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We have a wide range of sales channels, and our professional staff can provide you with the best price in the industry for any kind of Diamond Jewelry. Please feel free to use our free appraisal service, which has the highest satisfaction rating.

Diamond Band Ring

0.7ct with GIA certificate
CompanyA RM15,600
CompanyB RM17,500
CompanyC RM15,000

Jewel Cafe

purchase record


Solitaire Ring

2.5ct with GIA certificate
CompanyA RM59,000
CompanyB RM54,000
CompanyC RM51,000

Jewel Cafe

purchase record


Wide Band Diamond Ring

2.0ct with GIA certificate
CompanyA RM67,800
CompanyB RM61,400
CompanyC RM58,000

Jewel Cafe

purchase record


Diamond Band Ring

0.6ct with GIA certificate
CompanyA RM13,700
CompanyB RM11,400
CompanyC RM11,800

Jewel Cafe

purchase record

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Diamond Jewelry

Purchase Results
Diamond Jewelry is purchased by thousands of customers every day at Jewel Cafes nationwide. Here are some examples of Diamond Jewelry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you are not sure whether you can sell it or not, please feel free to contact us first.
RM 6700
We Purchased!
Diamond pendant top
RM 790
We Purchased!
Vendome Aoyama Diamond ring
RM 3940
We Purchased!
Diamond ring
RM 5120
We Purchased!
Tiffany & Co diamond ring
RM 9850
We Purchased!
Boucheron diamond ring
RM 4730
We Purchased!
Gem Kelly Ring
RM 75000
We Purchased!
2ct dial booth with certificate
RM 25600
We Purchased!
Damiani bangle
RM 13800
We Purchased!
Tiffany & Co K18 diamond bangle
RM 5120
We Purchased!
Chanel diamond ring
RM 1970
We Purchased!
Ponte Vecchio Diamond
RM 3150
We Purchased!
Diamond ring
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Diamond Jewelries

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Diamonds Purchase Policy

JEWEL CAFEは女性スタッフ多数

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
Diamond Sold at Jewel Cafe

Customer's Feedback

Customer's Voice

"“I sold 4 carat diamond.”

I decided to sell my diamond with GIA certificate, which was one of my collections, to Jewel Cafe that gave me the highest purchasing price after assessing at 4 nearby shops. Despite the huge million dollars, they made the transfer immediately on the same day and I felt reassured as a big company. Since the staff knew the GIA certificate was the most commonly used in the overseas, I was interested in the fact that they we well educated.

"“The store is a strong and global company in the overseas.”

Thank you very much for selling this large diamond to Jewel Cafe. We have expanded to 4 overseas countries and have a strong connection on oversea selling routes. Most diamonds with GIA certificate are not widely used in Japan but since it is the number 1 appraisal institution overseas, the reliability is very high. Since in global diamond trading, generally it comes with GIA certificate, it is possible for us to offer a premium price with GIA standard because we are a store with on overseas corporation. For payment, we will pay with instant cash. We will continue to strive to improve our services and we look forward to seeing you again at Jewel Cafe when you want to sell diamonds. We also buy various items besides from diamonds in Jewel Cafe. For heavy item or large quantity items, we propose purchase by delivery. Please feel free to inquiry. We look forward to seeing you again.

"“I sold engagement ring with engraving.”

My engagement ring was sleeping in the jewellery box all the time. The claws were high that I could not use them everyday and I would not use them anymore. So, I searched in the internet and sold to Jewel Cafe which has the greatest number of stores. I was worried that my ring had my name engraved on it, so I thought that I would not be able to sell it, but they gave me a price for my ring. I asked a similar shop near the train station to appraise the same ring, but Jewel Cafe was by far the best and the service was good. I want to go and sell again.

"“Bridal diamond jewellery is also very welcome!”

Thank you very much for selling to us. Even items with engraving such as engagement ring, we can purchase them without any problems at our stores. Regarding diamonds, the rings sold in Japan are highly evaluated in the overseas, therefore it is easy for us to set a high price. Jewel Cafe is continuing to strengthen the purchase of diamonds, please feel free to visit us again. Besides diamond jewellery, we also purchase gold and platinum items. We are also putting a lot effort into purchasing branded jewellery, please visit us!

