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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

Pt900 platinum ring with amethyst melee diamond has been sold!


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September 2022

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We sold a platinum ring with a Pt900 amethyst melee diamond from a customer in City! The large amethyst in the center is decorated with melee diamonds, and the streamlined design is quite unique. Store Visit Jewel Cafe ! At Jewel Cafe , professional appraisers will carefully assess your property. Taking into account the latest price data and market prices, we make confident assessments and strive every day to present prices that satisfy our customers. This Pt900 platinum ring with amethyst melee diamond has also been purchased at a surprisingly high price with the latest market price and unique sales route! If you want to purchase amethyst, please leave it to Jewel Cafe ! One point at Jewel Cafe . Careful appraisal! We will buy your amethyst at a high price.

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Thank you very much for using Jewel Cafe this time and concluding a purchase contract for a platinum ring with a Pt900 amethyst melee diamond! Currently, the purchase price of amethyst is soaring. Jewel Cafe is one of the largest stores in the industry with 250 directly managed stores, and has the highest customer satisfaction rating. It is widely deployed overseas, and by establishing various sales routes, it is possible to purchase amethyst at a high price. Some jewelry shops have introduced a trade-in system (purchase a new jewelry with the purchase price and pay for the shortfall) instead of buying it, and there are also shops that calculate the points uniformly. In addition, since there is no clear judgment standard for gems like the 4Cs for diamonds, the purchase price may vary greatly depending on the store. We recommend selling at Jewel Cafe , which has a strong track record in purchasing jewelry.

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The purple color of amethyst is said to have been loved by many people since the 19th century. Especially in Japan, it is considered to be the most noble color and is said to be a color that has been very important in religious ceremonies. Amethyst is also widely used as a power stone, and various theories agree that it works like a tranquilizer. Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar are well-known amethyst production areas. Brazilian amethyst has a light purple color, Madagascar has a reddish or violet-like purple color, and Uruguay has a deep purple color. Japan also produces beautiful and high-quality amethyst that has been praised as "Kagamurasaki". When purchasing amethyst, it goes without saying that it is in good condition, but we actively purchase amethyst even if the condition of the product is not good, such as removing side stones or distorting the base metal. Please. Jewel Cafe has confidence in the amethyst purchase price.

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