Unexpected key point of identification for the most popular brand LOUIS VUITTON! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 28, 2023

Unexpected key point of identification for the most popular brand LOUIS VUITTON! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Is it true that the inner bag also needs to be taken care of?


That is correct.


Will it affect the price to sell?


Yes, it will influence for the high price. Please read more.

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Unexpected key point to identify for the most popular brand LOUIS VUITTON!

Primarily, the most popular recycle brand at recycle store is Louis Vuitton. A well-known and established brand in the world and has high demand in recycle store. However, depending on the condition and all aspects will give effect to the price too. This time we will mainly introduce what should be paid attention to recycle LOUIS VUITTON handbags and wallets.

The condition of LOUIS VUITTON will affect the recycling price!

According to the condition of the product, LOUIS VUITTON can be very different from other brands. The main reason is that it has a large circulation, there are many people who want to sell, and there are more suppliers than demands, so if the product is not in good condition, it can’t be recovered at a high price. Especially Monogram (brown pattern), the price differencess is relatively large, the same commodity in difference condition have the opportunity to have tens of times difference. LOUIS VUITTON actually will easily have stains, mold and moisture, etc., that will affect the condition as it is mostly leather products.

Its “inner beauty” is more likely to affect the price than “external beauty”!

What will give much impact to the branded recycling item price is the accessories such dust bag, original box, cards, and many more. But most importantly is the stain to determine the recycling price. First of all, the external is easily to identify by judging its condition around the bag corner, stains and fading. Besides evaluate the external condition, the most important aspect like the inside condition also need to be consider. The dirt on the surface is easy to handle compared to in the inner side stains that are hardly to remove.

Situation that common happened to LOUIS VUITTON leather products is adhesion. This is because the owner seldom use their product and it is not expose to the outside world. The severe weather will cause the leather to discolor and sticky, and the worst case may not be used anymore so the sticking is the biggest impact on the recycling price.

When there is nothing in the handbag the moisture will cause the leather to deteriorate, and the leather on both sides will stick together. If the situation continues, the leather will peel off and in serious case it will become moldy.

If your branded handbags and wallets have the above circumstances, they will also be infected when they are place and lose their own function, which is more harmful than the surface stains, so the recycling price has a greater impact. If the LOUIS VUITTON looks like new but inside is discolored and unpleasant. In this case, a bit sad to mention that the recycling store will not recycle at a high price. At this time, when customers know that the recycling price is low, they will be disappointed.

Parts that can’t be ignored if want to be in good condition

The appearance of secondhand items is very important. If you want to sell at a high price, take good care of it and clean the dirt on the surface as much as possible every day.

Worst case could occur is that when the inner part stick together and it cannot be restored again. It is unpleasent to hear but this is reality if this case happen to you. In order to prevent it from sticking, a daily care is a must and moisture-proof products should be placed in place with high humidity. On the contrary, it should be more exposed to air in dry places. Even the same styles other than Monogram, such as Damier and multicolor comes with difference price for secondhand and will not be so big without large circulation, but the evaluation of the internal is the same. For the branded handbags that have sign “rarely used and “used with caution” are completely different, so be sure to take care to keep them in good condition!


I find out more interesting facts in here.


Yes that's true, you can also get more information about other luxury item facts in here


Oh okay! Thank you so much.


You're welcome

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