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Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.

Sell anything Rolex has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!

Leave it to Jewel Cafe if want to sell Rolex! Rolex such as Daytona, Date-just, Day-date, Submariner, Explorer I, Explorer II, Oyster perpetual, Milgauss, GMT Master, Sea-dweller, Yacht Master, Sky-dweller etc. are dream of many adults around the world. Jewel Cafe is popular for buying Rolex and still strengthening. Covering a wide range model including men’ s, ladies’ and boys. Customers are satisfied with our high price purchasing by utilizing the largest merits of the second-hand industry. We also handle Rolex appraisal through email.

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Prices of Rolex
have seen tremendous growth over the years!

  • Rolex Daytona 116500LN
    Year 2015RM59,000arrow
    Year 2022RM150,000
  • Rolex GMT Master II 116710BNLR
    GMT Master II
    Year 2015RM31,600arrow
    Year 2022RM63,000
  • Rolex Submariner (Green) 116610LV
    Submariner (Green)
    Year 2015RM29,700arrow
    Year 2022RM100,000
  • Rolex Submariner (Black) 116610LN
    Submariner (Black)
    Year 2015RM25,700arrow
    Year 2022RM50,000
  • Rolex Explorer I 214270
    Explorer I
    Year 2015RM16,610arrow
    Year 2022RM30,000
  • Rolex Explorer II 216570
    Explorer II
    Year 2015RM17,800arrow
    Year 2022RM33,000

※ The price stated for Rolex Daytona 116500LN is from the year of 2016.
※ The above is a reference price and that actual purchase price will differ depending on the condition and season of the product.

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Compare with other stores!

We Purchase Rolex
at a Higher Price!

We have a wide range of sales channels, and our professional staff can provide you with the best price in the industry for any kind of Luxury Watches. Please feel free to use our free appraisal service, which has the highest satisfaction rating.

  • Rolex Daytona

    Ref. 116520
    CompanyA RM75,000
    CompanyB RM85,000
    CompanyC RM90,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller

    Ref. 16600
    CompanyA RM36,000
    CompanyB RM30,000
    CompanyC RM38,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Rolex Sea-Dweller
  • Rolex Submariner

    Ref. 16610LV
    CompanyA RM58,500
    CompanyB RM49,000
    CompanyC RM53,500
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Rolex Submariner
  • Rolex GMT Master II

    Ref. 126710BLNR
    CompanyA RM56,500
    CompanyB RM44,000
    CompanyC RM43,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Rolex Submariner
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Rolex Purchases

Unparalleled number of assessments and purchases

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of Rolex

  • Rolex Submariner 126613

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Submariner 126613
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Submariner 116613LN

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Submariner 116613LN
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex DateJust 179173G

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex DateJust 179173G
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual 15200

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual 15200
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Daytona 116520

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Daytona 116520
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Pearlmaster 18946A PT

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Pearlmaster 18946A PT
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Yacht-Master Ⅱ 116680

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Yacht-Master Ⅱ 116680
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Air-King 14000M

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Air-King 14000M
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • Rolex Day-Date 18238A

    Watch Purchases > Rolex

    Rolex Day-Date 18238A
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases

※The value is only for reference purpose. Value affected by the condition and market price.

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Important Announcement

We are buying

We would like to introduce some of the thousands of Rolex watches we purchase every day at our Jewel Cafe outlets. We will carefully appraise all kinds of Rolexes, from brand-new models to old or grimy ones. Even if you are not sure whether your Rolex is purchasable, please feel free to first inquire with us.

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Old and Battered Rolexes

Do you have a Rolex that you think you would never be able to sell?

Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
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Rolex Purchases

Now updating with the latest market prices!

Purchase Price List

Rolex Purchase Quotes

The prices listed are calculated based on new or used products. In addition, since the market price fluctuates at any time, the price may differ from the price we actually purchase at the store. Please understand in advance.

