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18 January 2022 , 9.30 AM (Malaysian Time)

● Gold and platinum quotes in the domestic trading market. These quotes are updated between 9-11 am on weekdays.
● Due to fluctuations in market prices and exchange rates, they may differ from actual market rates. ● Differs from the in-store purchase price.

We buy gold and precious metals
200 stores worldwide and growing
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Jewel Cafe.
If you want your gold and precious metals to be sold, Please leave it to the Jewel Cafe. If you would like to sell gold and precious metals at a high price, Leave it to Jewel Cafe! We will buy all precious metal items at a high price, such as old and antique jewellery, ingots / gold bars, gold coins, gold teeth, and Buddhist altars.
Today's Gold and Precious Metals

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RM 238.13
RM 235.75
RM 214.32
RM 173.83
RM 123.83
RM 73.82
RM 92.76
RM 91.83
RM 88.12
RM 83.48
RM 78.85

● Gold and platinum quotes in the domestic trading market. These quotes are updated between 9-11 am on weekdays.
● Due to fluctuations in market prices and exchange rates, they may differ from actual market rates. ● Differs from the in-store purchase price.

We Purchase at a
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Expensive Purchases
Expensive Purchase
In addition, it is also a great way to learn about the history of the world's leading companies in the field. You will be able to find out more about the company's products and services by visiting its website.

Putting all K18 jewellery together

Old or broken ones are also welcomed!
CompanyA RM14400
CompanyB RM18000
CompanyC RM16000

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record


Golden cups, chains, coins, etc.

Not only golden cups, but also Buddhist altars at amazing prices!
CompanyA RM22000
CompanyB RM19600
CompanyC RM24000

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record


Jewellery with diamonds

If it comes with diamonds or gems,value will be reflected in the price!
CompanyA RM16100
CompanyB RM14800
CompanyC RM12600

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record


Pure gold oval, old jewellery

Are your oval or old jewellery sleeping at home?
CompanyA RM21942
CompanyB RM26757
CompanyC RM19309

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Real Time!

Gold and
Precious Metal

Purchase Results
Purchase Results
Here are some of the gold and precious metal products that we buy every day at Jewel Cafe nationwide. We can assess any item, including one-sided earrings, broken necklaces, distorted rings, old designs, etc. If you are not sure if it will sell, please feel free to contact us first.
RM 32,745.00
We Purchased!
AEON AU2 kihei necklace
RM 860
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Equine yellow gold Tiffany loving heart
RM 1,433
We Purchased!
AEON Bukit Raja yellow gold Bvlgari band ring
RM 900
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Maluri yellow gold gucci ring
RM 1,880
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Maluri yellow gold ring
RM 1,150
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Equine pink gold platinium (pt900) ring
RM 110,500
We Purchased!
RM 139,200
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Maluri Buddha Statue
RM 1,760
We Purchased!
AEON AU2 yellow gold Tiffany ring
RM 9,820
We Purchased!
AEON Bukit Raja gold coin
RM 3,070
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Equine Bvlgari corona diamond ring
RM 2,660
We Purchased!
AEON Taman Equine white yellow pink gold
Available for purchase

Types of Gold and
Precious Metals

Kinds we make expensive purchase
What kinds
Jewel Cafe

Gold Purchase Policy

JEWEL CAFEは女性スタッフ多数

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
Gold Sold at Jewel Cafe

Customer's Feedback

Customer's Voice
Customer's Voice

"Great deal selling my gold tooth at jewel café

I hear that JEWEL CAFÉ WAS OPENING at Aeon Mall Bukit Mertajam, Penang. I am so happy because I am only seeing the website that branches all at Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. I just drop by to their re-opening day and bring my gold tooth together. When I walk through the door the staff great me with solid greeting and big smile for welcoming. Very cozy environment and relaxes. They also serve a free drink and snack to me. After a few minutes, they quote me a price, it is a good deal as well because i sold my broken gold tooth with poor condition. I am incredibly happy for the details of explanation; great communication skills and good deal made the experience ever better than I expected.

"Dear great customer, thanks for your feedback, we are always delighted to serve you better

Thank You So Much for your precious time come and visit us during re-opening day. Our Brand works everyday to serve you better, we hope to continue enjoying your visit in the future and we promise to continually provide you with the best. Please invite your friends, family members to our Jewel Café, use your members benefit and get extra RM100 for invitation. We will be welcoming all and treat all our customers with an excellent service. Thank you for your continual patronage.

