Who can save the supply of gold? “Aqua regia” | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date published: November 5, 2020

Who can save the supply of gold? “Aqua regia” | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Except from China, gold production in global mines has been declining. It is now foreseeable that gold mining will be exhausted. The increase in China’s gold production in recent years has only been temporary. As the current demand for gold on the market far exceeds the supply, the imbalance between supply and demand continues.

The most acidic liquid in the world, “Aqua regia”, can even dissolve gold!

The so-called aqua regia is known as the “liquid that can dissolve most of the metals in the world” and is the most acidic liquid in the world. The only thing that aqua regia does not dissolve is silver. However, this ability to dissolve metals other than silver allows aqua regia to be used in various fields.

The origin of “Aqua regia”

Aqua regia has a long history. It was invented in 800 AD by an Arab Muslim scientist, Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan. It can be said that the alchemy that flourished in Europe later sprouted because of the invention of aqua regia. Even in modern times, aqua regia is used in various fields. As soon as Wang Shuifu came out, he was praised as an epoch-making invention. We can also say this: Because it is a modern and advanced technology, it can highlight how outstanding the invention of aqua regia is.

The light of hope: gold recycling

Gold is also used in manufacturing. However, once industrial products are discarded, the gold used on the products will also be discarded. It is conceivable that under this cycle, the gold in the market will decrease year by year. And because the price of gold continues to soar, it can be said to be a difficult period for the manufacturing industry that uses gold as a raw material. At this time, the aqua regia can help curb the price of gold.

The gold used in industrial products (especially circuit boards) can be dissolved by aqua regia and restored again, thus avoiding the continuous decrease of gold on the market. The worrying problem of gold reduction is due to the recycling method of aqua regia, which has transformed the waste into the hope of gold recycling supply.

“Urban Mine”

The waste destination of industrial products has always been very fixed, that is, waste disposal sites. Today, these waste disposal sites are sometimes called urban mines. As the name suggests, urban mines refer to mines located in cities, which are rich in various metal resources to be recycled and reused by people.

However, urban mines are not fool proof. The process of sorting gold and other metals requires a lot of manpower and is not cost-effective, so it is difficult to implement.

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