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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold a lapis lazuli necklace and earring set!

Lapis Lazuli

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September 2022

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Introducing the purchase of a set of gem jewelry, lapis lazuli necklace and earrings! It was an old lapis lazuli jewelry, but at Jewel Cafe , the jewelry specialist staff carefully examines each piece of jewelry and purchases it at a high price. The lapis lazuli necklace and earrings that I purchased this time were in a good state of preservation, which led to a high price! Lapis lazuli is not very hard among gemstones, so it is prone to scratches and chipping during storage. In addition, it is a gemstone that is weak against moisture and UV rays. Do not store in direct sunlight or in a humid place for a long time! How to store and care for each type of gemstone differs depending on the type of gemstone, so valuing, using and caring for each wonderful gemstone jewelry is the most important point for assessment! That effort will lead to an increase in the purchase amount!

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe ! Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that has been loved as a sacred blue stone since ancient times. At Jewel Cafe , we place a strong emphasis on the design of jewelry such as lapis lazuli, and we also look at and purchase jewelry! Our staff specializing in jewelry will purchase at a high price through our own sales route. We have many sales offices overseas, and the purchased products are sold using our domestic and overseas networks, making it possible to purchase at a higher price! We take into account the latest price data and the market price to assess with confidence, and we are satisfied with our customers! Please bring jewelery items that are not priced at other stores to Jewel Cafe Mukougaoka Amusement Park! Consultation and assessment are always free!

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The lapis lazuli introduced this time is said to be a "stone that brings good luck" and is the birthstone for September and December. The name comes from a combination of the Latin word for stone (Lapis) and the Arabic words for heaven, sky and blue (Lazward). In Japanese, it is called "Ruri". It has been widely used as a blue pigment since the times of Egypt, Sumer, Babylonia, etc., and the powdered form is often used in tempera (an opaque paint made by kneading the pigment with eggs, glue, resin, etc.) as "Ultramarine". was given. The dark blue color unique to lapis lazuli is said to be the negative ions of sulfur contained inside the crystal! It is said that lapis lazuli looks most beautiful when it is cut flat, and highly rated stones are used for flat cutting and carving. At Jewel Cafe Mukogaoka Yuen, we are strengthening the purchase of lapis lazuli! Come visit us for a free assessment!

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