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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold a necklace with lapis lazuli!

Lapis Lazuli

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September 2022

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She brought in a necklace with lapis lazuli on it, which she received from her grandmother. I sold it because I thought it would be a waste to fertilize it. In the case of gemstone jewelry such as lapis lazuli, if there is an evaluation center at the time of purchase, the assessed value may increase, so please bring it with you. Of course, even if you don't have a discrimination office, you can get an estimate and buy it!

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Thank you very much for selling the lapis lazuli necklace at Jewel Cafe. Do you have unused lapis lazuli rings, necklaces, pierced earrings, pendant tops, etc. Are you sleeping in your jewelry box at home? You are welcome to bring in gemstone jewelry other than lapis lazuli.

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Lapis lazuli is said to be one of the oldest gemstones in the world.It has a deep blue color reminiscent of the night sky, and the sparkle that looks like stardust produced by the component called pyrite contained in a trace amount makes lapis lazuli a mysterious stone that connects with the sky and the universe. has fascinated people. In Japan, it is considered to be the birthstone for December, but since it is defined as the birthstone for September overseas, some people in Japan enjoy it as the birthstone for September.

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