"Good place for selling custom-made gold with excellent customer service

I’ve got to know this place, Jewel Cafe Taman Equine when I pass by after my visit to another jewelry shop. Most my jewelries were custom-made. I really love all the kungfu and fengshui design. My first view for this shop were the friendly and lovely attend by the staff when they received me as their customer. The guidance for the SOP were strictly followed as they will check the MySejahtera app also my temperature. They assist me nicely with great and pleasant eye smile. When I showed them my jewelries, they quite awed because all of them were custom-made. They explain to me nicely all the procedure needs to be done. Even my jewelries don’t have any receipt plus got few with no seal, they try their best by offered me with a very good price. This is my third time and always will come here for selling my golds. Sweet thing here when they served me with snacks and drinks while I’m waiting for the appraisal to be done also, they offered me with variety benefits for member. Highly recommend to others to visit this shop!

"Thank you for your repeated visit to our shop, we will try to serve you to the very best!

Hi sir! Thank you for your loyalty by choosing us in selling golds. We also thank you for your great comment as this will enhance more on our positive in our customer service and helps us in providing good views for others too. We love to serve you again as you are super friendly and don’t feel hesitate to call us or visit us more with other items. Also thank you for recommending us to others too. Don’t forget to bring again all the member benefits as we will choose the best for you. Like last time you said that you owned few white golds, you can just bring to us anytime soon. We also buy white gold beside yellow gold. It felt so good to served you sir.

"Professional appraisal value of my platinum

I just see JEWEL CAFÉ Website and found that their buying Platinum jewelry. I directly walk in and bring my jewelry to estimate. Firstly, thanks to Jewel café that willing to buy as before this I no idea where I need to sell it. The explanation on platinum its very details and I understand on resale value very clearly. All assessment a free and I am surely will come back again as I have a luxury watches and will sell it at JEWEL CAFÉ. I got two spins for lucky draw as for my selling platinum and google review, its nice experience, it is not about gift, but it is about services their provided to customers its interesting. I am lucky on that day that I get a box of tissue and RM50 CASH extra. Very friendly staff and good customer service. Keep on Moving, will always support you.

"Dear valued customer, we extremely value your faith in us and truly appreciate your precious time. Thank you so much.

We are really appreciating your supports to us. Thank you for being so awesome, trust and confident with us. I still remember that we have a good time while talking about platinum resale value and so on. You are very humble and nice person and incredibly happy when play our lucky draw spin. We are big welcoming you to come again brought your luxury watches and branded items soon. We hope to always serve you better. As we seek to improve in our industry, we are blessed to have customers like you. Thank you again.
Ways to sell gold ・
precious metal at a

High Price

Ways to make expensive purchase

Using gold accessories (certificate / warranty card)
To sell it at a high price as a jewellery

At the time of purchase, be sure to keep the packaging, certificate, warranty slip, and other accessories. This is because precious metals can be treated as jewellery instead of precious metals with products like certificates and warranty cards and can be bought at a high price.

In this case, in addition to the original value of the precious metal, a design or brand name can be applied to the purchase price. In certain situations, the purchase price jumps significantly compared to the purchase price of precious metals alone.

Jewel Cafe is also good at buying jewellery, so we can judge whether it is worth it as jewellery.

We will then find the worth of the precious metal as jewellery and buy it at a higher price compared to a store that melts the purchased precious metal and recycles it.


Sell at a higher price by cleaning and removing the stains of the gold.

The purchase price does not really change depending on the situation, such as scratches, dents, or corrosion, because the purchase price of precious metals is mostly decided by 'grammes'.

If the gold is clean, however it will be easier for the appraiser to assess it and above all, it will shorten the time needed for maintenance and cleaning to prepare the commodity for sale. It is easier to acquire clean gold than dirty gold for such reasons. You don't have to polish it to a glossy finish, but it will change the impression by just cleaning up any visible stains and can affect the amount assessed.

