Rolex Submariner Black Water Ghost 116610LN and Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Water Ghost 116610LV | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 24, 2023

Rolex Submariner Black Water Ghost 116610LN and Rolex Submariner Hulk Green Water Ghost 116610LV | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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In the watch industry, Rolex can always generate a flurry of themes.

Every year, on the eve of the debut of a new Rolex model, there is always turmoil and unrest among whole businesses and even watch aficionados owing to variables such as prior projections and market swings. 2020 is not just a year of interconnected societal situations; it is also a notable day in the watch business on September 1st! Because this is the day when Rolex will release a new model! Rolex posted a new product teaser on their official website before the publication date, and many people expected that: Is the Submariner series the center of this revision–as predicted, this is a guess! (While some photographs have circulated on the market, they cannot be claimed until they are published…) The Submariner series, including calendar and non-calendar models, will be the focus of the revamp, as planned. As a result, we are pretty certain that the watch will become a collector’s item. And it’s the model with the new warranty card for 2020! This article will assess the trend of the new Rolex Submariner series watch models for readers, while keeping an eye on future rarity and market trends.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN / 116610LV will be discontinued?

The Submariner series debuted in 2010 and has been in production for ten years. It is Rolex’s most recognizable diving watch. Although this watch is short-lived, it has two primary varieties, notably the black water ghost and the green water ghost/hulk, which have been called by watch enthusiasts. Because of its popularity, the market for this watch is rather large, and its market value has been reasonably consistent.

Product Specification

Production Period: 2010 ~
Case Size: Diameter 40mm x Thickness 13mm
Movement: 3135 Automatic movement
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Luminous: Chromolight
Water Resistant: 300 meter

The price is generally consistent, and it is a sporty Rolex model that has remained popular. Because of the general high market price in recent years, the market for 116610 has been rising since 2012. (With the exception of the impact of the Japanese currency’s rise in early 2016, the price decreased just once.) Furthermore, numerous Rolex watches have established a new record for the highest price in history in 2019. Of course, this watch has not lagged behind, keeping up with the market’s rapid rise. The growing velocity is especially strong in the Submariner series calendar green water ghost 116610LV.

The 116610LV is a high-tech diving watch with a green bezel and dial. This green is the Rolex brand color and signifies the Rolex brand value. This watch’s predecessor, Ref.16610LV, has the same green bezel. Rolex introduced the first green bezel commemorative edition, ref.16619LV, to commemorate the Submariner series’ 50th anniversary in 2003. However, there were numerous speculations at the time regarding the completion of the research and development of the green water ghost, which was the 116610LV that was published shortly thereafter.

In terms of style, the 116610LV not only retreads the dial to green, but also uses green Cerachrom ceramics to construct the bezel, demonstrating its one-of-a-kind elegance. Riding the trend of this price growth, I anticipate that the price of this watch will continue to rise beyond 2020. It might potentially reach the previous peak before 2019. And the reason is because of speculations of an abrupt cessation.

For a long time, Rolex has had several long-lasting, best-selling watches. In terms of brand design, it is based primarily on the continuance of the original design of the first representative model, not only to polish the trademark of the specific watch once more, but also to update the function and texture. This is one of the Rolex trademark qualities. When a watch is improved, the model changes (some are merely minor alterations), and the market for discontinued and out-of-print previous versions rises proportionately. This is a unique Rolex phenomenon in the watch business. Of course, such a thing is unlikely to occur, but rumors will always result in phenomena such as market observation of discontinued watches and concentration of purchases of watches that may be discontinued. This is also indelible fact.

Submariner 116610LV is now experiencing a similar issue, and I expect 116610LN will follow suit. Because 2020 corresponds with the tenth anniversary of the sale of the existing models in the series, speculations about ceased production first surfaced in this series. Previously, the Submariner series was changed throughout time, usually every 10 years. Furthermore, despite Rolex’s recent commitment to upgrading its watches to the 32 series movement, the mechanism for the calendar three-hand watch has not been upgraded. As a result, many people wonder whether Rolex will adopt the 116610 series first…!

