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Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.
Jewel Cafe offers easy and speedy purchase at the store! No charge for evaluation and consultation.

Today's Gold and Platinum prices

Gold Price

RM 295.31/1g
Platinum Price

RM 62.33/1g
Silver Price

RM 3.56/1g
Palladium Price

RM 0.00/1g
(Malaysian Time)

● Gold and platinum quotes in the domestic trading market. These quotes are updated between 9-11 am on weekdays.
● Due to fluctuations in market prices and exchange rates, they may differ from actual market rates.
● Differs from the in-store purchase price.

Today's Gold & Precious Metals Price Market Chart

Price Table

Price of Ingots (gold) Estimation Graph

08 Nov 2023 ~ 08 Dec 2023
※The retail price including tax, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
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Compared to
Previous Day

RM 295.31
(0 Ringgit)
RM 292.36
(0 Ringgit)
RM 265.78
(0 Ringgit)
RM 251.01
(0 Ringgit)
RM 215.58
(0 Ringgit)
RM 153.56
(0 Ringgit)
RM 62.33
(0 Ringgit)
RM 61.71
(0 Ringgit)
RM 59.21
(0 Ringgit)
RM 56.10
(0 Ringgit)
RM 52.98
(0 Ringgit)

● Gold and platinum quotes in the domestic trading market. These quotes are updated between 9-11 am on weekdays.
● Due to fluctuations in market prices and exchange rates, they may differ from actual market rates.
● Differs from the in-store purchase price.

Looking to sell your K24 gold?
Selling K24 gold has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
If you are selling 24 gold, leave it to Jewel Cafe. Are 24 gold products and coins (gold coins) purchased in the past sleeping at home? Jewel Café is purchasing 24 gold items. We can purchase it in any condition, such as dented 24 gold product or a damaged 24 gold product. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation. Jewel Cafe is currently strengthening the purchase of 24 gold. Customers are satisfied with the high priced 24 gold purchase that takes advantage of the industry's largest merchandise.
We also accept inquiries from both assessment by email and LINE for 24 gold purchase. Jewel Café is strengthening on 24 Gold purchase! Please feel free to contact us ,we are also purchasing various products other than 24 gold.
Jewel Cafe

We Purchase at a
Higher Price!

Expensive Purchases

Jewel Cafe will purchase your K24 gold at world-class prices! Thanks to our professional appraisal team and diverse distribution channels, we are able to offer higher prices than anywhere else. With top rankings in customer satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to use our free appraisal service for your K24 gold purchase.

  • Putting all K18 jewellery together

    Old or broken ones are also welcomed!
    CompanyA RM14,400
    CompanyB RM18,000
    CompanyC RM16,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    K18 jewellery
  • Golden cups, chains, coins, etc.

    Not only golden cups, but also Buddhist altars at amazing prices!
    CompanyA RM22,000
    CompanyB RM19,600
    CompanyC RM24,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Golden cups, chains, coins, etc.
  • Jewellery with diamonds

    If it comes with diamonds or gems,value will be reflected in the price!
    CompanyA RM16,000
    CompanyB RM14,800
    CompanyC RM12,600
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Jewellery with diamonds
  • Pure gold oval, old jewellery

    Are your oval or old jewellery sleeping at home?
    CompanyA RM22,000
    CompanyB RM26,500
    CompanyC RM19,000
    Jewel Cafe Purchase Record
    Pure gold oval, old jewellery

Purchase of K24 gold from Jewel Cafe Expensive purchase record
that makes a difference with other stores

  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Jewelries
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Jewelries
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Ring Kihei
    We bought it!

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  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Gold Glass
    We bought it!

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  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Kihei 18k Gold
    We bought it!

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  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 24k

    24k Gold Scrap
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    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 20k

    18k Gold / 20k Gold Jewelry
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    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18K Gold Jewelry in Bulk
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    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    18k Gold Brooch
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases
  • 18k Gold Jewelries

    Gold Purchases > 18k

    Kihei Jewelry
    We bought it!

    High Value Purchases

※The value is only for reference purpose. Value affected by the condition and market price.