"“Thank you for buying at high price.”

I had sold my ring to Jewel Cafe Omotesando Office on the other day. It was a dirty ring from 20 years ago, but it was a platinum ring with diamonds. So, when I asked if it would worth a little money, I was surprised at the price which was more than I had expected. I was glad that not only the amount of platinum but also the diamond was given a proper value. For the first time, I learned that we could sell various things other than jewellery items. I will search for unnecessary items in my house and use them again. Thank you very much.


"“Jewel Cafe is strengthening in diamond purchasing!”

Thank you for visiting our store. At Jewel Cafe, diamonds are also quoted with a fair value. Your ring has 5 diamonds with 0.2 carat, and it was a diamond jewellery with a design that is highly sought after, therefore the price was greatly increased. We were happy to see this wonderful diamond jewellery finally in our collection. Jewel Cafe takes purchasing diamonds a serious deal, we look forward to your next visit. At Jewel Cafe, we also buy various items other than diamonds.
About the

4Cs of Diamonds

Diamond’s 4Cs
There was no universal indicator for measuring diamonds until the mid-twentieth century. In certain conditions, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created the world's first standard for representing diamonds. Today, the Color / Clarity / Cut / Carat Weight "4C for Diamond Quality" is recognized worldwide as the international standard for assessing the quality of any diamond.
  • Color

  • Clarity

  • Cut

  • Carat

Ways to Sell Diamond Jewelries at a

High Price

Purchase points

Purchase of Diamonds with Certificates of Authenticity

A diamond with a certificate is a diamond that has been graded by a diamond grading agency. There are four grades listed: Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut. At Jewel Cafe, our skilled staff will use their extensive knowledge to assess your diamond purchase with a certificate of authenticity. If you have a diamond without a certificate, we will give you a good price. If you have a diamond with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, we will give you a higher estimate for your diamond purchase.


Purchase of Loose Diamonds

A loose diamond is a bare diamond, meaning the diamond itself has not been processed into jewelry. A loose diamond is a diamond that has not been processed into jewelry. The 4C grading scale, other than the weight scale, was first developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Initially, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), a gemological education organization in the United States, developed the 4C scale on its own. Currently, the GIA method is the most widely used in Japan. At Jewel Cafe, our skilled staff will assess your loose diamond purchase with a wealth of knowledge.


Purchase of Multiple Diamonds

In the Roman writings of ancient Europe, diamonds were introduced as a type of substance called "Adamas," which described hard objects, including steel. The word "amadas" was transformed into Diamant via Diamas, which became the origin of the word diamond. The word "Amadas" comes from the Greek word meaning "unconquerable power. Amadas comes from a Greek word meaning "unconquerable power. The diamond is the birthstone for the month of April, and is hard, beautiful, shining, and captivating. It is also the birthstone for the month of April, and its words are "eternal bond, purity, and fortitude.


Purchase of Melee Diamonds

The word "melee" refers to the size of a gemstone and means "small stone" in French. A melee diamond is a small gemstone, generally less than 0.1~0.2ct. The term "melee diamond" generally refers to a small diamond of 0.1 to 0.2ct or less, and is used as a side stone to complement the middle stone or as a diamond to decorate a wedding ring. It is used as a side stone to complement the middle stone, or as a diamond to decorate a wedding ring. The melee diamond is an essential element that greatly affects the brilliance of the entire ring.


Purchase of Tapered Diamonds

A tapered diamond is also called a tapered baguette cut diamond. A tapered diamond, also called a tapered baguette cut diamond, was originally used not as a main stone but as a side stone or a type of melee diamond in a ballerina type design surrounding the middle stone. A bucket is a shape often used for melee stones. The term "bucket" is derived from the French word for "rod. The tapered bucket cut is a trapezoidal shape, where "taper" means "tilt" and "baguette" means "bar. The tapered bucket cut is a trapezoidal cut. When the trapezoidal shapes are aligned in the same direction, a curve is created to express a delicate design.


