Comparison of Chanel Matelasse Sizes – Price List and Types of Materials | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: November 27, 2023

Comparison of Chanel Matelasse Sizes – Price List and Types of Materials | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


I’m interested in Chanel Matelasse, but what are the sizes that are available in the market?


There’s a wide range of sizes available. Each size exudes a different impression.


You’re right! I would like to know more about what sizes are available!


Well, let me introduce you to this timeless piece of handbag in terms of size, materials, and colors!

If you’re in the market for a luxury handbag to add to your closet, only a few brands rival the quality and style of Chanel Matelasse. The classic bag embodies all high-fashion standards in sophistication, uniqueness, elegance, and versatility. It is an excellent fit for strong and independent women.

In addition to being an attractive fashion accessory, the Chanel Matelasse also comes in different sizes, much to the admiration of many fashion enthusiasts. Each size exudes a unique impression, and comparing the sizes gives you an idea of what will suit your style. This will be our focus in this post.

Here, we will attempt a comparative analysis of the Chanel Matelasse bag sizes and show you the price list and the types of materials used for producing each bag. But before we dive into that, what is the Chanel Matelasse, and what are its notable features?

Chanel Matelasse: Everything You Need to Know About the Iconic Fashion Accessory

Whenever a conversation ensues about Chanel high-fashion products, the classic Chanel Matelasse handbag is one of the first products that comes to mind. The Chanel Matelasse is a timeless fashion accessory that complements the various styles of strong and independent women from across the world.

The Chanel Matelasse is a popular product whose name gives away some unique characteristics. For example, ‘Matelasse’ is a French word that implies quilting – the bag’s most noticeable feature. While it’s true that other brands have their Matelasse design and collection, Chanel’s design is unique.

The quilting process takes a diamond-shaped pattern with diagonal stitching across the exterior of the Chanel bag. Besides the beauty and elegance of this bag, its unique design distinguishes it from the brand and other brand’s Matelasse collections.

For example, Chanel’s chocolate bar bag also has a Matelasse design. Its quilting process takes simple vertical and horizontal stitching. Although the two bags exhibit the ideals of Coco Chanel, the classic Chanel Matelasse is a finer and more elegant option between the two.

For example, Chanel’s chocolate bar bag also has a Matelasse design. Its quilting process takes simple vertical and horizontal stitching. Although the two bags exhibit the ideals of Coco Chanel, the classic Chanel Matelasse is a finer and more elegant option between the two.


Even with the same quilting process, the impression changes just by changing the direction of the stitches.


If you are looking for an elegant bag, choose Matelasse, and if you are looking for something cute, choose Choco Bar.

While the aesthetic appeal of the bag is already established, its functionality needs mentioning. The bag is highly functional, with a decent storage capacity and stress-free handling. The bag slightly differs from the conventional way handbags were handled when it was introduced in 1929. With its shoulder chain, users can free up both hands while carrying the bag on the side or across the body.

What is the Size Range of the Chanel Matelasse

As we mentioned in the opening section of this post, the Chanel Matelasse comes in different sizes. Each size has a unique impression that suits different occasions and personalities. Below is a highlight of some of the sizes and possible styling:

Matelassé 20 ( Mini Matelassé)

The Mini Matelasse is the smallest version of the Chanel Matelasse collection. The bag exudes the elegance and sophistication of all of Chanel’s products. It’s suitable for occasions where you don’t need to carry so much content due to its modest size and storage capacity. Users can wear it on their side or diagonally across the body.  

The Mini Matelasse DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 12cm x Width 20cm x Depth 6cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body

Matelassé 23

The Matelasse 23 is a slightly bigger version of the Mini but has a shorter shoulder chain than the Mini. It’s more selected because it’s not too big or too small. It’s more like the ideal handbag that’s perfect for different occasions. It has a storage capacity to take a long wallet and other smaller items. Its shoulder strap allows it to be worn diagonally.

The Matelasse 23 DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 14.5cm x Width 23cm x Depth 6cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body

Matelassé 25

The Matelasse 25 is the most selected version of the Chanel Matelasse collection. Much like its sisters, it also fits different occasions and fashion sense. But it has one over them in terms of storage capacity. You can have cosmetics, wallets, and smartphones in it without stressing even the smallest stitch.

The Matelasse 25 DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 15.5cm x Width 25.5cm x Depth 6.5cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body

Matelassé 28

The amazing fact about the Matelasse 28 is that despite being a bigger version, it retains a stylish appearance. It is most suitable for women who want a bag that’s not so big but gives a present and noticeable appearance. The bag’s gusset is also large, allowing for easy storage of items like phones, wallets, and a notebook, to mention a few.

The Matelasse 28 DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 28cm x Width 16cm x Depth 7cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body.

