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Purchase date: January 17, 2022

We bought some Coach bags!

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January 2022

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Our customer brought these items about 7 years ago in United States America as she worked there before. For daily use, she only use the black Coach tote bag, however, she still take a good care of the items which is not a big deal for cleaning process. The rest she only wear for special events such as wedding celebrations. Most of the time she only keep the items in her cupboard, which until now these items are also still in a good condition. The designs are popular designs which is why we are able to purchase the items with the best price.

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Café Aeon Bukit Mertajam. The items we brought this time are Michael Kors bag, 2 Coach bags and 1 Coach wallet. All them have different designs and colors as they are different models. The MK bag definitely will make anyone who wear it looks elegant, more bright and attractive as the bag color is red. The peach color Coach bag on the other hand, has a big space inside the bag and suitable for women who have a lot of things to carry in the bag such as make-up necessities and hand sanitizer, but still looks confident using the bag. The black tote Coach bag can suit with many outfits and the wearer looks stylish with the bag even if they need to have a quick preparation before going out. The wallet with the 'C' signature design for Coach brands also is popular for men and women which also has a high purchase amount. That is why we encourage any of our customers who have branded items at home can come and show us the items for free assessment.

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Coach is a brand that most people know because it has a very high ownership rate. This is the reason why Coach brand are loved by everyone because of their affordable price, wide variety of designs, ease of use and resistance to breakage. New designs are released every season, character collaboration products are also developed. As for Michael Kors brand, from their accessories to their clothing to their fragrances, their products are made from the highest qualities materials using the best craftsmanship around. MK product is definitely a luxury one, built to last and make the wearer feel incredible. At Jewel Café Aeon Bukit Mertajam, we buy Coach and MK brands in a relatively easy-to-purchase price range. We are very excited and look forward for customers to visit our outlet.

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