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Now is the best time to sell your luxury timepiece!

Selling your luxury timepiece? Jewel Café is the place to visit!
We collect acclaimed brands such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Franck Muller and Lange & Söhne.

Prices of Luxury
Timepieces have seen
tremendous growth
over these recent years!
Year 2015 Year 2020
Rolex Daytona
RM59,000 RM92,900
Rolex GMT Master II
RM31,600 RM61,300
Rolex Submariner (Green)
RM29,700 RM60,500
Rolex Submariner (Black)
RM25,700 RM44,700
Rolex Explorer I
RM16,610 RM25,700
Rolex Explorer II
RM17,800 RM33,600

※ The price stated for Rolex Daytona 116500LN is from the year of 2016.
※ The above is a reference price and that actual purchase price will differ depending on the condition and season of the product.

Our luxury timpiece collections

Of course, for luxury brand such as Rolex, Omega etc., we also buy popular watches such as Seiko, Citizen, G-SHOCK and others!

Top class appraisal skill with various experiences and know-how

In Jewel Cafe, we have an in-house test that builds the appraisal skills of the staffs by making used of the past achievements and experiences. A training and education system that can provide sincere and stable services to customers. For this reason, the authenticity and condition of a branded watch can be carefully assessed, and it is possible to purchase at a price that is satisfied by the customer.

Overwhelming market research and various selling channels

We conduct daily survey and research, always holding the latest market trend and market price. By firmly determining the market condition and using the selling channels that utilizes the industry’s largest distribution network in Japan and overseas. We have achieved a buying price with high level of stability.

Free estimation for broken watch and possibility to buy

In Jewel Cafe, appraisal is possible even with one broken watch. Of course, the appraisal is free. Watch with obvious scratches and broken glass. Watch with no battery and broken. Colour changes, stain on dial, rust on back case, poor movement and old belt. Watch without parts such as bracelet, crown etc. It is possible for us to appraise. If you are not sure whether able to see or not, please feel free to contact us.

  • 革ベルトがボロボロ

    Poor condition leather belt

  • 文字盤にシミがある

    Stain on the dial

  • 裏盤に錆びがある

    Rust on back case

  • 目立つ傷がある

    Obvious scratches

  • ガラスが割れている

    Broken glass

Our purchased timepiece collections

  • Rolex GMT Master II Ref.116710LN
    Actual purchased price: RM47,800
  • Rolex Daytona Ref.116520
    Actual purchased price: RM87,000
  • Rolex Pearl Master Ref.18946A PT
    Actual purchased price: RM174,000
  • Rolex Yacht Master II Ref.116680
    Actual purchased price: RM72,800
  • Rolex Airking Ref.14000M
    Actual purchased price: RM13,000
  • Rolex Daydate Ref.18238A
    Actual purchased price: RM52,200
  • Rolex Sea Dweller Ref.116600
    Actual purchased price: RM52,200
  • Rolex Sky Dweller Ref.326939
    Actual purchased price: RM143,600
  • Omega Speed Master Moonphrase
    Actual purchased price: RM16,000
  • Omega Constellation chronometer
    Actual purchased price: RM12,600
  • Breitling Chronomat A1335
    Actual purchased price: RM10,300
  • Panerai PAM00231 PG
    Actual purchased price: RM44,000
  • Frank Muller Long Island 1200CHDCD No.85 Diamond
    Actual purchased price: RM120,000
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712/1A-001 Petit complication
    Actual purchased price: RM260,000
  • Hublot King Power Unico 701.NX.0170.RX TI
    Actual purchased price: RM35,600
  • Chanel Premiere H2163 Bezel Diamond
    Actual purchased price: RM13,800

※ The above is a reference price and that actual purchase price will differ depending on the condition and season of the product.

The list of the Branded Watches

  • IWC
  • Van Cleef&Arpels
  • EDOX
  • EBEL
  • ORIS
  • Calvin Klein
  • Grand Seiko
  • Christian Dior
  • JACOB&Co.
  • Chopard
  • SINN
  • Daniel Wellington
  • dunhill
  • Bell&Ross
  • Paul Smith
  • RADO

Branded Watch Ranking


This series is the classic piece that many consumers had purchased years ago as their very first entry-level Rolex’s watch. But after years, You might stop wearing this piece due to wear and tear. If you have intention to sell it away but not sure how to, don’t worry! JEWEL CAFÉ’s will purchase and assure you that the appraisal will be excellent! Bring along the certification and the accessories and we can give a higher price! 