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Reasons why Jewel Cafe

are strong in K24 gold purchase

Professional assessment by staff
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 1 〉

Skilled assessment team

Professional appraisers will thoroughly examine your item at Jewel Cafe. We make confident estimates based on the most recent pricing data and market prices, and we endeavour every day to deliver prices that satisfy our consumers.
Overseas expansion and establishment of proprietary sales channels
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 2 〉

Sales routes from domestic to oversea

Jewel Cafe has many sales offices overseas. Purchased products are sold using our domestic and overseas networks, so we can achieve higher purchase prices.
Store Performance
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 3 〉

Direct managing over 250 stores worldwide

Jewel Cafe has more than 250 directly managed stores worldwide, and has been used by more than 3 million customers so far. We will continue to strive to earn the trust of our customers.
Various benefits available
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 4 〉

Various benefits available

At Jewel Cafe, we have prepared various benefits that you can use when you visit us, and we are very pleased with our repeat customers. T point and jewelry cleaning are also very popular.
Easy and convenient store location
Reason for Strong Purchase〈 5 〉

Easy and convenient store location

Jewel Cafe has shops in convenient areas such as large shopping malls and shopping streets in front of the station. We always aim to create a comfortable space where you can feel free to stop by while shopping.
Jewel Cafe

Method of

How to sell

JEWEL CAFE offers three methods of acquisition to suit the needs of our customers.
Either way, JEWEL CAFE values each customer's items and carefully identifies them! We buy your old wines at high prices


Customer Satisfaction No. 1!
This is recommended by JEWEL CAFE K24 gold purchase Methods.

Door-to-door acquisitions

  • Rapid Identification
  • 6 stores in Malaysia
  • Same day cash payment
  • Rapid Identification
  • 6 stores in Malaysia
  • Same day cash payment

JEWEL CAFE, the specialist shop, has 6 stores in Malaysia! They are located in large shopping centres or in front of stations, so you can drop in while you are shopping. The stores are staffed by knowledgeable female appraisers and the appraisal process is fast, from entry to payment in as little as 10 minutes! Ideal for those who value speed and consultation!

Find out more ..

  • In-store, reception

    Find a shop near you on this website. Please be sure to bring Proof of identity such as an identity card or driving licence

  • Custodial Identification

    Have your precious items appraised by JEWEL CAFE's experienced appraisers.

  • Identification

    JEWEL CAFE is proud of its speedy identification! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the appraisal (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of customers waiting and the number of appraisals per person). There is a coffee lounge area with free drinks, so you can relax in the comfort of your own room.

  • Explain the results of the appraisal and deliver the cash

    We will clearly explain the results of the appraisal and confirm the purchase price with you, and when you agree to sell, pay the purchase price in cash immediately. In addition, you'll receive a coupon to use next time and accumulate membership points, offering you exclusive benefits that returning customers love, so you'll get a discount every time you come in. Welcome back to the shop!


Easy access while shopping!
Cozy cafe environment!
Friendly staff!


  • Professional Estimation
  • Free Appraisal
  • Instant Cash
  • Convenience to Visit

There are total 6 outlets opened in shopping malls. Feel free to drop by while shopping and be approached by our friendly staff!

Free shipping nationwide!
Easy application with your


  • Free Regional Shipping
  • Fast Estimation
  • Delivery Documents
  • Pack the Parcel

It’s too far from the store? Not convenience? At your ease, use the Home-Based Acquisition Service!

Home-based acquisition service is currently unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Jewel Cafe

K24 gold Sold at
Jewel Cafe

Customer's Feedback
47 Total Reviews

Friendly staff with cool member benefits!

Happened to be when I want to sell another set of my jewelries and I felt like, why not, lets try with this new shop. I’m quite attracted to it as the name quite catchy, is it a cafe, or a place for selling gold? When I entered the shop, the staff were so friendly and welcome me warmly and I felt so pleasant with it. They did a full SOP checking which to me very good. They assist me to the discussion table and ask me with the introduction. Then they served me with drinks and snacks. Now I understand the concept. Fully top serviced as it’s the same applied when I’m in Japan too. Felt relaxed and calm. They offered me with good price too! And what the most shocking was that they offered me lots of member benefit. Mostly when I sell my jewelries, I just take my cash then went home. But this place, the offered me with member card and cash bonus too! Great! Definitely this going to be my new favorite place in selling all my jewelries.