As previously stated, Rolex launched a new trailer on the official website on August 26th, six days before the debut of the new work, as a pre-heat for the impending new release. Of course, the information about the new watch remains strictly classified and has not been fully revealed. But, after viewing this video, it’s virtually certain that the new watch is part of the Submariner line, right? Although the Sea Dweller or Deepsea series may be surprising, because they were altered in 2017 and 2018, respectively, it is claimed that Rolex should not be the two series in 2020 when the time is so close.

As everyone knows, Tudor, Rolex’s sister company, launched its new work for 2020 ahead of schedule on July 1st, which is the new color of the Black Bay 58 series-navy blue. Tudor’s current primary range is very different from Rolex’s, yet the two companies are still very connected. In 2018, the two companies also created GMT versions with red and blue bezels (dubbed “Pepsi Circle” by watch lovers). As a result, many people believe that Rolex and Tudor will unveil a new generation of Submariner series in the same year.

Rolex has announced the latest Submariner watch! [Updated on 1st September 2020]

The new Submariner series diving watch, which was introduced on September 1st, is undoubtedly the new dive watch! The models shown in the photograph are the 126610LV and 126610LN. At first sight, there appears to be no difference, however the case diameter has increased from 40mm to 41mm, a complete 1mm! Since the 1950s, the case size of the Submariner has remained at 40mm, and the majority of the sporty Rolex watches were initially 40mm. Although we do not know the importance of Rolex’s 1mm case expansion, it is certain that this change will make a significant difference between the old and new models. The essential point is that the new watch’s lugs have become more thinner, making the entire watch seem elegant. Although the size of the entire watch has increased, this new watch is reminiscent of the classic old watch of the past 5-digit model.

The new 126610LV of the Green Water Ghost this time, the dial design has also returned to the black dial of the 16610LV period, it is unquestionably a must-have! The current Green Water Ghost 116610LV was formerly known as “Hulk” (an American Marvel hero), but it is now known as the large frog Komi (a Sesame Street toy). At the same time, the movement incorporates the most recent 3235 automated winding mechanism. We don’t know when 116610 will be discontinued; of sure, it will be out of print, but Rolex hasn’t said anything about it so yet. As a result, both old and new models may be marketed concurrently, although the time will not be too long. In other words, 116610LV / 116610LN will stop supply one day.

The latest Submariner no date 124060 Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Of course, the Submariner 114060 is also updated at the same time. The Rolex Submariner 124060 is not only the focal point of Rolex’s latest model, but also the main character in the trailer. It is the first non-calendar three-hand watch with a new generation of caliber 3230 automated winding mechanism, as well as the first with a 41mm casing. It is unclear whether it, like the calendar approach, would be phased out quickly. As previously said, even if the old and new models are sold concurrently, the period will not be too long.

Furthermore, although I haven’t seen the finished product, the redesigned Submariner series appears to be considerably different from the original model. This is completely out of control. If the new model is identical to the previously described Deepsea or the Yacht-Master introduced last year, with no substantial differences in appearance, the market circumstances of the new and old models will be similar. This iteration, on the other hand, has not only modified the size, but also the dial color of the green model. As a result, market demand for both new and old models is expected to rise significantly at the same time.

Upgrade to rare model

Submariner calendar type 116610LV / 116610LN with new warranty card

In the content of the previous section, we mentioned the “new/old market conditions”.

It is hard to make any forecasts because the new product has not yet been introduced (although it used to be on sale immediately after it was published). However, there are some vintage timepieces that are bound to become scarce and whose value will skyrocket. That is the updated warranty card for the watch. The warranty card for Rolex will evolve with the times. The first option is a written warranty. A plastic warranty card is now the most prevalent type of warranty card on the market. Because insurance cards in card form are quite popular, the market for new and old Daytona 116520 was distinct. However, Rolex’s decision to extend the warranty card in 2020 drastically changed the market position. Rumors about new insurance cards began to circulate on international social networks at the start of 2020. The focus was substantially intensified following the acquisition of items in Japan around May. Furthermore, beginning in July, for every dollar spent at a Rolex boutique, a fresh new warranty card will be attached, and this warranty card has gradually began to circulate in the market. However, not everyone is pleased with the new warranty card.