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Why Jewel Cafe

is strong in
Rolex purchases

Professional assessment by staff
Why are we strong
in Rolex purchases〈 1 〉

Professional Appraisal Staff

At Jewel Cafe, our professional staff will carefully appraise your item. Taking into account of latest price data and market prices, we appraise with confidence and strive every day to offer the best price to satisfy our customers.
Overseas expansion and establishment of proprietary sales channels
Why are we strong
in Rolex purchases〈 2 〉

Unique domestic and international sales channels

Jewel Café has many operating stores oversea. By utilizing our domestic and international network to sell the items, we are able to offer even higher prices for the product we purchase.
Store Performance
Why are we strong
in Rolex purchases〈 3 〉

Results of 250 directly-managed store worldwide

Jewel Café has more than 250 directly operated stores worldwide and has been used by more than 3 million customers to date. We will continue to strive to keep the faith of our customers.
Various benefits available
Why are we strong
in Rolex purchases〈 4 〉

Various benefits available

At Jewel Cafe, we offer a variety of special offers that can be used during your visit, our loyal customers are also overjoyed with these benefits. T-point and jewelry cleaning service are very popular among our customers!
Easy and convenient store location
Why are we strong
in Rolex purchases〈 5 〉

Easy and convenient store location

Jewel Café have stores operating at convenient locations such as large shopping mall and shopping street at station front. We always aim to create a comfortable space which you can casually stop by during your grocery shopping.
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Rolex Purchases

At the store or home delivery!

Ways to sell Rolex
at a higher price

How to Sell Rolex at a High Price〈 1 〉

Sell your Rolex as soon as possible if you have decided that you won’t be using it

The price of a Rolex varies depending on the model, but it can also fluctuate depending on the production year and reference number. For example, popular models with a relatively newer year and reference number can fetch a higher market price. Also, since demand tends to vary depending on the model, we recommend that you sell your Rolex as soon as you have decided that you will not be using it.

How to Sell Rolex at a High Price〈 2 〉

Sell your Rolex with its warranty card and accessories for a higher price

Be sure to keep the warranty card, box, spare parts, and instruction manual that came with your Rolex when you purchased it. Without the warranty card, you may not be able to receive an authorized service or repair. Therefore, the purchase price of a Rolex will vary greatly depending on whether it has a warranty card. In addition, if the watch does not come with spare links, this limits its range of adjustable sizes, which may result in a lower price. That’s why it is advisable to keep all accessories carefully without throwing them away.

How to Sell Rolex at a High Price〈 3 〉

Remove the dirt from your Rolex and keep it clean to sell it at a higher price

The key to increasing the appraisal value of a Rolex is to clean it as much as possible beforehand. Even a simple cleaning at home, such as wiping the glass surface or removing dirt from the crevices of the strap, can impact the appraisal value. If your Rolex has not been serviced for a long time, it is a good idea to just bring it in as is. Of course, a watch that has been serviced will fetch a higher price, but Rolexes can be expensive to repair and it may take many months. Considering the downsides, it is recommended to bring in the watch without getting it serviced.

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Rolex Watches

Helpful Columns
by Jewel Cafe

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Why are Even Faulty Brand W...

Be sure to upgrade to a rare Rolex!

確定晉級稀有款勞力士!有「新保卡」的 Submariner 潛航者日曆型 116610LV 、116610LN


Why is the price of Rolex Daytona 116500LN high?



Talk about the future market trend of Rolex after the epidemic

談談今後勞力士行情 疫情後時期之行情趨勢及未來預測

談談今後勞力士行情 疫情後時...

Seven Rolex Models to Sell Now



the price of high-end watches is quite high



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Rolex Purchases


Which Rolex models sell well?
Due to increasing global demand, Rolex watches tend to fetch respectable prices regardless of the model. Among them, the Daytona often fetches a very good price, and it is also the most popular in the market. Solid gold and platinum Rolexes also tend to sell well due to the recent surge in the gold market.
Does the purchase price vary depending on the production year and reference number of the Rolex?
Yes, Rolex prices sometimes vary depending on the production year and reference number. There are detailed classifications within the Rolex distribution market, and Rolex models tend to be traded at a higher price immediately after their release. On the other hand, older models might also increase in value as they become regarded as vintage models.
Does the condition of the Rolex affect its grading and price?
Yes, Rolexes tend to be graded based on their condition. Even if you are selling a brand-new watch that has never been worn, the price may vary depending on whether the protective seal on the face of the watch is still intact. Other factors that might also affect the grading of a Rolex include scratches and the functionality of the watch itself.
Do I need to consider the timing of when to sell my Rolex?
Unlike gold which has a standard market price, the purchase price offered by each Rolex dealer tends to fluctuate according to global market trends. Although the price of your Rolex may vary over time, Jewel Cafe is able to offer you a satisfactory price due to our numerous outlets overseas and secure distribution channels not only in Japan but also across the world.
Should I have my Rolex repaired or serviced before selling it?
Although it is true that having a Rolex repaired or serviced can increase its appraisal value, this also depends on the product type and the nature of the repair. There must be a balance between the increase in value and the cost of repairs, and it also depends on the condition of the watch, so if you have any doubts, we recommend that you first bring your watch to our store.
Can I still sell my Rolex if I don't have any of the accessories?
Yes, we will still buy such watches, so please bring them in. The accessories of a Rolex, especially the box and warranty card, can improve its resale value. Nevertheless, our appraisers will assess the authenticity and condition of the watch, so please feel free to visit our store even if your Rolex does not have any accessories.
Can I sell an old or broken Rolex?
Yes, we will still buy it. We accept scratched or broken Rolexes, as well as Rolexes with cracked glass, damaged straps, missing straps, or those that simply do not work, along with all the parts and accessories. We might also be able to buy old Rolexes at vintage prices, so please feel free to bring your watch to us.
Are there any "handling fees" or other costs associated with the purchase or appraisal of my Rolex?
We do not charge any fees for Rolex appraisals. Even if you are not satisfied with the appraised value of your Rolex watch and decide not to sell it, you will still not be charged any fees. Here at Jewel Cafe, speedy in-store purchases are the most popular option, but we also offer home delivery completely free of charge, so please do take advantage of this service!