Offered me with good price even without receipts

Thank you for your last time. It helped me a lot. Now I’m on my way home to my hometown Thailand. I came to your shop because it came out 1st on my google searched. They also accept all my jewelries even without receipt because mostly of them were gift as wedding gift. I’m facing a bit difficulty through my previous selling because I’m not local but the staff did a full check with my passport and visa, and did simple questioning on me. All this I’m fully understand as they need to follow all the procedure stated by the company. The staff so nice and really offered me with a very good price because all of them were 916. She also understands that I want to use money to go back to Thailand. They also explained to me very clearly. Thank you again!

Professional and well-trained staff!

Hi! This place changes my concept 360 on jewelries shop. I thought it’s like pawn shop but way too different. I came here to sell my old gold. All the staff were professional and very well trained. Thumbs up! At first, I’m quite doubt with their skill on inspected my item, but they were very calm and inspect it so carefully. As the one who attend me, said firmly and calmly, “Don’t worry sir, you in a good hand and we were well trained as we are handling gold items and we understand how value it is to you”. I felt safe and sound. During the checking process that being done right in front of me, the staff keep talking to me and explained few things about what else that they can buy. I quickly bring out my gold rings because I can’t fit them anymore so it’s better to sell them. After checking my watch done and while waiting the price, she help me checked the rings and gave me the price. A really good price. The staff help me a lot with the agreed price because she understands that I in need money. I love the environment here! Keep it up!

At the store or home delivery!

How to sell K24 gold at a higher price?

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 1 〉

If you have precious metals and branded items other than gold, send them all together for assessment.

In addition to gold, if you have jewelry or branded items, please let us assess them together! At Jewel Cafe, we will increase the purchase amount and assess it by "summary assessment". The more items we buy, the more we can increase the price, so please find the items you don't need and bring them with you.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 2 〉

Keep an eye on the precious metals market price.

The market prices of precious metals, including gold, fluctuate daily. The Jewel Cafe website also has a "Today's Gold/Platinum Market Price Chart" on each page, so we recommend that you refer to it and bring it on days when the market is higher. Recently, the gold and platinum prices have risen significantly, and now is the time to sell gold at a high price, as high prices have been realized.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 3 〉

Sell your gold at a specialty store like Jewel Cafe

We recommend that you sell at a shop that specializes in purchasing, including precious metals. Trade-ins at jewelry stores and some gift certificate shops may have a purchase price that is not linked to the market price, and there may be a difference between the purchase price and the purchase price at a purchase specialty store. The staff at Jewel Cafe and other buying specialty stores have a wealth of product knowledge and are able to make qualified appraisals, so we can provide a more accurate price. In addition, if you are a store that specializes in buying precious metals, even if you are not sure if they are really precious metals, or if you have questions such as, "What is the purity?"

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 4 〉

Sell at a higher price by cleaning and removing the stains of the gold.

Since the purchase price of precious metals is often determined by weight, the purchase price rarely changes depending on the condition, such as scratches, dents, or rust. However, if the gold you buy is clean and the dirt has been properly removed, it will be easier for the appraiser to appraise it, and most importantly, you will spend less time cleaning and maintaining the condition of the gold before selling it. increase. For these reasons, it is easier to buy clean gold than dirty gold. You don't need to polish it to make it shiny, but even if it's just noticeable dirt, just cleaning it up will change the impression, and it may affect the appraisal amount.

How to Sell Gold at a High Price〈 5 〉

Using gold accessories (certificate / warranty card)To sell it at a high price as a jewellery

If the gold you bring has a card or document that proves the material such as warranty, or certificate, be sure to bring it with you. Of course, Jewel Cafe will conduct a rigorous material appraisal, but the attachment of a certificate will make the assessment more reliable and speedy. In the case of jewelry, etc., having a warranty will serve as proof of the brand, so it will also lead to an increase in the assessed price.

