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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

Amethyst Pt900 ring


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September 2022

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Hello to everyone reading the Jewel Cafe blog. This time, I would like to introduce his amethyst Pt900 ring that I sold at Jewel Cafe . The quality of amethyst is determined by the depth and transparency of its color, as well as its color unevenness and cracks (cracks). Among them, the most valuable amethyst has high transparency, deep dark purple, and few color unevenness and cracks. If you have a certificate that clearly states the evaluation of the stone, we can give you an accurate estimate, so bringing it with you will be a selling point. "Jewel Cafe" is strengthening the purchase of gem jewelry, so if you wish to purchase at a high price, please consider selling at "Jewel Cafe" .

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Thank you very much for selling the amethyst Pt900 ring to Jewel Cafe store. It seems that he received it a long time ago as it was his birthstone, but he did not have the opportunity to wear it and kept it in the jewelry box. There were no accessories such as a certificate of authenticity, but since there were no inclusions and the number of carats was large, we assessed it as product jewelry. If you have jewelry that you do not use, please use Jewel Cafe for a free assessment. Thank you very much for using Jewel Cafe store this time.

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Amethyst is the birthstone for February and is called the "guardian stone of love" and "the stone that protects true love", and purple is said to be the most noble color and is said to have been highly valued in religious ceremonies. increase. Since it is one of the stones with strong spiritual power, it can heal, calm, and give you peace of mind in addition to the passion of love. Amethyst, which has many legends and legends, is still popular as an accessory even today, and among transparent purple natural stones, amethyst is the only power stone that can be used as a gemstone. "Jewel Cafe" also purchases gem jewelry other than amethyst, so please feel free to use our free assessment.

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