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Frequently Asked Questions

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Information on purchasing with JEWEL CAFÉ

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ accept engraved items?

AJEWEL CAFÉ accepts all items, even engraved rings. However the value can only be determined after our staff have appraised your item.

QWhat brands or categories are accepted by JEWEL CAFÉ?

APlease check this website for a list of items that JEWEL CAFÉ is currently accepting, https://jewel-cafe.my/purchase/ If your item is not in the list, please drop us an email or ask our staff for more details.

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ accept all items?

AJEWEL CAFÉ mainly focus on purchasing of the following items; Jewelry, Branded Bags or Watches, iPhone/iPad, Luxury Items ( Tie, Accessories, Lighter and etc.), Cosmetics (Skin Care, Perfume, Lips stick and etc.) and many more. JEWEL CAFÉ welcomes any enquiries regarding item purchasing, please feel free to visit our stores or send us an EMAIL / LINE.

QWill my personal information be confidential?

AJEWEL CAFÉ handles all our customer's information with extreme confidentiality. To allow our customers to feel at ease while trading with us is JEWEL CAFÉ's mission. Our company has a personal data protection policy (Privacy Policy). *For more details on our Privacy Policy, please visit the website stated below. http://jewel-cafe.my/privacy/

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ accept items without Warranty/Authenticity Certificates?

AJEWEL CAFÉ accepts items without any Certificate! However, items with Certificates will be worth more, so please make sure to bring it along for appraisal if you have one!。

QIs remittance a viable method for payment at JEWEL CAFÉ?

AOf course! Just fill in your details on JEWEL CAFÉ's forms for remittance application, and the payment will go through immediately. *If it is outside of the bank's operating hours, you will be able to receive the payment on the next working day.

QCan I use a Commercial Bank Account?

AYes. JEWEL CAFÉ will be unable to transfer the payment to a personal bank account if the acquisition is done via a company, so please ensure the Bank Account Name is the same as your Company Name. Please approach JEWEL CAFÉ or email us for more information of high valued items or large quantities of items. jewel-cafe-au2@crane-a.co.jp

QCan I choose not to sell my item to JEWEL CAFÉ after appraising it?

AAt JEWEL CAFÉ, we are able to cancel the purchasing application for customers at no extra costs! All processing fees will be absorbed by JEWEL CAFÉ.

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ accept faulty/damaged items?

AIf your item is within repairable status, such as a watch with dead batteries, JEWEL CAFÉ will gladly accept them. However if your item is damaged beyond repair, JEWEL CAFÉ may be unable to accept them.With exception to precious metals or certain branded goods, JEWEL CAFÉ are unable to accept them by principle.

QHow can I attain a higher appraisal value at JEWEL CAFÉ?

ABefore bringing your item for appraisal at JEWEL CAFÉ, do clean it, and bring it along with any original packaging, instruction manual, authenticity or warranty certificate that it came with. This will ensure the maximum appraisal value you can achieve at JEWEL CAFÉ! Our staff at JEWEL CAFÉ are able to request for a higher resell value based on the amount of items you bring in, so gather everything you have!

QIs it possible for JEWEL CAFÉ to handle items not in the purchasing list?

ADepending on the condition and category of item, JEWEL CAFÉ may be able to accept it, but we hope to seek your understanding if we are unable to accept it.

QHow are appraisal values determined at JEWEL CAFÉ?

AAside from the original retail value of the item, the condition and popularity of the item will be taken into consideration when determining the appraised value.

QAny particular items that are not acceptable at JEWEL CAFÉ?

AJEWEL CAFÉ does not accept imitation goods.

QAre there any appraisal fees at JEWEL CAFÉ?

ANo! There will be no costs for appraisal, so please feel free to approach us!

QWhat should I do to proceed evaluation with JEWEL CAFÉ?

AJEWEL CAFÉ has two modes of purchasing, [Store Based] and [Home Based]*For more details, please access the relevant pages.

QCan I get an estimated value before appraising my item?

AYou may send a picture of your item to JEWEL CAFÉ via EMAIL / LINE to get an initial estimation value.*The final appraisal value may differ from the initial estimated value based on the actual condition of the item.

QWhat should I do after my acquisition with JEWEL CAFÉ has been confirmed?

AFor [Store Based] acquisition, please present any form of identification. (Driving License, Passport, IC etc)For [Home Based] acquisition, please provide a photocopy of any form of identification. (Driving License, Passport, IC etc)

QWhy do I need to present/provide any identification documents?

AAccording to the National Security Policy, it is a requirement to present identification upon acquisition. According to JEWEL CAFÉ's (Privacy Policy), we will keep all our customers' information strictly confidential, including all photocopies of personal data, afterwhich JEWEL CAFÉ will dispose of with extreme caution when no longer in use.