ROLEX Submariner
Submariner date is popular classic sport model. It is a model that is very popular mainly among young people for its robustness and functional beauty. This watch is many owned by customers who are approaching their 50s and replacing with a dress watch. Enhance in buying Submariner watch too.


CHANEL Premier
Feminine and modern with an exclusive simplistic design, CHANEL Premier has managed to attract ladies from around the globe. CHANEL has been on watch-making industry for a long time, they have created many masterpieces. Premier is also one of the most desired watch to give to your lady as a Valentine’s day gift. Nevertheless, you might still wish to send this for an evaluation so come down to JEWEL CAFÉ for a free estimation!

Our latest trade-in with Jewel Cafe!

Here are some of our highest purchases via Store Based and Home Based Acquisition!


    RM63000High Value

    AEON AU2 AEON Taman Maluri ROLEX SUBMARINER Ref. 116610LV wristwatch


    RM5100High Value

    AEON AU2 Cartier PASHA wristwatch


    RM5100High Value

    AEON Bukit Raja Cartier TANK wristwatch


    RM10600High Value

    AEON Taman Equine IWC wristwatch


    RM22000High Value

    AEON Taman Equine ROLEX EXPLORER II Ref. 216570 wristwatch


    RM38000High Value

    AEON Bukit Raja ROLEX DAYDATE Ref. 18038 wristwatch


    RM66725High Value

    AEON AU2 Patek Philippe Aquanaut


    RM6620High Value



    RM15890High Value



    RM13240High Value



    RM17610High Value


※ The pricing listed is just a guide and does not guarantee the purchase price.

Jewel Café Branded Watch purchase. Your concern Q&A

  • What is the most popular brand in Jewel Café for branded watch purchase?

    Brands like Rolex, Omega, Chanel, etc. are brought in by many customers.
    As It is also very popular in the market, so you aspect to sell it at a high price at our shop.

  • I haven't overhauled it for a long time, or I have a Rolex that no longer functioning. Is it possible to sell it?

    Rolex is the most popular watch brand, so we are incredibly happy to buy something even it does not work or is broken.

  • Is it possible to buy a branded watch without a warranty card or box?

    Generally, we can purchase without accessories as well. However, if you have a guarantee card or extra band links, the purchase price will increase, so please try to look for it.

  • I have a lot of collections, can you buy them all at once?

    Of course, you are welcomed. If it is a popular brand, we will further increase the assessed amount by bringing it together. If you have any unwanted branded watch, please bring it to Jewel Cafe for a free assessment.

  • How long does it take for a watch assessment?

    If you bring it to Jewel Cafe, it will take about 15 minutes to make an assessment, depending on the quantity. Of course, if you are satisfied with the amount, we will pay you cash on the spot.

  • Is there any campaign that will increase the purchase price?

    We are currently conducting a campaign to cash back RM790 in addition to the purchase price if you make a reservation by phone before visiting us for selling your Rolex. Please feel free to use it.

Check Points to sell in higher price!

  • Point 1

    Please bring together all the accessories when you purchased the watch!Assessment price will increase if you have the box, guarantee card, spare parts, etc. during purchasing!

  • Point 2

    Please bring to us as soon as possible when you no longer using!Branded item is also leather and metallic. It will deteriorate bit by bit if left untouched.

  • Point 3

    It is better to sell in bundle!Please bring all the items that you no longer using or wanted to sell together! Estimation price will increase when selling in bundle!

  • Point 4

    It’s OK if you can easily care!It can also look beautiful with a simple wipe of dust and stain on your bag!

The reason to choose Jewel Cafe

First in the industry and accepted over 1.7 million items!

Having the most pawn broking outlets in the world

We have more than 200 outlets in Japan. Jewel Cafe is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers in Malaysia.

Offer very high price to trade your product to us

Jewel Cafe is offering the higher value of your items compared with others.

