Store property recruitment

At the Jewel Cafe,
We are widely looking for new store properties.

Jewel Cafe is looking for a wide range of properties all over the country.
If you have a property that meets the application guidelines, or you have information about the property, please provide information using the form below.
We are specialized in purchasing and do not sell.

Recruitment area

  • All over Japan (from Hokkaido to Okinawa) ※Please see the store information page for existing stores.
  • Also available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries

Property type

Shopping center type

Area 150-600 sqf (appropriate area around 10 tsubo)
Single division within the facility, on the mall-type facility atrium bridge
Ideally located near a busy passage

Station front, shopping street type

Area 350-600 sqf
Ideally located along the shopping street and close to the train station

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  1. 1.Input
  2. 2.Confirmation
  3. 3.Completion
  1. 1.Input
  2. 2.Confirmation
  3. 3.Completion

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Property information
Property address
Number of floors (floor)
Area (tsubo)
Rent conditions
Security deposit / compensation

※The maximum size of one file is 1MB.

Company information
Your company name
Your company address
Name of person in charge
Person in charge phone number
Contact person's email address
Other / Questions

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