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Home-Based Acquisition
Home-Based Acquisition

You may either use your Laptop or Mobile devices for application within 24hours. In exchange of cash for your items, you can send out your items for free estimation saving the trouble of leaving your house!

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Sell your unwanted items without leaving home!

At your ease, just pack the parcel and arrange for collection. Jewel Café cares about every little detail solely for your convenience.

Home-Based Acquisition is specially designed for you! Jewel Cafe’s professional Team will provide the most ideal evaluation for your items. We accept Gold, K18 Gold, Diamonds, Branded goods, Antiques, Jade, etc. Most items can be valued at no charge.

Steps to Evaluation of your items

Our professional female staff will provide the service with speed assessment in a minimum of 10 minutes from your visit to payment.
We recommend Store-Based Purchase for speedy estimation and professional consultation.

  • Via Web or Phone Application

    You may either fill up our Webpage form application or give our Hotline a call for further enquiries during Working Hours. If possible, do describe the item for valuation in details to assist us in providing an initial estimated quote or evaluation. Our Operating Hours are from 10:00 – 22:00.

  • Packaging and Delivery

    We will send you the necessary documents and shipping cardboards, so please fill in the necessary items and please enclose the product and application form.

  • Please contact Kuroneko Yamato Malaysia to call the
    delivery person home for picking up your parcels. (free shipping)

    Contact information for Yamato is provided in the application form above. They will go to your home for pickup. We will send you the assessed price of the item by email or phone within 48 hours after the item arrives. (Excluding holidays). Wrap it as much as possible to avoid collisions and product damage.

  • Price Assessment, Conclusion and Dealing

    If the quotation offered is accepted, we will take 1 working day to process the transaction. Like wise, if the offer is rejected, we will return your item in 1 working day.


Customer's Feedback

“Get extra cash with membership”

When I was doing my spring cleaning, I found some pieces of jewellery I forgot about. I wasn’t even sure if it was real gold since it has been so long and the colour isn’t very yellow. So I went to Jewel Cafe to get it checked since they provide free estimation. Luckily I was right! The ladies there explained it was K10 and because of the amount of pure gold it contained, a lot of shops would not accept it for cash. Luckily at Jewel café, they can buy my item and pay me cash. The estimation didn’t even take long and I was pretty satisfied with the price. Especially since I got a lot of money in return from their membership. Their member card can be redeemed for cash and I also received cash vouchers worth RM130. Very attractive benefits with no expiry!


“We are so glad you enjoyed our service!”

Yes, K10 is not a very well-known grade of gold due to its purity of 41.7%. K10 is the second lowest grade of gold. This also means K10 can change its colour over time and become a bronzy yellowish colour. We are also glad you enjoy our benefits as you can also use them for other items too. Jewel Café can also buy branded bags and watches for cash. You can use our benefits at any time and at any of our outlets. Please feel free to contact us and we hope to see you soon.

“Good Service When I Sell my Hermes Handbag”

I come on Grand re-Opening Jewel Café Maluri. I received SMS before the opening, so I just drop by during the first day. I just bring my unused Hermes bag to estimate. I was surprised that they can offer me a good price for my handbag. I don’t need to wait for the item to be sold neither put my item in their shop. After the transaction I get instant cash. The environment is very cozy and complimentary drinks will be provided during the waiting time. It’s really a great location where I can reach the mall by MRT.


“Hello Miss have a good day!”

Thank you for your good feedback. We still remember your pretty smile. Thank you for your time to come on our Grand Re-Opening day last week. It is pleasure to served you and we are very happy to served you again next time. And don’t forget to bring along your unused Chanel handbag that you said you want to sell last time. Besides, you also can redeem CASH from member’s card when you sell on your second time. Looking forward to serving you again soon!

“Great experience when selling Chanel & Louis Vuitton Bag”

I was doing my spring cleaning in the morning and I found my Chanel bag & Louis Vuitton Bag that I almost forgot that I kept it that at my closet. The condition was still good and all comes with full set, paper bag, box, card and receipt. Then, I Google where can sell my branded handbag. Then, I found Jewel Café Aeon Bukit Raja. I straight away called them and they invite me to come to their shop for free estimation. That evening I went to their shop bring my Chanel & LV bag together. When I entered the shop, I felt very welcomed and they provide me free drinks while estimation. So nice this place, I feel very comfortable here. After got the price, the price was pretty good for instant cash. And I just decided to sell here because I also rarely used. Then they gave me Jewel Café Member Card. Next time I can redeem cash if I sell my items here. All the staffs are very friendly and surely I will recommend my friend and family member’s if they have any branded items to sell. It was great experience!


“Dear valued customer, we are very happy to serve you.”

I remember you are so friendly person. We had chit chat a lot last time when I served you. I’m pretty sure that you told me you have some more branded handbag to sell again next time. And thank you so much for your good comment to us. And yes, please invite your family members’ or friend to visit Jewel Café. We are looking forward to serving you again next time.

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