QIs there an age limit for acquisitions?

AYou will need to be at least at 21 years of age.

QWill there be any processing fees?

AAll processing fees are absorbed by JEWEL CAFÉ, including delivery charges for [Home Based] Acquisitions.

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ require the original package, instruction manual, authenticity or warranty certificates?

AJEWEL CAFÉ accepts items without them, however if you are able to present them, the appraised value may be higher.

QWill the prices for [Store Based] Acquisition be better than [Home Based] Acquisitions?

AThe prices will be the same, so please do not hesitate to use whichever is more convenient for you.

QHow long does it take to appraise an item?

AIt depends on the type of item, as well as condition.

Information on [Store Based] Acquisition

QWhere can I find JEWEL CAFÉ?

AThere are a total of 5 stores in Malaysia. For more details on store location, please visit the website stated below.


QAre there any other forms of payment modes aside from cash?

AYou may choose to commerce via Bank Transfer.

QDoes JEWEL CAFÉ accept single earrings?

AAll gold jewelry can be repurposed, so JEWEL CAFÉ accepts any jewelry even if the item is broken or cracked.

Q Will there be a long waiting time during public holiday?

AIt may be vary depending on the holiday, if it requires an extended waiting time for appraisal, please make yourself comfortable at our resting area. Our staff at JEWEL CAFÉ will try our best to attend to you as fast as we can.

Q Can I leave my item at JEWEL CAFÉ for appraisal?

AOf course! JEWEL CAFÉ provides beverage for our customers awaiting appraisal results, you may also choose leave your item with us and return when the results are available.

Q Why should I choose JEWEL CAFÉ?

AAt JEWEL CAFÉ, we try our best to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience to our customers. With 2 stores in Penisular Malaysia.As a Japanese Company, JEWEL CAFÉ emphasizes on the best customer service we can provide to all customers. Professional appraisal services are also provided at no extra cost, and JEWEL CAFÉ also ensures the highest value we can attain for you.

Q Do I need to make an appointment?

ANo appointments are required!

QAre there any parking lots?

A All our JEWEL CAFÉ stores are at easily accessible locations, close to parking lots as well as petrol stations for your convenience.

Q I'm in a rush, so can I leave my items at JEWEL CAFÉ and collect them later?

A Of course! We provide storage services, so you may leave your item in our care and collect it whenever it is convenient.  
※*If the item is not claimed within 3 months, the item will be disposed of at JEWEL CAFÉ's discretion.

Information on [Home Based] Acquisition

QIs [Home Based] Acquisition applicable islandwide in Malaysia?

AYes. You can apply for [Home Based] Acquisition from anywhere in Malaysia.

Q Will there be any processing fees?

A All processing fees are absorbed by JEWEL CAFÉ.

QWhat are the documents required for the application of [Home Based] Acquisition?

A1. JEWEL CAFÉ's [Home Based] Acquisition Application Form
2. Goods Declaration Form
3. Application Form for Delivery.

QIs it possible for the payment to be made to a third party, different from the name on the Acquisition Application Form?

AOur sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, but JEWEL CAFÉ requires the name on the following stated to be of the same person.
1. Acquisition Application Form
2. Identification Documents (Driving License, Passport, IC etc)
3. Receiver (Bank Account Name etc)

QCan the underaged apply for [Home Based] Acquisition?

AOur sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, but JEWEL CAFÉ requires our applicants to be at the legal age of 18.

Q Which delivery company do you use and how does it work?

AJEWEL CAFÉ uses ## Delivery Services, under normal circumstances you may appoint a Time/Date for delivery, however if it is on a Public Holiday, please understand that due to higher traffic, you might be unable to get the requested time slot.

QAfter a successful acquisition, when will I receive payment?

AThe payment will be transferred to your Bank Account the next working day.

QCan I send the item to JEWEL CAFÉ first, without any documents?

ATo avoid misplacement of items as well as a smoother acquisition process, you should only send your item to JEWEL CAFÉ after you have applied for an Acquisition, and the application has been approved.

QWill there be any delivery fees?

AAll delivery fees are absorbed by JEWEL CAFÉ.

QCan I send items from different categories together for appraisal?

APlease do! Not only will that save time and hassle for both of you and JEWEL CAFÉ, you will also receive a cash rebate!

QWhat about if I am not satisfied with the appraised value?

AJEWEL CAFÉ will send the item back to you within 1 working day.

QWhat about if I send multiple items together, but after appraisal I want some of them back?

ANo problem, JEWEL CAFÉ will provide Appraisal Details for each item, and we will send back the items that you requested within 1 working day.