Exceptionally high number of return customers

Higher repeat rate of customers due to our better offer, good customer service and cozy environment in Jewel Cafe.

On-the-spot instant appraisal

Jewel Cafe is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers. We appraise your items approximately 15 minutes and pay instant cash. You are welcomed to visit the nearest branch.

Free appraisal and delivery

The estimation and Home Delivery Acquisition Service is free of charge. You are welcomed to estimate your items with us.

Excellent and professional customer service

Exclusive privileges specially for you. We provide free Jewellery cleaning service, member benefits, complimentary beverages, good quality customer service, and cozy environment.

Customer's comments feedback

STORE BASED I sold my watch.

I requested a price estimation for my Rolex which bought 30 years ago. I decided to sell because of the highest price offered after surveying 2 to 3 other shops. However, the atmosphere of the shop was different from other shops and the staffs were very cheerful and willing to hear my stories. I did not feel in an office atmosphere and able to sell comfortably. They explained their invitation system and I am planning to bring my wife next time to sell jewelry.

Rolex purchase is being strengthen.


Rolex purchase is being strengthen.
Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe the other day. Jewel Cafe is currently undertaking Rolex purchase campaign. We will check carefully at broken Rolex and, watches without guarantee card and box. We aim to purchase with a satisfactory price. We are happy when our customers are satisfied. As for the repeat customer benefits that we gave for this time selling such as coupon that increase your selling price on next visit, 20% Up Diamond coupon, and an invitation card which you can get referral cash if your friend successfully selling to us! Please use them because it has many advantageous. You will need the invitation card when you introduce your wife, so please bring the card with you. We look forward to seeing you.


STORE BASED My watch is broken but they can buy it.

It was my Rolex watch that I kept it because it was broken and expensive to repair. When I pass by and saw a poster saying that purchase broken Rolex and I went in and try. I have been to recycle shop, but Jewel Cafe was a very nice shop, appraised my broken watch effectively and they were very kind. I will go again because they buy various things other than watches.

We buy broken Rolex.


We buy broken Rolex.
Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe the other day. Jewel Cafe is currently strengthening Rolex purchase. We are very glad to buy watches other than Rolex. We can also buy Rolex which has parts only, without belt, never conduct overhaul, broken bezel, broken glass, and even not functioning. We are fine if you only want to know the value. The appraisal is free, so please feel free to visit our outlet when you come nearby. Jewel Cafe also offers repeat customer’s benefits such as coupon which increase the buying price and member’s card that allow you to collect points etc. that can be used when selling jewelry on next visit. Jewelry, branded bag, cash voucher, postcard, stamp etc. are being purchased at high price. If you have unnecessary items, please don’t hesitate to visit us again. We look forward to your next visit.


STORE BASED Sold Omega Speedmaster which bought during 1st year working.

I wanted to sell the Omega Speedmaster that I bought when 1st year working, and I searched in the internet. It is strange to say it myself; I was worried that could not sell it because it was not beautiful. I tried calling Jewel Cafe and inquired about it. They told me that they were able to buy it and I went to the shop immediately. The appraisal time was a bit longer because it overlapped with other customers, but I was very satisfied because I sold it at a higher price than I expected. They also buy clothes, so I’d like to bring them next time.

If you want to sell Onega, leave it to Jewel Cafe.


If you want to sell Onega, leave it to Jewel Cafe.
Thank you very much for selling the Omega Speedmaster to Jewel Cafe. We heard that the watch was a memorable item and thank you for choosing our shop among other many shops. The windshield was damaged, but we were able to confirm the movement of the tachymeter works normally. Therefore, we able to purchase it without significant negative evaluation. Speedmaster are very popular in the second-hand market, so we think it’s the right time to sell it. If you miss the timing, the price may go down, so we think you sold it at the best time. If you have other branded watches, please visit us again. We look forward to seeing you again.


