, you don't need to know all the type of gems. We will make a firm assessment from one item. If you have a certificate, we can buy it at a higher price.
We are reinforcing the purchase of ingots as the gold price soars! I find a small ingot weighing 5-10 grammes at home while cleaning! There are lots of customers who say that. So please feel free to bring it with you and visit us!
Demand for diamonds is increasing worldwide, and we are strengthening purchases at Jewel Cafe! Firmly assess from small melee diamonds to large diamonds over 1 carat! Please do not forget to bring if you have a certificate, as we can buy it at a higher price.
Rolex, the king of branded watches, has also brought in a large number. All models are purchased at a high price, not only the classic Datejust, but also the Submariner, which is popular with young people, and the simple Explorer! Even though broken ones are welcome!
Example of purchase price
~RM 64000.00
GMT Master II
~RM 41500.00
~RM 15000.00
Explorer II
~RM 30200.00
~RM 55000.00
~RM 41500.00
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton, one of the brand's classic bags. The purchase price is always high because it is a standard item, and Jewel Cafe will make a firm assessment even if it is old and shabby, which can not be bought at other shops! So please feel free to ring it to us.
Firmly assessed from one item!
No matter if it's broken or old!
Branded bags
Dirt, stains, stickiness
Popular bags such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel are welcome even if they are dirty or stained. It does not matter even if there is stickiness or smell inside!
Old・Broken ones
No matter how old the design is, we buy it at a high price even for old jewelleries over 50 years ago. Of course, it is okay if it is broken!
Rolex luxury watches
Breakdown / damage
Please bring it in any conditions, such as broken glass, broken belt, or needle does not move. We will carefully assess it.
Precious metals
Gold teeth
Not only jewellery, but also industrial products such as loose gold teeth and debris are also "precious metals". You can sell at Jewel Cafe in any condition!
All you need to bring for selling is your identity card only
Identification Card (IC)
Permanent Visa
Working Visa
We can purchase it at a better price if you have a Jewel Certificate, a Branded Item/Watch Guarantee Card, etc.
Please feel free to bring it with you if you have it.

※For customers who are 18-19 years old, we will need consent form or Letter of commission. ※For those who are under 18 years old are not allowed to use this service.
Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

Customer's Feedback

18 Reviews)
Sold at higher price my unwanted branded items
I have many opportunity to receive branded bags and jewelry etc from my friends but I'm a not big fan of branded items and I don't even know those are authentic or not and my place is getting crowded because of this unwanted bags and jewelry. One day, I saw the advertisement about Jewel Cafe and visited there soon after. The store staffs are very kind and they taught me about branded item's trivia when we are having a good conversation. The estimated price were also higher than what I expected and decide to sell my unwanted branded items right at spot. The crowd at my place is cleaed and I'm very satisfied this result.
chevron_rightRead More
20 years old watch and jewelry have sold.
When I was doing grocery shopping in the shopping mall near my neighbourhood then I received a pocket tissue at the mall entrance. Soon after I saw there is a Rolex watch purchasing coupon so I decided to stop by after I finish chores. Actually I was planning to only talk with a young lady staff and get an estimation. I did not intend to sell my watch at first, but I just started to try minimize my life style and realized it's good opportunity to do. She was also mentioning that I will receive benefits such as coupons and jewelry cleaning service if I sell precious metals jewely. I asked her to clean my necklaces which I was wearing and make estimate them. It was a quite high price estimation more than expected, so I decided to sell them together. This time I think the timing was just right. When I sell items again, I will use benefit coupons.
chevron_rightRead More
Sold my not moving Rolex watch
In the past my wife has sold precious metals at jewel Cafe and I heard that the customer service was very good and it was great experience. My wife told me that Jewel Cafe is purchasing watches as well, so I brought my watch and asked for an estimation. This Rolex I got from my father who passed away. But I've already had another watch which is more comfortable. That Rolex was just sitting on the counter then after a while I realized that not moving anymore. I thought it can not be priced, but I was told that Rolex will be purchased even if it's not moving. The resulted was much better price than I expected. Thank you very much Jewel Cafe. I will come again with my wife.
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Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall


Access to Jewel Café Tropicana Garden Mall
Jewel Café Tropicana Garden is located inside Tropicana Gardens Mall, Petaling Jaya. Tropicana Garden Mall is located right next to Surian MRT Station. If you are coming from Bangsar or Damansara area, you can use the Damansara Link. If you are coming from Kepong or Sungai Buloh area, you can use the LDP Highway. Our store is located in the famous Japanese Grocery Store, Don Don Donki. We are near to the West Walk entrance at level CC. If you are coming in from another entrance or parking area of Tropicana Gardens Mall, you will need to find the West Walk entrance. From there, you could enter our store from the Don Don Donki exit at CC level. We are located on the right side of the exit. The security guard or Don Don Donki staff might ask you to enter from the Don Don Donki main entrance at level G, but you can just simply inform them that you are going to Jewel Café and they will let you in. You can always give us a call for any assistance.

What is Jewel Café
Jewel Café main business activities is to purchase gold as well as branded bags and watches. We can buy all sorts of jewelry that ranges from 999.9 gold until the lowest grade 375/K9. We also can accept white gold, platinum and silver. Broken, dented, jewelries with missing pieces are all still acceptable and Jewel Café can buy from you for cash.
As for branded bags, we can accept a variety of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Coach and etc. As for branded watches, we can accept brands such as Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Frank Muller, Fossil, Tissot, Seiko and etc. You can check out our full list here.
You certainly will be quoted with the highest prices as possible. While you are waiting during the appraisal, you could enjoy our complimentary drinks and snacks at our cozy café space.
A word from the assessment staff
Thank you so much for visiting Jewel Café at Tropicana Garden Mall. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for taking the time to visit us. We are committed to ensuring that you received the very best customer service from us. We will continue to provide our customers with excellent services and we hope that you continue to trust us. Be assured that your items will always be handled with care and will be evaluated with the best price we can offer. Don’t worry as all of our evaluations are free and you can sit back and enjoy our complimentary drinks and snacks at our café space. Our business is growing because of your continued patronage. We hope that we could see you again in the near future.
Jewel Cafe
Tropicana Gardens Mall

Frequently Asked

How to go to Jewel Café Tropicana Garden Mall
Driving from Penchala Link, exit left to LDP. Then drive straight, exit left after petrol station and make a u-turn. After that, keep left to Bandar Utama Damansara. From there need to go straight for 2KM and you will see Tropicana Garden Mall on your left side.
Do I need to make a reservation before visiting the store?
No reservation required. Please feel free to visit us anytime.
Do you have anything to prepare when selling?
Yes. Please make sure to bring a copy of your ID (driver's license, insurance card, passport, etc. ).
How long does it takes to assess a purchase?
In the case of store based purchase, speed assessment of 10 to 15 minutes will be possible. However, please note that it may take some time if you bring in a lot of item or if the store is crowded. There is also free drink service in the cafe space, so you can wait in the store, or for some customers coming back to the store at their convenient time.
How can I sell it at a higher price?
If you bring the brand's box, certificate, warranty card, and other accessories you purchased with it, the assessed amount will increase. In addition, it can also add to the price if you bring multiple items along for appraisal. Jewel Cafe also distributes valuable coupons, so please bring it with you.
Can I sell a single piece of used earrings?
Of course it is possible. Since gold and platinum are recyclable, we purchase everything.
Can I cancel after the amount has been assessed?
If you are not satisfied with the price, you can of course cancel. Please be assured that no fees are charged.

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