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home based acquisition

You may either use your Laptop or Mobile devices for application within 24hours. In exchange of cash for your items, you can send out your items for free estimation saving the trouble of leaving your house.!


We have received many applications for home delivery purchases,and we are only handling three types of items for home delivery purchase.They are, [Precious metals (gold, platinum, diamond products), Branded bags, and Brand watches]. Customers who wish to sell items other than the above three items are welcomed to visit Jewel Cafe stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. *We are very sorry, but some areas or products may not be supported. In that case We will inform you by email.

At your ease, just pack the parcel and arrange for collection. Jewel Café cares about every little detail solely for your convenience.  

Home-Based Acquisition is specially designed for you! Jewel Cafe’s professional Team will provide the most ideal evaluation for your items. We accept Gold, K18 Gold, Diamonds, Branded goods, Antiques, Jade, etc. Most items can be valued at no charge.

Steps to Evaluation of your items

1.Via Web or Phone Application

You may either fill up our Webpage form application or give our Hotline a call for further enquiries during Working Hours. If possible, do describe the item for valuation in details to assist us in providing an initial estimated quote or evaluation. Our Operating Hours are from 10:00 – 22:00.

2.Packaging and Delivery We will send you the necessary documents and shipping cardboards, so please fill in the necessary items and please enclose the product and application form.

3. Please contact Kuroneko Yamato Malaysia to call the delivery person home for picking up your parcels. (free shipping) Contact information for Yamato is provided in the application form above. They will go to your home for pickup. We will send you the assessed price of the item by email or phone within 48 hours after the item arrives. (Excluding holidays). Wrap it as much as possible to avoid collisions and product damage.

4.Price Assessment, Conclusion and Dealing If the quotation offered is accepted, we will take 1 working day to process the transaction. Like wise, if the offer is rejected, we will return your item in 1 working day. -Application process can be done via Mobile or your computer. -Whole Transaction will not incur you any Hidden charges. -Strongly recommend customers who want to sell their Pre-own items at high value but do not want to take the trouble of leaving home to evaluate their items.
Offer an exceptional price for your products!
We have a huge range for our acquisition!

[Do you accept these items?] Welcome to visit our outlet for more information.
Please use LINE estimation to appraise branded items.

The reason to choose Jewel Café

First in the industry and accepted over 1.7 million items!

  • Having the most pawn broking outlets in the worldHaving the most pawn broking outlets in the world

    We have more than 200 outlets in Japan. Jewel Café is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers in Malaysia.

  • High Return Value Offer very high price to trade your product to us

    Jewel Café is offering the higher value of your items compared with others.

  • Exceptionally high number of return customersExceptionally high number of return customers

    Higher repeat rate of customers due to our better offer, good customer service and cozy environment in Jewel Café.

  • On-the-spot instant appraisalOn-the-spot instant appraisal

    Jewel Café is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers. We appraise your items approximately 15 minutes and pay instant cash. You are welcomed to visit the nearest branch.

  • Free appraisal and deliveryFree appraisal and delivery

    The estimation and Home Delivery Acquisition Service is free of charge. You are welcomed to estimate your items with us. Welcomed to use the LINE estimation for free also.

  • Excellent and professionalExcellent and professional

    Exclusive privileges specially for you. We provide free jewelry cleaning service, member benefits, complimentary beverages, good quality customer service, and cozy environment.

To learn more about the Key-Terms when buying with Jewel Cafe
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