Jewel Cafe Purchase Ranking



Date-just is Rolex main model. Many people say that this model will be choose by Rolex beginner. After buying for more than 10 years, there are more demand in switching to one rank higher Rolex such as Day-date etc. Date-just is enhancing series in purchasing.



Submariner date is popular classic sport model. It is a model that is very popular mainly among young people for its robustness and functional beauty. This watch is many owned by customers who are approaching their 50s and replacing with a dress watch. Enhance in buying Submariner watch too.



Explorer II is created for adventurer by adding 24-hour clock and date display into Explorer I. It is famous as business tool because it has been changed into smart design. This is the chance to sell this Rolex.

Rolex's trivia
of the week

Daytona’s appealing diversity born from evolution.

Daytona was born in 1963. After several prototype models, it became popular as a pioneer of racing chronographs. Its movement is hand-wound Cal. 72 series manufactured by Valjoux, which was used in many other chronographs at that time, However, Rolex has changed to a unique method of adjusting the advance or delay of a watch by meantime screw rather than a regulator pin. The first model was equipped with a free-sprung balance, which is still considered an advanced mechanism today. After the minor change version Cal.722-1, Cal.727- the final version of the Cal.72 series, was installed in the second-generation Daytona.

In addition to a high-beat frequency of 6 vibrations per second instead of 5, the watch is also equipped with a Kif-Ultraflex shock absorber. It was a famous model that continued to support the Daytona until 1988, when production of the hand-wound version was discontinued. The appearance of the hand-winding Daytona differs greatly from that of the automatic Daytona, with a choice of stainless-steel bezel or plastic bezel, and it has a unique design and texture that cannot be described simply by the word "retro". Since Japan’s Rolex has already stopped overhauls service for hand-wind model, there are concerns about its maintenance, so it is essential to ensure the after-sales maintenance service to be in place when needed at the time of purchase, Still, the joy of having a hand-wound Daytona still outweigh such concerns! The most popular 3rd generation hand-wound debuted in 1970. With the introduction of screw-in push buttons and the word "OYSTER" on the dial, it boasts the highest specifications as a hand-winding Daytona! Collectors enjoy the diversity result from the differences in various details, it is truly a blissful pleasure for the collectors to own.

In 1988, it changed to Cal.4030 which based on the Zenith made El Primero, and with that Daytona entered the era of self-winding. The new model passed the chronometer standard and major design changes were made, including the addition of metal frames on the dials, while the plastic bezel disappeared along with the introduction of self-winding model. In 2000, the current Daytona was introduced. The Cal. 4130, developed in-house by Rolex, broke new ground in terms of functionality by improving the power reserve, maintainability and durability of the watch. Since then, the watch has undergone a process of refinement in every detail, including the enlargement of the hands and the improvement of the bracelet. After that in 2013, the 50th anniversary model of Daytona was launched with the entire bezel made of ceramic rather than just the surface. With the announcement of stainless-steel model in 2016, the production of metal bezel has finally come to its end. For 53 years since its first generation, the Daytona has always pursued the highest precision as a racing chronograph. To achieve it, they strengthened the exterior and improve its movement as well. The history of Daytona is the evolution of chronograph itself.