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Updated : December 27, 2022

Current Demand for Luxury Watch 2022: Rolex 
Rolex Submariner

Rolex is the luxury watch equivalent of the gold standard. Fine watches collectors are eager to acquire the newest Rolex models.

Is it true that Rolex price could possibly go up in price? Yes, that’s true that Rolex could potentially go up in price for a longer period but no guarantees are given. While, the price is still up and the watches are popular in demand it’s better to sell it right? YES, NOW! Since we can never predict when an economic crisis will strike, it is best to act now before the value drops.

Whether you are a collector or a watch enthusiast, the pre-owned watch market is still very sturdy and will allow you to restore your investment. If you are in to flip for a profit, then you deserve what you get!

Where can you sell your Rolex? Easy. Please visit any of Jewel Cafe outlet to get free estimation and quotation. You will be welcome warmly with our staff.

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