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Purchase date: September 19, 2022

I sold Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli

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September 2022

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Lapis lazuli is mainly composed of lazurite, and has a deep blue color that shines like the night sky. It is the oldest mineral that has been used and has been considered a "sacred stone" since BC, and is the first natural stone in the world to be recognized as a "power stone". It is an old natural stone with a history that has been revered for its existence. Lapis lazuli is the birthstone for December, but there are many fans regardless of the birth month, so it is a natural stone that is distributed all over the world and is very popular in Japan, so we purchased it at a high price.

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Thank you very much for bringing the lapis lazuli pendant to Jewel Cafe. Thank you very much for coming to our store after researching our store on the internet because it was a birthday present from a person we used to date. We are very happy that you are happy with your purchase. Besides the lapis lazuli necklace, you mentioned that there are other necklaces with designs that you've grown tired of and rings that don't fit your size, so please bring them with you.

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Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for December. Lapis lazuli is a creative word that transcends nationality and ethnicity, meaning "lapis" meaning "stone" in Latin and "lazuli" meaning "blue" in Arabic. In Japanese, it is called lapis lazuli (lapis lazuli), and it is a stone that is a mixture of four types of minerals: zurite, awin, sodalite, and nozerite. The main production areas are Brazil, Afghanistan, Russia, and the United States, and it has a very long history. It is said to have the power to attract all kinds of good luck, and is counted as one of the seven treasures (gold, silver, lapis lazuli, coral, amber, mantis shrimp, and agate). In addition, it is considered a "sacred stone" and is said to have the power to enhance insight and decision-making, remove evil thoughts from the heart, and bring good luck and success.

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