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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

We sold Lapis Lazuli!!

Lapis Lazuli

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September 2022

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We sold lapis lazuli!! It was a large lapis lazuli ring with a strong presence, so I thought it was an old lady, but I was surprised to hear that it was a grandfather. In addition, the rings you brought with us were all large. It seems that he was a fashionable and flashy old man who disliked being the same as other people. It seems that there is no one to wear a ring with a stone that has such a strong presence, so he brought it because it is a neighborhood. It is very rare to bring in lapis lazuli, so we will give it a rarity value and purchase it at a high price.

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe . The lapis lazuli ring that I purchased this time was purchased for ornamental purposes, so it was not actually used and was stored carefully and was in the same condition as a new one, but I never wore it. Sebum stains and dust stains will accumulate over time, and the shine will gradually dull, so please wash items that have been used for many years with soapy water made with lukewarm water before bringing them in. Receiving it may lead to an increase in the amount. When washing a stone, please be careful not to rub it too hard or leave any moisture on it, otherwise the condition of the stone will deteriorate. If there is a book or a certificate of authenticity, trust will increase and it may affect the appraisal value, but at Jewel Cafe, not only the value of the jewel itself, but also the brand and design will be seen, and the value of the jewelery will also be assessed. We are here. If you have not only an appraisal certificate and a certificate of authenticity, but also a brand warranty and accessories, please bring them with you!! Please do not worry as we will assess it!! Please leave the estimate of Lapis lazuli products to Jewel Cafe!!

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The history of lapis lazuli is very old, and artificially processed lapis lazuli has been found in the ruins of the Egyptian Nakada culture period before the dynasty began, and the burial grounds of the Neolithic Mehrgarh ruins (present-day Pakistan). . It was often polished and worked into jewelry, sculptures, mosaic decorations and vases. In addition, it has been widely used as a blue pigment since the times of Egypt, Sumer, Babylonia, etc., and the powdered version is called "Ultramarine" and is used as tempera (an opaque paint made by kneading pigment with eggs, glue, resin, etc.). used a lot. The deep blue color peculiar to lapis lazuli is the negative ion of sulfur contained inside the crystal. In addition, the traces of substances contained inside create subtle changes in color. For example, if it contains calcite, it will have white streaks, and if it contains pyrite, it will have golden spots. Lapis lazuli is a highly durable stone, so it is processed into various items other than jewelry such as watches and figurines. It is said that flat-cut stones look most beautiful, and highly rated stones are used for flat-cutting and carving, which is a big difference from opal and turquoise. Flat-cut stones are often used in cufflinks and men's rings, and the thickness is standardized at 2.5mm. Currently, it is produced from Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Myanmar, and the United States. The highest quality comes from Afghanistan. Good quality is also mined in Argentina.

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