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Purchase date: September 15, 2021

OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronograph


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September 2021

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I bought the Omega Seamaster Date. The belt of this Omega Seamaster Date was not genuine. It's old, so I replaced it with my favorite belt. In addition, this Omega Seamaster Date has not undergone maintenance such as overhaul for a long time, and there were no accessories. At Jewel Cafe, even if you don't have an external belt or a long-term overhaul, if it's Omega, we will buy the main body alone! Omega is also popular in the second-hand market, so there are many collections that you can expect to buy at a high price!

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe Chigasaki. Have you been sleeping in a chest of drawers because you couldn't attach large diamonds on the standing claw ring? Diamond loose, multi-stone diamond jewelry, etc. are also welcome. For customers who are thinking of selling large diamonds, the assessment is free of charge, so please bring it to the Jewel Cafe Chigasaki store. All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

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With female staff with abundant product knowledge, speed assessment in a minimum of 10 minutes from visit to payment! If speed is important and consultation is important, we recommend visiting the store!

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We have female staff with a vast amount of product knowledge and a speedy assessment process that takes as little as 10 minutes from the time you come to the store to payment! If you are interested in a quick assessment and consultation, we recommend visiting our store!

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