Matelassé 30 (Big Matelassé)

Everybody notices Matelasse 30 as soon as it enters a room. It takes the central attention of an outfit because of its significant presence provided by its size. The shoulder chain is long enough to hold its immense storage capacity and can be worn diagonally even if the length is doubled. This makes it a solid option for carrying a decent amount of items.

The Matelasse 30 DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 19.5cm x Width 30cm x Depth 10cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body

Matelassé 33 (Big Matelassé)

Matelasse 33 is the Deka Matelasse – the biggest size of the Chanel Matelasse collection. If you carry a lot of luggage for your daily endeavors, the Matelasse 33 is a good option. It can hold A4-sized files and other items. The chain is also long enough for the bag to be worn diagonally.

The Matelasse 33 DimensionPossible Styling Patterns
Height 23cm x Width 33cm x Depth 10cmIt can be worn on the side or across the body


You can wear it diagonally at any size!


Yes! Going hands-free is just one of the perks! Please choose the size that is suitable for your own!.

What are the Types of Materials Used for Producing Chanel Matelasse

Being a high-fashion brand, Chanel uses high-quality materials in producing its fashion items. The same goes for the classic Chanel Matelasse bag, made from various quality materials. Some of these materials include the following:


The calfskin is a leather derived from the hide of a calf under three years of age. It is a high-quality material luxury brands use because of its durability, soft texture, and fine grain. Additionally, the calfskin is different from conventional leather made from older cows.

Some Chanel Matelasse leathers are derived from calfskin because of its quality. If you want to enjoy using the bag for an extended period, you must maintain it regularly. The bag’s light and smooth texture makes it responsive to polishing. So, the more you polish it, the shiner it looks.

Caviar Skin

Caviar skin is another high-quality material that the Chanel brand uses to produce some of its Matelasse bags. It is derived from pebbled calfskin to create a tougher leather than the one derived from lambskin.

Many fashion enthusiasts know the Chanel Matelasse is made from caviar skin. So, the common knowledge that caviar is highly durable assures them of the bag’s durability. It is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.


Lambskin is a popular production material for luxury items like bags. It is a leather derived from sheep less than one year of age. The grains found on lambskins are delicate and gentle, with a soft and silky feel.

It is one of the production materials used for the Chanel Matelasse bag collection. Unlike caviar or calfskin, the lambskin material can be damaged easily. So ensure you observe proper maintenance and gentle use. Ensure you also take it far from water and moisture contents. 


Tweed is a material derived from tightly woven wool with a soft and flexible texture. It comes in different colors, weaves, and weights, depending on what it’ll be used to produce. The tweed material for a bag isn’t prone to scratches as it ages well, almost turning into a leather material.

It is one of the materials used for producing the Chanel Matelasse collection. It can be suitable for those who like to break away from the norm by wearing something with unique production materials. 

Canvas Material

Canvas materials are woven fabrics derived from cotton or linen, depending on the item used. Canvas materials are generally known for their thickness and durability, so Chanel adopted them to produce some Chanel Matelasse bags.  

Compared to lambskin, calfskin, and caviar, canvas materials are generally easy to find. This is why the bags they are used for are relatively cheaper than others. But you have a wide selection of designs and colors if you want a Chanel Matelasse with this material.


Leather material has a luxurious feel, but the downside is that it is easily scratched.


If you are looking for something of high durability, choose a material that won’t scratch easily.

What are the Three Most Popular Colors of the Chanel Matelasse?

The Chanel Matelasse comes in various super attractive colors, but some of these colors are more popular than others. Below is a list of the popular colors and what makes them so popular:


Black has an enticing feel, making it the most selected color variant of any product. It is the most popular color of the Chanel Matelasse because it syncs perfectly with any outfit. Additionally, it syncs perfectly with the golden hardware on the bag, giving it a subtle yet luxurious feel. You can expect to pay a high price for it because of its high demand.


Beige is a unique color that gives off feminine cuteness, hence the reason for being one of the most popularly selected colors of the Chanel Matelasse. The golden Chanel logo that serves as the bag’s lock syncs well, giving it an elegant appearance. It requires careful use and maintenance because dirt is easily noticeable on it.


The pink color of the Chanel Matelasse is attractive because of its bright appearance. It is suitable for those who wear dark-colored outfits and those who want a different look from other people around them. While pink is a universal color, it’s more preferred by women, making it a popular choice for the bag. 


The classic black is the most popular.


The Chanel logo stands out and gives it a luxurious feel. Since it is popular, the resale value is also high.

Which Generation is Chanel Matelasse Suitable for? 

As you may have realized, Chanel Matelasse is an outstanding fashion item that suits many women. That is, Chanel Matelasse is suitable for women of all generations. So whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, you will find a Chanel Matelasse that’ll align with your age, personality, and fashion sense.

