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Purchase date: September 24, 2022

CHANEL Vintage 2.55 Red Varnished Bag we bought!


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September 2022

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The customer bought the bag years ago, and now since she has other bags, she intended to sell it before the condition becomes worse. She has surveyed other shops but found out that the estimation price was quite low because the material of the bag is varnished leather. She then agreed to sell as our price is a bit higher compared to others and we paid her in cash.

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Thank you for your best decision to sell your unused designer bag to us. We make sure to give you the best price and you'll get member's benefits in return which worth more than RM500 to be redeemed during your next visit. Don't wait until your branded items' condition becomes worse to sell, just come to us for free estimation to know how much is their resale price. We open everyday and located at AEON Taman Equine.

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CHANEL 2.55 bag is made of red patent leather with matt silver metal. It was manufactured in France in 2000-2002. The dimensions of the bag are 25cm x 15cm x 6cm which is spacious enough to put your things inside. It can be worn on the shoulder or crossed as the single strap is 112 cm and double 66 cm. Classic bag of the brand, its creation in "February 1955" hence it is known as Chanel 2.55.

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