About Brand Watches

We can accept these luxurious brand n such as ROLEX , OMEGA, CHOPARD, PATEK PHILIPPE, A.LANGE&SOHNE, IWC,HUBLOT,EBEL,HERMES, PANERAI,AUDEMARS PIGUET, CARTIER, GUCCI, CHANEL, CHAUMET, HAEGER-LECOULTRE, TAG HEUER, TISSOT, DIOR, PIAGET, FRANK MULLER, BREITLING, BLANCPAIN, BVLGARI, BREGUET, LONGINES and etc. You are no longer wear your luxurious watches and the design is outdated? We are welcome you to bring them for free estimation and pay instant cash. You wish to sell your luxurious watches for high value return? JEWEL CAFÉ offer the better value for your pre-loved watches.

JEWEL CAFÉ is Japan No.1 Jewelry Recycle Store which acquires jewelry concept. We wish to acquires the gold, white gold, platinum and any other gold material for recycle purpose. We used to promote the importance of recycle and save the world even from a little thing.

AEON AU2 Setiawangsa, Taman Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.
AEON Bukit Raja, Bandar Baru Klang, Klang, Selangor.

Welcome to use the Home Delivery Acquisition Service!
Contact our Collection Crew to schedule a complimentary pickup!

For branded items and watches, there are cases we cannot buy depending on the condition. Thank you for the understanding.

About wristwatches

Wristwatch originated from the military for men and bracelet for women.

Watches evolved from “ornaments” to “utility item” in the 20th century.In fact, wearing a watch on a wrist like nowadays has only become common in the 20th century. Until then, the mainstream pocket watches were the status symbols of the royals and used as ornaments and beautifying rather than its practicality. Since Renaissance period, ornaments such as necklace, sword handle and ring incorporating watch have been made, but women’s bracelet watches born in the early 19th century are on extension and should be distinguished from modern watches. It was far from the original purpose of keeping time accurately. Also, in 1880, Girard Perregaux developed a military watch that could be worn on his wrist and close to an ornament for officers. So, when is the wristwatch put to practical use? Among the various theories, one of the most prominent is the theory that Lord Baden-Powell used it in the Boer Wars in South Africa which broke out in 1899. The photographs at that time, certainly show watch on the arm of Lord Powell and the British, who later founded Boy Scouts. However, these were just pocket watches with leather belts wrapped around their arms. Nevertheless, on a battlefield with the matter of life and death, the action of taking out a pocket watch from pocket could be omitted. And in 1904, the world’s firstly designed men watch was born. “Santos” was produced by Cartier at the request of aviator Santos Dumont. Thus, men’s watch was born out of practicality for military use and adventure use, while women’s watch originated as ornament. In the first place, the meaning of watch was different. Later, men’s wristwatch which pursued practicality, had challenged the exterior such as waterproofness. At that point, the Oyster case developed by Rolex in 1926 greatly encouraged the evolution of watches. In addition, a shape that fits the wrist, such as attaching a lug between the case and the strap, was required to improve wear ability. Watches have become more practical than anything else.

Military watch “Genealogy of evolution”