The bag was first introduced in 1929 and has remained relevant till today. This points to the fact that the design is timeless and is used by everyone, both young and elderly. So, if you want to get something you can use for a long time, we recommend the classic Chanel Matelasse.


Matelasse is elegant and seems to suit all generations.


Indeed, it is timeless, so you can use it for a long time.

What are the Prices of Chanel Matelasse?

As a luxury fashion item, the classic Chanel Matelasse prices are higher than other regular brands. This price has fluctuated over time, but below are the current prices per bag:

Product NameProduct NumberProduct Prices
The Classic HandbagA01112Approx. MYR 42,000
The Classic Small HandbagA01113Approx. MYR 39,000
The Classic Large HandbagA58600Approx. MYR 45,000
The Classic Maxi HandbagA58601Approx. MYR 48,000
The Top Handle Flap BagA92236Approx. MYR 29,000
The Top Handle Mini Flap BagAS2431Approx. MYR 23,000
The Vanity CaseAP2199Approx. MYR 13,000
The Small Vanity CaseAP2198Approx. MYR 12,000
The Large BackpackAS3662Approx. MYR 21,000


Matelasse has increased its prices significantly. It seems like it’s hard to get one.


That’s right. If you are not particular about buying new items, you may want to look for used items.

Can You Buy a Pre-Owned Chanel Matelasse?

You’ll realize from the above price list that you must spend quite some amount to acquire a new Chanel Matelasse. If the prices are unaffordable, consider buying a pre-owned item. Pre-owned items typically go for relatively lower prices compared to the new ones.

The logic behind the pricing is that the larger the bag size, the higher the price. But the more popular the size and model for pre-owned items, the higher the price. For instance, if you wish to get the Matelasse 25, you can expect to pay high for it because it’s one of the most popular sizes.

Whether you’re buying new or pre-owned, consider the purchase an investment. Chanel Matelasse has retained relevance for many years and is always in demand. So, if you ever decide to sell yours, you would recoup a reasonable amount from the sale. But is it possible to get a high price? The answer is Yes, and we will show you how.


The more popular the second-hand item is, the higher the price it will sell for.


If you choose popular sizes and materials, you can expect to get high prices in the future.

Practical Tips to Sell Chanel Matelasse at a High Price

You can recoup more money from selling your Chanel Matelasse by following proven strategies. Some of the strategies include the following:

Carry Out Small Maintenance

People have several reasons for selling their Chanel Matelasse. While some people do so to get extra funds to purchase a new one, others do so to remove the one they aren’t using from their closet.

Whatever your reasons are, ensure you carry out minor maintenance before you sell. If your bag looks neat, you stand a good chance of getting a high price. So, ensure you clean, polish, and repair damages on the bag before you sell.

Assemble All Accessories 

All Chanel products come in fine packaging containing the products and accessories. The same applies to the Chanel Matelasse as it has a warranty card, box, dust bag, and shoulder chain. Presenting these accessories at the point of sale can help you get a higher price.

The accessories prove you’re selling a genuine product with all valuable features. This is why keeping all the content that follows the bag’s package is essential.

Appraise the Item at Multiple Specialty Stores

Every store typically has different prices for goods; the same goes for how much they are willing to buy. This means that while some stores may buy low, others may be willing to buy high, depending on the value of the item offered for sale. But to determine who is ready to buy high, you must visit multiple stores.

Take your time with the first deal you get for your Chanel Matelasse. Visit multiple specialty stores to appraise the item and discover who will pay the highest. Once you find one, ensure you sell immediately.

Sell to Stores that Specialize in Brand Purchase

Avoid selling your Chanel Matelasse at any random store. Doing that may cause you to get a low fee for a valuable item. So, instead of doing that, visit a store that specializes in purchasing Chanel products to sell your Chanel Matelasse.

This type of store has appraisers who recognize the value of your item and are always willing to pay a reasonable amount for it. They also have skilled artisans who can repair the item if it requires it to look better. So, don’t shortchange yourself while selling your luxury bag.


When selling Matelasse, I would like to keep these points in mind!


Please note that the assessed value may change significantly.


The Chanel Matelasse is a fantastic choice for women who want an elegant and luxurious bag that lasts many years. These bags come in different sizes and are made with various high-quality materials, allowing you to choose what suits you. The best part is that if you buy it and decide to sell it after some time, you’ll get a good amount for it.


There are so many sizes to choose from that I can't decide, but I'm interested in the popular Matelasse 25. What do you think?


It's a popular size. You may be able to buy a used item cheaper than a new item.


I want to buy it as cheaply as possible, so I'm thinking of going to a store that specializes in purchasing it!


That's good.

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