Acquisition market for 2020 Rolex Submariner Series. Must know before selling your Rolex!! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 23, 2023

Acquisition market for 2020 Rolex Submariner Series. Must know before selling your Rolex!! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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The diving watch of the Submariner series is particularly representative in sophisticated mechanical watches and is also one of the most renowned watches among numerous Rolex watches. Since its inception in 1953, the Submariner series diving watch has experienced several changes and advances, and it has proven to be extremely popular among watch enthusiasts. In this post, we shall discuss the iconic Submariner series watches as well as particular market situations.

※The information published in this article is the market price of the relevant watch as of September 2020.

Rolex Submariner 116610LN acquisition market

Production period: 2010 to present

The Submariner 116610LN and Explorer I series are mirror images of each other, and it is a favorite sports watch among Rolex fans. The athletic look and basic black design are quite popular among Japanese people. In addition to its gorgeous beauty that makes it impossible to look away, the 116610LN is also highly appealing as a diving watch due to its strong waterproof feature of up to 300 meters. The consumer does not need to be concerned about waterproofing, and it may be worn and utilized on any occasion. The 60-minute scale unidirectional rotating outer ring equipped with 116610LN has been updated from the normal aluminum bezel of the previous 11660 to a ceramic bezel, which not only considerably enhances longevity but also looks better. Submariner 116610LN prices have been steadily rising in recent years, and the trend is concerning. Although demand has already decreased owing to new crown pneumonia and the publication of new Submariner series works, the price is projected to climb again in September 2020. In today’s extremely hot market, it might be argued that now is the perfect moment to sell. In contrast, while some believe that with the release of the new 126610LN, demand for the 116610LN would fall, the current design differs from the previous by expanding the case size (from 40mm to 41mm). As a result, it is doubtful that market demand for 116610LN would disappear and a higher transaction price will emerge.

Overwhelming value of resale

Submariner watches come in a variety of designs, including the “green water ghost” with an emerald green bezel and the “blue water ghost” with a blue face. The black 116610LN classic calendar, on the other hand, has the highest resale value. Fans from all around the world like this watch, which has a very high resale value. In other words, it is not only of undeniable flawless quality, but it will support you even if you readjust the watch because it is a very durable classic watch.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV acquisition market

Period of production: 2010 to present

116610LV employs emerald green, one of the company’s flags, to represent Rolex. Its fundamental specifications are nearly identical to 116610LN (the black variant), but the selling price is lower; the only difference is the color. While other Rolex watches have maintained their eye-popping prices, 116610LV remains the most expensive. Both the market and purchase prices are rising substantially. Furthermore, like the 116610LN, the current green water ghost 116610LV has a black dial, which is extremely unique in appearance from the green dial 116610LV, but it is believed that the price of 116610LV will fall owing to the entrance of new works, but it may remain in the future. A consistent supply of market demand. It is commonly used that this cycle of gains could fade eventually over time, so now is probably the best time if you want to sell at the highest price possible.

Difficult to obtain so prices soared

Why is the price of 116610LV skyrocketing? Of course, one of the causes is a lack of supply, but the fundamental explanation is customers’ “explosive purchasing.” It is immensely popular overseas, particularly in China, and has many ardent admirers. The attractiveness of the green water ghost is clear owing to a lack of availability, which causes a concern about the excessive scarcity of items. When the shortage of items on the market began to increase, the selling price of 116610LV grew substantially in a short period of time.

Rolex Submariner 114060 Acquisition market

Period of production: 2012 to present

Submariner 114060 is a reasonably straightforward watch in the line. It lacks a cyclops lens. The minimalist dial appeals to watch aficionados who prefer simple timepieces. It’s also a popular model among customers looking for the best deal on a water ghost family watch, as it’s less expensive than the calendar model. The newest acquisition industry trend of 114060 is similar to the calendar model in terms of resale value. Since 2016, the stock price has increased, as has the price of most current models. As of June 2020, its share price has reached an all-time high. The new crown pneumonia led its price to fall for a short time between March and May 2020, but its market remained stable after September with the introduction of the new Submariner series, perfectly achieving the so-called ‘V-reply’.

Rolex Submariner 16610 acquisition market

Period of production: 1989–2010

Submariner 16610 is a calendar model from the Submariner series that was subsequently succeeded by 116610. Both the old and new variants have a 40 mm case size, a 3135 self-winding movement, and a waterproof function of up to 300 meters. Because the essential characteristics are nearly identical, the difference is practically imperceptible to those who are unfamiliar with Rolex watches. However, if you examine these two watches attentively, you will notice that 16610 is thinner in the general “hands, lugs, crown guards, dotted hour markers” design than 116610LN, and the whole impression is quite tidy. Because the 16610 has been selling successfully for 20 years, there will be subtle changes, which is also a feature of this watch, between people manufactured in different years. To begin, the lugs in the version following the F prefix have no holes (the individual lugs before the F prefix had holes), and the inner circle writing has been present since 2007. As the general demand for Rolex climbed, so did the selling price of 16610. Even in 2018, the rally has not stopped. The surge of escalating prices for this watch finally lasted, and by September 2020, its acquisition market had broken the previous one’s record. Furthermore, the need for 16610 is unaffected by the most recent crown pneumonia release.

Minor differences do not affect evaluation

The 16610 was manufactured and sold from 1989 to 2010. At each point, there are slight differences in the versions due to the long production period.

・The difference of luminous paint (transition from Tritium luminous dial to Luminova luminous dial)
・Is there any inner ring lettering
・Is there any crown logo watermark
・Differences in buckle   etc.

