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Purchase date: December 24, 2021

I Bought Different Gold Grade Of Rings With Stone

K14 Gold

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December 2021

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We purchased many different gold grade of rings from customers who live in Pulau Pinang! At Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam Store we brought all the precious metals that are no longer use. Customer bought it when he was in the bubble economy, and at that time he wore it almost every day. As expected, it seems that it has been stored for a long time without using it now. The gold market getting higher now, so I brought it with me. There were many grades such as 20-karat gold, 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and 9-karat gold. All of these rings attached with various type of stone which is Ruby, Pearl, Jade, Sapphire and Diamond. Most of other place won't buy jewelries with stone. But here, at Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam, we still can offer you high price for the material!

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Thank you for visiting Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam. We also bought a lot of precious metals, jewelry and gems! Currently, the gold purchase price is soaring. Jewel Cafe, including the Bukit Mertajam store, has the industry's largest and customer satisfaction of 250 directly managed stores, and has expanded overseas widely, realizing high-priced gold purchases by establishing various sales channels. Please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful staff at Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam. Professional staff will carefully assess important items to satisfy our customers! In addition to the ring's sold this time, we will also purchase an old and broken jewelry. There is nothing wrong with a broken necklace, a distorted ring, or a stoned object. We purchase even from one small single earring. If you have any unwanted precious metals, you can sell them at a high price at Jewel Cafe Bukit Mertajam.

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What stones are used in gold jewelry? These are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. All other stones are termed as semiprecious gemstones. Precious metal jewelry making includes gold, white gold, silver, platinum and bronze molds. If you’re opting for precious gemstones then you can have these encrusted with Sapphires, Emeralds, rubies, jades, diamonds and real pearls. Stones that are considered semi-precious in nature are garnets, tourmalines, lapis lazuli, aquamarines, amethysts, moonstone, tanzanite, zircons, topaz, opals, turquoise, tourmalines etc.

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