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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold amethyst!!


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September 2022

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I was able to sell the amethyst ring I received from my mother. She gave it to me because it was her birthstone, but she said she wasn't interested in jewelry, so she brought it in to buy something else. It was said that the certificate and case had been disposed of, so the appraisal was made without any accessories, but the amethyst is very large, more than 3 CT, and the base metal is gold, so the price of gold has skyrocketed. Now that we are in the middle of the day, we are able to make a big purchase that will surprise our customers.

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe. The amethyst that we purchased this time tends to get stained with sebum and dust while wearing it, and the shine tends to dull, so please wash it with lukewarm water for items that have been used for many years. If you bring it in after cleaning it with the soapy water made in , it may lead to an increase in the amount. When washing a stone, please be careful not to rub it too hard or leave any moisture on it, otherwise the condition of the stone will deteriorate. If there is a book or a certificate of authenticity, trust will increase and it may affect the appraisal value, but at Jewel Cafe, not only the value of the jewel itself, but also the brand and design will be seen, and the value of the jewelery will also be assessed. We are here. If you have not only an appraisal certificate and a certificate of authenticity, but also a brand warranty and accessories, please bring them with you!! Please do not worry as we will make an assessment!! Please leave the estimate of the amethyst product to Jewel Cafe!!

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The purple color of amethyst is said to have been loved by many people since ancient times. Especially in Japan, it is considered to be the most noble color and is said to be a color that has been very important in religious ceremonies. Historically, it was revered as the highest color in the "Twelve Crown Ranks" established by Prince Shotoku, and in China, it is said that only emperors are allowed to wear it. By the way, it is rated as the highest among the color variations of crystal. Amethyst has a wide range of colors from pale lilac to dark purple, but in the 19th century it was believed that the manganese inside was the cause of the color. After that, it was thought that some kind of organic component was involved in the color because of the property that it easily changes color due to heat. However, in fact, it has been found that radiation causes changes in the arrangement of iron ions that exist as impurities inside amethyst (purple quartz). Therefore, by adding iron ions to colorless quartz and then irradiating it with radiation, it is possible to artificially create amethyst (purple quartz). In addition, amethyst that can be discolored by exposing it to ultraviolet rays, and the amethyst that has changed its color greatly is called "color change amethyst" (or color change type amethyst), and green transparent crystal is "green amethyst". It is called Amethyst is also widely used as a power stone, and various theories agree that it works like a tranquilizer. Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar are well-known amethyst production areas. Brazilian amethyst has a light purple color, Madagascar has a reddish or violet-like purple color, and Uruguay has a deep purple color. Japan also produces beautiful and high-quality amethyst that has been praised as "Kagamurasaki".

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