Purchase of Colored Diamonds

There are two types of colored diamonds: naturally colored diamonds and artificially colored diamonds. The most popular type of colored diamond is the natural pink diamond, which is a rare stone and commands a very high price because there are so few of them. Blue diamonds and yellow diamonds are the next most popular as they are often used in high brand jewelry.

Diamond Jewelries

Helpful Columns

Diamond Jewelries

Frequently Asked

Does the size of the stone (diamond) affect the assessed price?
Yes, a carat is the unit of measurement for the size of a diamond stone, so the greater the number of carats, the higher the measured worth. Diamonds, on the other hand, have other measurement points such as colour, transparency, and cut, so the price will be decided after a detailed analysis.
Does the assessment change depending on the shape of the diamond?
Yes, the price of a diamond varies based on its shape (cut). A brilliant round cut is the most common style, but there are also emerald, marquise, oval, and heart shapes. The price varies based on other factors such as colour and clarity, but the evaluation is free, so please fell free to visit us.
Is it possible to appraise something without a certificate or license?
Yes, even though you don't have a certificate, we'll buy it! While having a certificate would give you more confidence in the appraisal price, Jewel Cafe conducts regular analysis on diamond authenticity and conducts the most current market research, but even though you don't have a certificate, we will provide you with a confident price.
Is it okay to bring an old diamond I purchased a long time ago?
There are no problems with old diamonds. Diamonds are hardened atoms in a stone. Its elegance is maintained even though it is aged, and depending on the cut, it can produce a new radiance. As a consequence, even though it's an old diamond, we will deliver a price that suits your desires while preventing a negative appraisal.
Can the jewelry store pay a better price?
No, for example we as a purchase specialties stores, also offers high price purchase. In the case of a jewellery store, trade-in (buy new jewellery for the selling price and pay the difference later) is a scheme that some retailers have implemented, and the diamonds bought will be used for other jewellery. Jewel Cafe avoids reselling imported diamonds and instead sells them in markets where they can be sold for more fair rates, aiming to provide consumers with reasonable prices.
Is it possible to sell tiny diamonds attached to the side of a larger diamond?
Yes, we'll be able to buy it. Wakiishi is usually referred to as melee diamond, but Jewel Cafe often buys melee diamond at a premium. The demand for melee diamonds is all over the world.
Are you able to assess just the diamond stones?
Yes, we'll also buy diamond stones (loose diamonds). Diamonds that aren't embedded in jewels are known as loose diamonds. We also weigh diamonds and assess their consistency, but even though you don't have a certificate, we will gladly purchase it.
Will the purchase price of diamonds fluctuate?
Yes, the global market price of diamonds also fluctuates daily. The value of diamonds may change significantly every few years, for example, because they are affected by the calculated amount of the country of origin, the needs of the diamond itself, and the exchange rate. If you think that you no longer need it, we recommend that you make a decision as soon as possible.

Buy Diamond Jewelry at Jewel Cafe! We are currently strengthening our purchase price!

JEWEL CAFE offers free professional diamond appraisal services, our staff are professional and knowledgeable. We will let you know of the results of the appraisal and price of the acquisition! Regardless of the number of diamonds, outmoded cut’s diamond, small or large carat of diamond, we can help you to identify and complete the acquisition! If you faced difficulties trying to sell off diamonds such as GIA certificate, price will be higher than elsewhere and, it is still possible JEWEL CARE accepts your items!
Any out-of-fashion diamond rings, necklaces or diamond’s merchandise that are
rarely wore, you are welcome to bring to JEWEL CAFÉ for free estimation! Appraisal can be higher value if there are recognized certification such as GIA certificate, price may be higher!

Where is the best place to sell diamonds? Many happy reviews! We recommend Jewel Cafe, with 200 stores nationwide!

Top-class appraisal capability based on concentrated experience and know-how

At Jewel Cafe, we use our experience and achievements to develop the appraisal skills of our appraisal staff through in-house tests, and we have a training and education system in place to provide our customers with honest and stable service. We have a training and education system that enables us to provide honest and stable services to our customers. As a result, we are able to evaluate the authenticity and condition of our products and are able to purchase them at a price that satisfies our customers.