If these models are marketed for a long time, a unique person may emerge, but there are no such individuals on the market. Even with the aforementioned variances, the selling price will not vary significantly, and may be slightly pricier than newer models from previous years.

Watches that may increase in value in the future

Because the present selling price of 16610 is about in line with the consumer’s age, the following models have the potential to add value in the future. There are three models here:

[Single folding clasp with Tritium luminous paint]

The first is the Tritium bright dial with a single folding clasp. This criterion is achievable if the manufacturing time is earlier than 1988. As long as it adheres to this criterion, there will be significant room for improvement in the future. As a result, if you own a watch that meets these criteria, you must thoroughly investigate it before selling it.

[The dial labelled as Tritium, but is Luminova in fact]

There is a 16610 with Luminova luminous paint, however the dial is marked with Tritium luminous paint. This distinction associated to bright paint may also raise the individual’s worth.


The new watch is labeled “SWISS MADE” below 6 o’clock, however there have been versions with simply the name “SWISS” in the past. These “ONLY SWISS” folks are quite unusual. This version is only used after ‘T SWISS’ in the transition period, and its development dates back to a very early and brief year.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV acquisition market

Period of production: 1989–2010

So far, the preceding Green Water Ghost 16610LV generation has maintained a high degree of popularity. The current six-digit standard 116610LV is represented not only by the bezel, but also by the emerald green dial, whereas the preceding generation 16610LV is represented by a black dial. In addition to the crucial marketing theme, there are a number of uncommon models that are more rare than other types. Even after it ceased manufacturing, it was able to maintain a respectable reputation, which resulted in escalating price trends. Due to recurring shortages, its scarcity also permits it to continue to develop more market demand. What’s more striking is the price disparity it causes. The purchasing price in 2013 was likewise less than half of the buying price in 2020. In only five years, the price of this watch has more than doubled. Seeing this, I’m sure readers can still sense how popular 16610LV is. Furthermore, with the announcement of new Submariner series releases in 2020, demand for 16610V has already begun to skyrocket. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance for readers who wish to sell their books at a premium price.

Rare model among 16610LV Flat 4

There are two well-known unusual variants among the 16610LV: “Flat 4” and “Wide Spacing SWISS MADE”. The purchase price for one of the features, or the edition with both, is significantly greater than the general style; readers should not overlook it.

【Flat 4】

Flat 4 is the first “Y”, “F” prefix number table to be constructed, and it can only be seen via this function. The “40” on the bezel is worth highlighting. Much like the literal meaning of the term “Flat 4,” the top of the word “4” is separate from the pointing end of the general model, and the top line is longer, resulting in flat 4.

[SWISS MADE Wide-kerning]

The 16610LV also has a “wide kerning SWISS MADE” function. This feature is quite prevalent in early-manufactured devices. This is true if the “SWISS MADE” written at 6 o’clock at the bottom of the dial is somewhat broader than the regular edition.

Rolex Submariner 14060M acquisition market

Period of production: 2000to2012

“The general features are nearly similar to the new ones, but the overall “hands, lugs, crown shoulders, dotted hour markers” design is smaller than the 114060.” The identical modifications may be seen in both the new and old date sections. The 14060M design is thinner than the present 114060, and it is the simplest and most attractive of all the Submariner family watches.

The market price of 14060M has likewise increased as the Rolex market has risen. Its value broke a previous record high in the summer of 2018, and the market selling price established a new record again at this time in September 2020. Because there is no such eye-catching watch in the 14060M series as the Green Water Ghost, the better the person, the higher the price. The non-date variants, with their balanced and attractive design, maintain a pretty steady market in the trade market.

Rolex Submariner 5513 acquisition market

The industrial purchase of Submariner 5513 has undergone explosive development in recent years. This 5513-water ghost, classified as a vintage Rolex, has a very high ranking among watch lovers and is a well-known watch on the market. The 5513-water ghost is one of the best, and it is also one of the oldest Rolex models. Its average selling price in 2015 was just under $100,000, and it is expected to more than fivefold by 2020. Retail rates have increased fivefold in only five years, and the rate of growth is astounding.

It is impossible to determine the precise selling price before viewing the actual product, because the pricing of this watch would be drastically different from the actual product. In any event, the current selling price of this watch is likewise rather exorbitant. I expect the high price of the 5513 to remain consistent with the rising pricing of Submariner series watches.

Submariner 5513 A particularly high-value watch

5513 is the longest-selling model in the history of the Rolex Submariner line, having been on the market for over 30 years. It was originally introduced in 1962 and was afterwards discontinued until 1989. During this time, it has experienced several alterations and evolutions, and numerous varieties have been generated. Because it is an antique watch, the buying price fluctuates greatly depending on the state of the watch itself; nonetheless, the earlier the year of manufacture, the rarer the person, and therefore the higher the purchase price.

【Acrylic Mirror】

This acrylic mirror dial, which has a distinctive “shining mirror-like luster,” is only available in historical models manufactured before 1967. It not only has a dazzling brilliance, but it also has a golden logo and inscription. The 5513 with this dial is more expensive than the 5513 in general. If the condition is kept in good enough shape, it would be quite attractive for the asking amount.

【Matte Dial Meter First】

The 5513-version made after 1967 has a matte dial with a matte finish. The matte dial comes in three varieties: original, mid-term, and late-stage. The primary edition has the highest value. The phrase “SUBMARINER” is etched on the bottom line at 6 o’clock on the first matte dial. The purchase of this 5513 model is based on real conditions. Prices might vary dramatically. Furthermore, the 5513 with the original matte dial would still be called Meter First on the market, so be wary.


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