Indeed, the new warranty card is more trendy than in the past, and the information is created electronically, so there is no need to fill out the time-consuming application form. When you purchase a new watch, you will be given a warranty card right away. The buyer (and area code, dealer shop name) fields that were only accessible on the old warranty card have been removed, leaving only the serial number, model, and date of purchase information. For some watch enthusiasts, the thrill of shopping at a boutique appears to have faded. This is the voice of certain watch enthusiasts. However, because of the incredibly low quantity of new warranty cards and old cards issued by the government, watches with new warranty cards are still extremely rare.

Due to the uncommon association, the price of the watch with the new warranty card will be greater than the standard model in Daytona’s instance. Of course, as the number of new insurance cards issued grows, their scarcity will diminish. Although this rarity will have an impact on the market, the high price produced by the new warranty card cannot be sustained for long, unless it is a discontinued watch.

The sales time of the discontinued watches was less than one year after the new warranty card was released (Rolex is adept at secrecy, and we have no means of knowing the precise date when the new warranty card was put on the market). Domestic boutiques should have a sales period of 1 to 2 months for discontinued timepieces with new warranty cards. We don’t know when Submariner 116610LV / 116610LN / 114060 will be phased out. However, I feel that day is not far off. If everything goes as planned, the discontinued model with the updated warranty card will become a rare object in the eyes of watch aficionados and will be passed on.

We will explain the current market trend of this type of Submariner watch as following content.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN/116610LV 2020 market trend survey

Then, describe the present market condition for the new Submariner series goods. The market demand for the 116610LN and 116610LV grew once Rolex released the new versions. The most notable model is the Rolex Submariner ‘HULK’ calendar model. From the first day of the new work, The parallel input price of 116610LV’s new product has been extremely exorbitant and difficult to get from the eve of its release. Even though it is a second watch, the market price is not lower as long as the quality is good. The rate of price growth is undeniably a “surge.” Following that, we shall discuss the market status of Submariner 114060 without a calendar.

The era in which 114060 was referred to be a “low-cost Rolex watch” has past. Prices that surpass pricing have been the standard since 2019. Furthermore, several watch makers had to temporarily stop their operations after May 2020 owing to limited Rolex manufacturing (in reaction to the COVID-19 nations declaring an emergency and implementing lockdown). According to one expert, Rolex’s yearly output has decreased by at least 12%), while the demand for this watch has increased in a flash. 116610LN is now quite popular on the market, whether new or used. Yes, lower manufacturing is a major element in the current increase in the market for Rolex watches. The scarcity issue is serious but the market is still out of stock.

Rolex still has a means to officially promote the new Submariner series and the imminent debut at this time? A situation like this is expected to quadruple the market quotes of older models (rumor has it that the quotations are already surging skyward). As previously said, if the difference between the new and old models is not significant, the problem may not progress in this manner. But one thing is clear. That is, sellers who suddenly hold Submariner series watches will benefit from a flood of exceptional sales prospects. This is the current market pricing for either the 116610 or 114060 series.

For example, if someone buys 116610LV at a set price in 2019, he will very certainly be able to sell it for a reasonable price on the secondary market. Of course, the price will vary depending on the condition of the watch and whether or not the accessories are included. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for sellers. Don’t pass up this opportunity to save money!


Since Rolex has introduced new models, the well-known 116610LN/116610LV and 114060 will be phased out. This page describes in full the models that come with the new warranty card. Furthermore, there are reports that numerous watches in the Rolex catalog may be discontinued. Consider the Rolex Explorer II series. Furthermore, as a result of the new Submariner Date calendar diving watch, the market trends of the gold steel models 116613LB and 116613LN, as well as the pure gold models, are eye-catching. The next Rolex release date is January 2021. This page will continue to update with any new information!


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