Is the cash from selling gold subject to tax? All the answer related to tax when selling gold! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 30, 2023

Is the cash from selling gold subject to tax? All the answer related to tax when selling gold! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Is gold also taxed?


Yes, if there are sales then there is tax.


Can you explain more about it.


Sure, to know more please read..

The gold that is sold to the purchaser, the amount of income will be generated.
Is the cash from selling gold subject to tax?
The relationship between gold purchase and taxation will be introduced to you here!

Whenever a sale is established, there is a tax
The tax calculation of personal income from gold sales (called personal temporary trade income) is as follows:

“For-profit businesses typically buy products from other profitable businesses, and they should either obtain unified invoices or do away with the standard receipts from the unified invoice industry. It is different from general personal purchases. You must get a receipt from the person issuing it, deposit the money into the account, and notify the IRS of the personal temporary trade information declaration.”

“The provisions of the Income Tax Law on calculating the income of profit-making enterprises are the basis for the income calculation. Currently, the temporary trade income is included in the comprehensive income tax declaration of profit income and calculated at 6% of sales income.”

Here are the frequently asked questions about gold trading:

• Do I need to file taxes for selling gold?
Every transaction needs to be reported to the IRS.

• How much tax do I have to pay?
The amount of tax due depends on the taxpayer’s yearly income and the method used to declare it; it cannot be unified. What we can say is that the result of multiplying the amount you sold by 6% will be included in your income.

• What would happen if I didn’t file my taxes?
Since every person has a unique circumstance, you can ask the IRS for a detailed response. You should still make an honest declaration!

• Doesn’t gold have tax allowances that can be declared?
Regardless of whether it is gold or not, and regardless of the amount of sale, each sale amount must be declared.

• Why is this not in my income list?
This section has to do with how the IRS functions. You should still make the decision to declare along with the receipt when you submit your tax return in May.

• Why is there a profit from you in my income list?
“Temporary trade income” belongs to personal profit income in the income classification of the IRS!

• I accidentally lost the “Temporary Trade Information Declaration Form” receipt, what should I do?

Please contact the store you sold at that time and leave your full name and contact information; we will contact you after confirmation.


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