Gold and Precious Metals

Helpful Columns

Gold and Precious Metals

Frequently Asked

When could we sell gold at the highest price?
Gold market price differs every single day. It is about 7 times higher than it was 20 years ago, so now is a recommended timing. In addition, at Jewel Cafe, not only the price of gold, but also the modelling as jewellery and the presence or absence of gems are taken into consideration, so you can always sell at a higher price.
Are there any charges included in purchasing or appraising gold?
It is completely free of charge to assess gold. Also, if you are not satisfied with the quoted amount, you will not be charged. Speedy store-based purchases are popular at Jewel Café, so please feel free to visit!
I want to sell gold and precious metals smoothly. Do I need to reserve?
No reservation is required. Please feel free to come! Jewel Cafe is in a good location and has good access, such as in front of a station or in a shopping centre. Please feel free to drop by when you go shopping. You may have to wait if your visits overlap. Customers who wish to purchase and assess gold smoothly are advised to make a reservation in advance.
Will the purchase price fall for K18 golden necklace with a broken chain?
We accept gold and jewellery in any condition, such as broken gold chains, jewelled rings, and jewellery with engraved names, at a price close to the market price! Even if you bring in only a single item, we will carefully assess it and purchase it at a high price, so please do not give up!
How much is the gold price today?
Please click here for today's gold market. In addition, the gold purchase price (per 1g) was about 5,700 yen (~RM223.88) in October 2019, but recently there are many days when it exceeds about 7,000 yen (~RM274.94). Now that you can buy and sell at high price, you have a chance to sell gold at a high price too.
Are there any tips to get you to sell gold as high as possible?
If you bring 'multiple gold and jewellery items together', we will quote it at a higher price than the regular price and purchase it at a higher price. Combinations such as 'jewellery and branded bags' or 'gold and brand watches' are all acceptable!
How is the gold price determined?
It is mainly determined by the balance between the supply and demand of gold. In addition, it is greatly affected by the world affairs, markets, and economy, but in the case of the Japanese gold market, it is also affected by the dollar-yen exchange rate. We recommend that you purchase or sell at the timing when the market price soars or plummets. For details, please visit the gold purchase market page.
Can I sell my old jewellery without a certificate?
Even if you do not have a certificate, there is no problem because our professional staff of Jewel Cafe will carefully assess the material and purity. However, the purchase price may increase if you bring your certificate / guarantee cards. Please bring it with you if you have it.
What are the recent changes in the gold market?
Click here for the latest gold market movements. Recently, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the demand for gold, which is said to be a safe asset, has increased, and the gold market is on a rising trend. For example, the gold purchase price (per gram) was about 5,700 yen (~RM223.88) in October 2019, but it was about 7,100 yen (~RM278.87) in October 2020. Now that you can buy and sell at high prices, you have a chance to sell gold at a higher price too.
Is it okay if the precious metal is unsealed or purchased overseas?
No problem. Precious metal products without any stamping will be appraised by the appearance, specific gravity, and touchstone.

Want to sell your Gold, White Gold, K Gold? Then go to Jewel Cafe! We're enhancing the purchase price now!

Do you think of selling your unwanted jewelry? If so, JEWEL CAFÉ can help you! We can accept any gold, white gold, even broken items and old design jewelry. We also can accept single items or items below 1 gram. We provide free estimation and without any extra charges. If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our outlet for more information. Besides that, we can also accept diamonds, luxury branded handbags, luxury branded watches, iPhone/iPad and cosmetic/skin care/perfume. Please bring your unwanted items to the nearest outlet and we will appraise your item for free!

Where to sell Gold? Many reviews of pleasure! Jewel Cafe, which has 200 stores nationwide, is recommended to you.

Top-class assessment capabilities with integrated experience and know-how

Jewel Cafe has established an in-house test that utilizes our past achievements and experiences to develop the assessment staff's appraisal skills, as well as training and education systems that provide sincere and stable services to our customers. For this reason, it is possible to firmly assess the authenticity and condition, and it is possible to purchase it at the price that the customer consents.

The overwhelming market research with a wide variety of sales route.

We conduct careful research every single day, and always keep information on the latest market trends and purchase prices. After accurately determining the market situation, we have achieved purchasing price that combines a sense of stability and a high standard in order to use the sales route utilizing one of the largest distribution networks in the industry, such as domestic and overseas.

No matter how old or broken jewelry, free assessment and purchasement is possible.

No matter how old or broken jewelry is purchased for freeAt Jewel Cafe, you can assess even one broken jewelry. Of course, the assessment is done free of charge. You can assess anything, such as one of the earrings, a broken necklace, a distorted ring, or an old design staff. If you are unsure whether or not to sell, please feel free to contact us.

Gold, White Gold, K Gold Ranking

Kihei Necklace
Old design Kihei Necklace or Bracelet is a flat design. There are 3 types of the Kihei design which is 2 surface Kihei, 6 surface Kihei and 8 surface Kihei. Kihei necklace or bracelet is loved by lots of people. Some of the people will investment on Kihei items. When the gold price is increasing, most of the customers will bring it to sell.
Gold Coins
We can purchase international gold coins such as Canada Maple Leaf Gold Coin, Australia Kangaroo Gold Coin, China Panda Gold Coin. We can accept any limited Gold coins, or customized as a pendant. We also can accept any gold coins from different countries which is unacceptable by others shop
Old Design Jewelry
Do you have a lot of old design rings, necklace and it had been kept for a long time and don’t know what to do with them? It’s waste to throw it away and just waste of space for keeping it. You can sell it to get immediate cash and buy new jewelry. We also can accept any broken, single or diamond detached jewelry.

The more you know, the better! About Golds and Precious Metals

It is not a disposable era now. In recent years, there has been increase interest in recycling among consumers. Jewel Café believes that the effective use of assets will lead to the revitalization of society by recycling precious metal materials such as gold, platinum, palladium, silver, high-quality jewelry and create new value and maturing the secondary market. As a source of vitality for the sluggish jewelry business industry, we are purchasing jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as gold and precious metals. We purchase various precious metals, mainly gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Deformation, dirt, damage, etc. are also acceptable. By maintaining business alliances with major overseas refining companies and major domestic trading companies, this shop maintains the highest purchase price in Japan.