In the 19th century, in the era of war, it had becoming essential to check the time frequently and accurately. First, in the sea, navigation was used to calculate the position of their ship based on the astronomy position and the time difference between the current location and port of departure (longitude navigation). Although this navigation was intended to prevent the shipwreck for both private ship and military ship, the main thing was to equip the ship with an accurate clock. From the United Kingdom, observatory in each country organized a precision contest to make watchmakers in their countries to produce accurate ship chronometers. Watchmakers worked hard to improve the precision of watches in order to obtain prizes and honor. Later, the chronometer became the standard for accurate high precision watch and has evolved into a chronometer test by Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (commonly known as COSC). On the other hand, wrist watches gradually began to spread widely from the end of 19th century to the beginning of 20th century. As a matter of fact, wristwatch was made by a genius watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet, in the first half of 18th century based on small pocket watch into bracelet pattern watch. Also, in 1880, Girard Perregaux, a watchmaker in Neuchatel, Switzerland produced wristwatch upon the request of the German Navy. Especially Girard Perregaux wristwatch are considered first military watch. However, it was only distributed to limited number of officers and were not widely available. In addition, watches at that time were just accessories for women. Reliability and durability were not enough and not practical. However, on land’ s battlefield, they style of wrapping pocket watches around arms with leather belts has been established since that time. With the expansion of military organization and the complexity of war operations, the operations depending of time was increasing. On the battlefield, the action of taking out the pocket watch to check the time becomes annoying. As a result, soldiers who wrapped pocket watches around their wrists became obvious in the British army during the Boer Wars from 1899 to 1902 and the demand of practical wristwatches increased. Rolex was the first watchmaker who notice this matter. Especially Rolex has invented the completely waterproof oyster case and first automatic mechanism Perpetual in 1920s. They succeed in improving the practicality of watches. Other companies also followed the trend and watch started to spread widely. At the same time, the demand for practical watches in the sky begins. As the same with vessels, an accurate clock is essential for navigation to calculate the current position of the aircraft. Pilots had to make navigation calculations in the narrow cockpit and the difficulty of handling a pocket watch was not the ground ratio. They wrapped the pocket watch around their thighs to keep track od the time. So, while equipping the instrument panel with a cockpit clock, a wristwatch with big functional evolution was also developed. For example, Longines “WEEMS Watch” equipped with air navigation function, Breitling “Chronomat” and “Navitimer” equipped with rotating measurement, IWC “Mark series” , a magnetic resistant watch that resists electromagnetic waves in the cockpit. In the 50s, Brequet “Type XX” was installed with flyback mechanism that return the chronograph needle to zero during operating. For the Navy, who also needs an accurate watch, is no less likely to need a watch. The cannons, torpedoes and weapons were specialized. There was need for watch that could easily know the time for each department within the battleship and could also be used to measure time. In addition, sea which an environment surrounded by water requires high level of waterproof. The Navy in each country has demanded a dedicated diver’ s watch so that diving crews and special work units engaged in underwater repair work can know the dive time and operation time. At the request of the Italian Navy, “Radiomir Watch” by Panerai in the 30s and “Fifty Fathoms” by Blancpain appeared at the request from French Navy. At the same period, “Submariner” by Rolex was used by British Navy. The appearance and development of divers has been greatly influenced by military requirements. Thus, the watch evolution has been influenced by the changes in military activity since late 19th century.

Pilot watch

In 1903, after the Wright brothers made their first flight, aircraft have undergone rapid development. The Wright brothers first flight distance was few hundred meters and mostly on straight line but in less than 20 years, the aircraft flew more than few hundreds of kilometers and return. One of the reasons for the great development of aircraft was World War I. Initially, compare with slow-witted aircraft for bombing, aircraft was used for simple mission such as hitting locks and bricks to make holes and reconnaissance but in order to shot down other aircrafts, machine guns have been installed and the engine power is gradually increased. Fighters have developed complex maneuvers and they expanded to air war. Even after World War I, the performance if aircraft continued to improve and becomes main planes. The aircraft became fully metal and legs also became retractable. In World War II, from fighter machine to strategic bomber machine, aircraft have evolved into weapons that determine the outcome of war. Many fighter aircraft are now propelled by jets, and the combat speed far exceed the speed of sound, making them high-tech. There even stealth aircraft that are hard to detect by radar. Although the aircraft has evolved long legs, when it first appeared, it was not possible to rely on machines for navigation and most of the time it was important to calculate using the head and hands. First, high visibility was required. It is important to be able to confirm the flight time immediately, and many high functions have been introduced for each type according to the pilot’ s request. For example, Breitling has completed a chronograph for the pilot with separated start and stop button from the crown and a separate reset button. Together with miniaturization, a chronograph that can easily measure time with a wristwatch has appeared. In addition, the same company planned a wristwatch equipped with a rotary slide measurement. This led to appearance of the masterpiece called “Chronomat” in the 1940s and “Navitimer” in the 1950s, which continues its name until today. The idea of the rotary slide measurement had already been found in Longines beforehand. With the help from Charles Lindbergh who succeeded in transatlantic flight in 1928, Longiness used the bezel and indial and equip the Weems watch with the flight computer planned by the US Navy Colonel Weems which launched in the 1930s. Same with the car racing, the development of the aircraft industry contributed to the high functionality of the chronograph. Breguet which founded by genius watchmaker, separates the watch department from its family management. It has evolved into a machine, communications and aircraft maker. Especially, the aircraft department is a major aircraft maker call Dassault-Breguet. Partly because of this, the French Navy requested Breguet to make an aviation chronograph in 1950s. The famous “Breguet XX” was born. What makes this chronograph excellent is that even if the chronograph is doing measurement, if you press the reset button, the chronograph needle will immediately return to zero and continuous measurement is possible. This is called the flyback function, but it has a function that further simplifies the chronograph measurement inside the narrow aircraft. In addition to such visible and functional evolution, military watches in the aviation field also was also made for invisible enemy. IWC has developed an ambitious pilot watch with a simple face. As the aircraft develops, from the wireless communication devices, it will also be equipped with device such as magnetic force generator which is the enemy of watches. However, if the watch is magnetized, the accuracy cannot be maintained. Therefore, the inner case made of soft iron is used to block the magnetic field from the movement of the watch. With this strong magnetic resistance as the centerpiece, the IWC aviation watch “Mark X” was adopted by the British Air Force for 40 years. Until now, this series has become the face of the company. The GMT function cultivated in the commercial aircraft was added to these and the function of the modern aviation military watch is completed. Now, aviation professional watches are mainly made of quartz with more functions. However, from the point of fail-safe, mechanical watch is said to win, and they are still very popular.