Unparalleled market research and a variety of sales channels

We conduct careful research and study on a daily basis, and always maintain the latest information on market trends and purchase prices. After carefully and accurately assessing the market situation, we use sales routes that take advantage of the industry's largest distribution network, both domestic and overseas, to achieve purchase prices that are both stable and high.

At JEWEL CAFE, even a scratched diamond can be assessed from one item. Even if the item is old or cloudy, we will assess it in detail to make it as expensive as possible. Assessments are of course free of charge. Diamonds can be assessed from 0.1ct. If you are not sure if you can sell your item, please feel free to contact us first.

Diamonds Jewelry Ranking

Classic Solitaire Design
Whether it’s engagement ring or for daily wear, Solitaire diamond ring has been always been the most popular design. Do you have Solitaire ring that you’ve purchased, or was gifted to you, why not trade them in for cash?
Solitaire diamond accessories
Do you have diamond accessories that were once popular and trendy no longer to your liking? left untouched and covered in dust? Instead of just leaving them on your dressing table, bring them all to us for a free estimation now!
Diamond that are less than 0.1carat
People are always on the chase for new trends, you too perhaps! Are your jewelry boxes close to exploding from too many accessories that you no longer wear? Bring them all to us for an appraisal now!

Tips on how to sell diamond jewelry!

●Select a shop that specializes in diamonds. Instead of selling, some gem shops have implemented a trade-in scheme (buy fresh gems for the selling price and pay the difference later), and some shops measure uniformly based on the number of carats and grades. We recommend selling at a specialized shop that has a strong track record of buying diamonds.

●Bring both a license and a certificate if you have it with you. It would be more accurate to verify the quality of diamonds, particularly if you have a credential, and this can influence the estimated amount too. Especially for large diamonds, there are many stores that attach a certificate when purchasing, so please bring it with you.

●If you don't think you'll need it, we suggest making a decision as soon as possible. If you think you may need it someday, the product's value may drop or you might lose it, so if you decide not to use it, we suggest selling it as soon as possible.

● If you have a large diamond (1 carat or more) but no certificate, contact the certificate distributing agency, have a certificate issued, and then sell it for a high price. This is because some buyers pay higher prices for a certificate, but there is a chance that the price will rise in the future, particularly for big diamonds. It would be typical to provide a GIA certificate or a central gem certificate.

● Pay close attention to the form of storage. While diamonds are extremely hard, they can be chipped due to the angle of damage or friction between diamonds. Separate it from other jewellery when handling it and keep it in a protected spot.

● Bring your jewellery without removing the stones (diamonds) from your jewelry. The same is true even if you want to sell only stones (diamonds), because there is a possibility that the diamonds will be damaged when you remove them with the equipment you have at home. At Jewel Cafe, stone removal is free, so please feel free bring it to us.

Diamond Jewelry Trivia of the Week

Tips of diamond jewelry
1 carat diamond necklace
with certificate

Big solitaire diamond necklaces are a classic piece of diamond jewellery. It's a jewellery that literally fastens the diamond, removes needless development, and highlights the diamond's initial beauty at the collar, but the big diamond has a greater appearance and offers an elegant performance. As a result, many jewellery stores sell this item, but we also purchase a lot of them at our shop adding to purchase higher-quality diamonds or are tired of designing as the main reason.

There was a period when higher-quality diamonds were used for rings, then for necklaces, and finally for earrings, depending on the use. Since I was looking at the diamond closer to my own eyes, I preferred to concentrate on quality as much as possible when it came to rings. Earring are casually guided because necklaces tense to draw more attention. Each has a specialized role, and diamonds can be used effectively.

The grade of the diamond may be clearly labelled, particularly in the case of a large diamond necklace with a single stone (solitaire), but there are distributors that use diamonds with a slightly lower rank in the above period. Therefore, when purchasing a new item, we recommend that you choose a necklace with a certificate that clearly states the quality of the diamond.

Also, if you want to buy a new design necklace or replace it with a higher-grade diamond, please come to Jewel Cafe, where you can sell your diamonds at a high price.