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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold a large amethyst.


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September 2022

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A large amethyst. It was a fancy cut called Pear, and it was 2ct. The base is made of 18-karat gold, and the beautiful amethyst that sways through the necklace. It seems that the chain was sold several years ago when it was broken, and it seems that the top was left unattached and became fertilizer for the chest of drawers. Amethyst has evaluation points for depth of color, inclusions, and brilliance. Larger amethyst is more likely to contain inclusions, but this amethyst is a very beautiful item, so it was purchased at a high price.

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Thank you very much for bringing the large amethyst top to Jewel Cafe this time. It was said that when he bought the amethyst necklace because he fell in love at first sight, he kept it in a safe place after the chain broke. However, since there was nothing to attach, we took courage and brought it to us, so we also assessed it firmly. I am very happy to be able to help you to sublimate your memories.

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Brazil is the largest producer of amethyst in the world, and it is also produced in Miyagi Prefecture and Tottori in Japan. Amethyst has a very long history, and has been valued as a material for sculpture since ancient Egypt. Among them, those with deep colors are called "Deep Siberian", and those with pale colors are called "Rose de France". Its Japanese name is called amethyst, but if you heat-treat it when processing the stone, it becomes a yellowish citrine (yellow crystal), making it a very expressive gemstone.

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