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Date Updated: April 13, 2023

Emerald Family, Beryl – Energy Stone | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Beryl is a type of gemstone, right?


Yes, in America it called "Goshen".


What it use for?


Occasionally used in place of diamonds.

Transparent beryl is the name given to the family of Beryl’s colorless and transparent species. The English name is derived from the place name “Goshen” in America, and in earlier times, it was occasionally used in place of diamonds. Beryl is a type of gemstone, right? The following will explain its traits, origin, significance, and significance of being an energy stone.

Properties of Gems

Name Goshenite
Japanese Name ゴシェナイト/綠柱石
Color Colorless
Family (species, varieties) Beryl, Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Golden Beryl, Red Beryl
Moh’s Hardness 7.5
Luster Glass Luster

Country & Place of Origin

• United States : Goshen
• Madagascar : the whole territory
• Namibia : The whole territory
• India : Orissa
• Russia : Ural Mountains
• Pakistan : Gilgit
• Brazil : Minas Gerais
• Afghanistan : Konar
• Canada : The whole territory
• Nigeria : The whole territory
• Zambia : The whole territory
• Sri Lanka : The whole territory

Origin of the Name

Since Goshen, Massachusetts, USA, was where transparent beryl was first found, the mineral was given the place name Goshenite.

Imitation diamonds and beryl

Transparent beryl was once used as a “substitute for diamonds” and “imitation diamonds” because of its high refractive index and diamond-like luster. Additionally, “Rhinestone” is a fictitious name (Note 1) (Note 2).

Note 1: False name refers to the incorrect name, choosing a different name on purpose to confuse consumers by using gemstones of higher value and similar appearance.

However, it is also sometimes used as a general term to denote items that are comparable to expensive gems. (A shining diamond is a herkimon crystal, for instance.)


Beryl is a member of the beryl family and is one of the less inclusion-rich minerals. Since rough stones with fewer inclusions and higher transparency are so uncommon, they are incredibly valuable and have historically been used in place of diamonds. Well-cut transparent beryl has a brilliant sheen, and various varieties of fancy-cut transparent beryl are available on the market because occasionally, large rough stones are discovered.

White beryl and phantom transparent beryl

The term “White Beryl” is also used to describe the pure colorless and transparent beryl, which is extremely rare because almost all rough beryl stones have a blue or pink color (emerald, aquamarine, morganite, and other gemstone colors). The term “phantom transparent beryl” is used in the field of energy stones to describe transparent beryl that has additional colors or inclusions. The gemstone gains new value as the energy of the inclusions is concentrated there.

Transparent Beryl as an energy stone

Beryl is supposedly an energy stone that can help people solidify their convictions and gain the wisdom they need to proceed in the right direction. Beryl will support people who are determined to bravely pursue their dreams or goals. Beryl is also said to be beneficial for nourishing the body.

Meaning: temperament, elegance, intelligence, luck, purification of the soul


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