Divers watch

Numbers of marine chronometers carried by Navy ships and watch made by watchmaker Girard Perregaux
for German Navy is … It is not exaggerated to say that the true root of military watches was in the sea. For navigation and disciplined life at the sea, accurate watches were essential on ships. Furthermore, as ship became more mobile and armed with various guns and torpedoes, detailed time measurements were required for fleet action and torpedoes attack. A highly technical battle pattern made wrist watches a necessity. In addition, during World War I, divers appeared to repair ships and even for destroying the ship as they enter the port. Of course, at this time, there was no satisfactory waterproof watch and even a small mistake could lead to the importance of life. For this reason, immediately after the World War I, the Italian Navy demanded for high performance diving watch, and Panerai “Radiomir” appeared. This watch was actively used in World War II. Rolex was deeply involved in the birth of “Radiomir” and after the World War II, the company announced the model of modern divers “Submariner” in 1953. In the same year, Blancpain, the world’ s oldest watch brand, also announced the “Fifty Fanthoms” which has almost the same concept at the request of French Navy. Both are highly waterproof and are equipped with a design that takes into consideration of visibility in water, and a rotating bezel with an index printed to record the diving time. The functions of these two watches are in some way functionally followed by modern divers. In the modern age, diving computerization of digital models also appeared, but there are still many situation where mechanical divers are used for military purposes.

Army watch

In the beginning of the 19th century, it was era of Napoleon. During the war in Europe, watches wasn’ t that
necessary to the army. Not matter how big is the war, the size of the army is far less than in the present and if the general who lead the important operation knows the time, there will be no problem. However, when the army size getting bigger, the important of watch is increased in all situation. Watch is essential for the traffic management of railways and roads used for troop movement and transportation of supplies. In battle for large troop, planned actions becomes important. In the Boer War from end of 19th century to the early of 20th century, many soldiers fasten their pocket watch to their wrist because of that reason. Of course, in the war on the ground, in order to protect the movement from mud and sand, waterproof and dustproof were required but not as much as the divers. The most required of all was impact resistance. The standard of the watch specification was also increasing. However, the army have larger mobilization scale of troop than the navy and air force. Especially after the end of World War II, the military budget was cut, and the watches distribution became extremely difficult. Here, in the US military, there was policy change of big specification. During the Vietnam War, the US military initially provided official supply such as Hamilton “Khaki” which equipped with hack function (second needle stop function). But they have made daring efforts to make it disposable. Whatever movement, the case is from cheap plastic and will be supply in bulk. New watch will be replaced if broken. On the other hand, high specification models were supplied to special forces as individual or troop and largely accepted. In this way, it seems that the trend of army watches in each country is that low priced plastic models which hold enough specifications and high specification models mainly on multifunctional quartz coexist in the military.

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CHANEL MATELASSE Pricing reference


ROLEX Submariner

ROLEX Submariner

ROLEX Submariner Pricing reference


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