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Date Updated: March 30, 2023

Explore to the Rolex Limited Model | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Are Rolex limited pieces the most famous?


Yes, that's true especially in Japan.


So, what are the Rolex Limitation for Japanese?


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One of the well-known luxury watch brands is Rolex, which offers a wide range of models. These models are extremely well-liked by fans of Rolex, so demand is also high. Many models are sold at local fixed prices, and Japan is no exception. This time, we’re launching exclusive models in Japan.

There are 3 types of Rolex limitations in Japan

The meaning of the term definitive can be said to be that Rolex is different in definitiveness in Japan.

1. Rolex officially announces models only available in Japan
2. Rolex is a limited model produced by a Japanese company in Japan
3. Although Rolex has not officially announced, only limited products are sold in Japan

What is the official Japanese limited model?

Turnograph Japan Limited/116263, which was officially unveiled by Rolex, is the most well-known model. (released in 2011).

It’s known as a rare model. There is a white dial and a black dial on it. Each color is produced in just 300 pieces. The distinctive feature of this limited edition in Japan is that the hands, model name, and date are all green. These positions are red if the model is a standard one.

Oyster Breath’s strap is a sporty model, based on a combination of gold and stainless steel. This model is limited due to the small production quantity.

What are the limited models produced for Japanese companies?

To Japan this is not limited, but only to Japanese companies.

〇 GIANTS winning baseball team commemorates Rolex (2012)
This is a limited edition of 88 watches. It will become a commemorative Rolex for the GIANTS of professional baseball to win the 5-year victory in 2012. This is a color scheme with Giants team Orange on Explorer II.

〇 Matsuzakaya 400th Anniversary Rolex
2011 marks the 400th anniversary of Matsuzakaya. For men, there is Day Date, and for women, there is Datejust. White gold is used to make both. 30 pieces make up the men’s limited edition. On the dial and the one at 4 o’clock, there are 400 diamonds. A green emerald. It is a ladies’ diamond watch, but only rubies or sapphires are available at 4 o’clock in honor of the 400th anniversary. Each is only available in 50 pieces. Both items typically cost between JPY 3 and 5 million on the open market.

The official has not officially announced, but it is a Japanese limited model

Oyster Perpetual / 116000, a Rolex model that is known to be exclusively released in Japan, has not yet been formally announced. (released in 2008). It can be said to be a rare model because of how little it was produced and how quickly it disappeared from the market. It resembles the Explorer I in terms of appearance and is distinguished by having Arabic numerals in the 3.6.9 time index portion, white luminous paint on a black dial, and a 36mm case size. For instance, it is claimed that Space Dweller from the 1960s was created to honor the NASA astronauts’ trip to Japan. The limited-edition Rolex is in high demand, but there are only about 1,000 of them in Japan, making it difficult to come across one.

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