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Purchase date: January 6, 2022

I bought Omega De Ville!


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January 2022

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I bought an Omega De Ville. It was purchased and used at a department store about 10 to 20 years ago, but it hasn't been used for a while. It seems that accessories such as boxes, guarantee cards, and extra pieces were thrown away, so there wasn't one. The Omega De Ville that you have been waiting for is immovable and has a feeling of use as a whole, and there are minor scratches in daily life and deterioration was seen, but since it is an Omega De Ville, I will charge it and it will be a reasonable amount. It became a purchase. He liked to collect watches from various brands, and he has a lot of them.

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At Jewel Café AEON Bukit Mertajam, we assess and purchase an OMEGA watch. If you have any accessories such as boxes, guarantee cards, and frames, please bring them with you. In addition to Omega's De Ville, we also purchase Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Constellation. OMEGA watches that have been bought but have not been overhauled and have been left unfinished, and OMEGA antique watches that have a feeling of use are also welcome. However, items that are broken and have no parts may not be purchased. In addition to brand watches, we also buy jewelry and branded items. You will need to show your IC if you wish to sell, so please bring it with you.

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De Ville is a historic model born in 1960. Initially released as part of the Seamaster lineup, it became an independent collection in 1967 and became a popular OMEGA dress watch. Originally the Seamaster was developed as a thin diver's watch, but the diver's watch and the dress watch have different uses, and the watch world at that time was more focused on the dress watch than the sports watch, so it was equipped with elegance and elegance. De Ville is said to have become independent as a thin dress watch. De Ville's simple, timeless design and classic style have gained a lot of support regardless of age or gender, and demand continues to grow even in the heyday of sports watches. The OMEGA De Ville is a very popular watch in the second-hand market, partly because of its universal design.

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