Types of
Gold & Metals

K24 gold

Helpful Columns


Gold Purchases


When could we sell gold at the highest price?
Gold market price differs every single day. It is about 7 times higher than it was 20 years ago, so now is a recommended timing. In addition, at Jewel Cafe, not only the price of gold, but also the modelling as jewellery and the presence or absence of gems are taken into consideration, so you can always sell at a higher price.
Are there any charges included in purchasing or appraising gold?
It is completely free of charge to assess gold. Also, if you are not satisfied with the quoted amount, you will not be charged. Speedy store-based purchases are popular at Jewel Café, so please feel free to visit!
I want to sell gold and precious metals smoothly. Do I need to reserve?
No reservation is required. Please feel free to come! Jewel Cafe is in a good location and has good access, such as in front of a station or in a shopping centre. Please feel free to drop by when you go shopping. You may have to wait if your visits overlap. Customers who wish to purchase and assess gold smoothly are advised to make a reservation in advance.
Will the purchase price fall for K18 golden necklace with a broken chain?
We accept gold and jewellery in any condition, such as broken gold chains, jewelled rings, and jewellery with engraved names, at a price close to the market price! Even if you bring in only a single item, we will carefully assess it and purchase it at a high price, so please do not give up!
How much is the gold price today?
Please Click here for today's gold market. In addition, the gold purchase price (per 1g) was about 5,700 yen (~RM223.88) in October 2019, but recently there are many days when it exceeds about 7,000 yen (~RM274.94). Now that you can buy and sell at high price, you have a chance to sell gold at a high price too.
Are there any tips to get you to sell gold as high as possible?
If you bring 'multiple gold and jewellery items together', we will quote it at a higher price than the regular price and purchase it at a higher price. Combinations such as 'jewellery and branded bags' or 'gold and brand watches' are all acceptable!
How is the gold price determined?
It is mainly determined by the balance between the supply and demand of gold. In addition, it is greatly affected by the world affairs, markets, and economy, but in the case of the Japanese gold market, it is also affected by the dollar-yen exchange rate. We recommend that you purchase or sell at the timing when the market price soars or plummets. For details, please visit the gold purchase market page.
Can I sell my old jewellery without a certificate?
Even if you do not have a certificate, there is no problem because our professional staff of Jewel Cafe will carefully assess the material and purity. However, the purchase price may increase if you bring your certificate / guarantee cards. Please bring it with you if you have it.
What are the recent changes in the gold market?
Click here for the latest gold market movements. Recently, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the demand for gold, which is said to be a safe asset, has increased, and the gold market is on a rising trend. For example, the gold purchase price (per gram) was about 5,700 yen (~RM223.88) in October 2019, but it was about 7,100 yen (~RM278.87) in October 2020. Now that you can buy and sell at high prices, you have a chance to sell gold at a higher price too.
Is it okay if the precious metal is unsealed or purchased overseas?
No problem. Precious metal products without any stamping will be appraised by the appearance, specific gravity, and touchstone.
Jewel Cafe

K24 gold Ranking

1st Place

Gold coin

In particular, maple leaf gold coins are the most common brought item in our shop. Canadian maple leaf gold, Vienna Austria (harmony) gold coins are issued with the same design every year, but Australian nugget gold, kangaroo gold, zodiac gold, Chinese panda gold, Isle of Man cat gold and Tuvalu hose gold coin, changes the design according to the issue year.

2nd Place

Gold crafts

Pure gold crafts are also items that are often brought in. In particular, Buddhist orchids and Buddha statues are popular overseas and in high demand, and are expensive and sold. In addition to gold orchids, Buddhist statues, tea sets, sake wares, swords, candle stands, incense sticks, Candle extinguishers, incense burners, tea ceremony utensils, Buddhist rice cookers, a pair of high clay, a pair of Tsukuba, a plaque ,there are various things such as memorial beads, sacred mirrors, flower arrangements, stamps, etc. We are strengthening the purchase of gold crafts.

3rd Place


Many K24 gold rings are distributed in Japan. The one-character plain design is the most common one, and Jewel Cafe is also often buying it in. There are many people who have it as an asset value, and many people wear K24 gold as a kind of amulet that not only for fashion but also brings you wealth. Overseas, wealthy people tend to prefer undisturbed 24K.

K24 gold

Please leave it to Jewel Cafe if you are selling K24 gold! K24 is a symbol used for gold products which indicates the content of gold. K is an abbreviation of "carat", and in the case of gold, it is expressed as a fraction of 24, so 24K is the pure gold with the highest purity of gold. The gold content of K24 products is usually stated as 99.9%. Due to the high purity of gold, K24 is not suitable for thin accessories with fine workmanship, but it is commercialized in the form of oval, maple leaf type, and ring. Pure gold is also used for mobile phones and PC terminals. In Japan, K24 products are more valued for holding gold in order to protect their property than for use as accessories. When buying K24 gold, good condition is of course, even if there is a distorted state or scratch, we are actively buying it, so please feel free come foe an assessment once.