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You are available to choose from 2 types of the acquisition!

We can accept and offer high value return in cash!

LINE Offer an exceptional price for your products!
We have a huge range for our acquisition!

[Do you accept these items?] Welcome to visit our outlet for more information.
Please use LINE estimation to appraise branded items.


The reason to choose Jewel Café

First in the industry and accepted over 1.7 million items!

  • Having the most pawn broking outlets in the worldHaving the most pawn broking outlets in the world

    We have more than 200 outlets in Japan. Jewel Café is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers in Malaysia.

  • High Return Value Offer very high price to trade your product to us

    Jewel Café is offering the higher value of your items compared with others.

  • Exceptionally high number of return customersExceptionally high number of return customers

    Higher repeat rate of customers due to our better offer, good customer service and cozy environment in Jewel Café.

  • On-the-spot instant appraisalOn-the-spot instant appraisal

    Jewel Café is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers. We appraise your items approximately 15 minutes and pay instant cash. You are welcomed to visit the nearest branch.

  • Free appraisal and deliveryFree appraisal and delivery

    The estimation and Home Delivery Acquisition Service is free of charge. You are welcomed to estimate your items with us. Welcomed to use the LINE estimation for free also.

  • Excellent and professionalExcellent and professional

    Exclusive privileges specially for you. We provide free jewelry cleaning service, member benefits, complimentary beverages, good quality customer service, and cozy environment.

Customer's comments feedback

STORE BASED Get instant cash with reasonable price for my gucci jackie bag

I am so lucky that I found this shop in AEON Bukit Mertajam! I already sold my Gucci Jackie bag to Jewel Café and got instant cash from it. extremely easy, I just walk in, and I do not have to make an appointment in advance. I got a special service from the jewel cafe staff and was greeted with a big smile. I am happy to get a reasonable price and get an instant cash. The environment is very cozy, and I am happy while waiting with free drinks and snack. Good job Jewel café Bukit Mertajam.

Dear lovely customer, thank you for your feedback.

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Dear lovely customer, thank you for your feedback.
Dear customers thank you for your feedback, we are happy and glad to know that you are happy and satisfied with our service. Yeah Jewel café is very convenient, you can come directly to the store and no need to make appointment, we are ready to help and appraisal your item well and professionally. you can find out the price of your item on the same day, just 30-40 minutes and we will evaluate, and you will get price with an attractive price offer and instant cash, you can leave your item in our store, and you can go for shopping, we will contact you when it is finished. you can also bring your child as there is a small space provided for your child to play. Do not forget to visit us again. There is more benefit and lucky draw to win. Looking forward to seeing you again

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STORE BASED I sold my old white gold earring with melee diamond with jewel cafe

Last week I made a phone call asking about diamond acquisition at Jewel Cafe. They provided me with complete information that I needed. So I visit Jewel Cafe and show them my old white gold earring with a few melee diamonds on it. This earring is a gift from my husband and I decided to sell it to buy new jewelry. The staff is so friendly and helpful. While waiting for the earring estimation, they offered to clean my ring for free.They also showed me how to check real diamonds using a diamond detector device. It is really interesting and new knowledge for me. Can't wait to visit Jewel Cafe next time and try again my luck on the lucky draw. Today I only got a face towel and I'm aiming for RM100 next time. Well done Jewel Cafe! See you all soon.

Jewel Cafe can accept new or old used diamonds, we also love to share our knowledge with customers

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Jewel Cafe can accept new or old used diamonds, we also love to share our knowledge with customers
Dear Ms Lisa, we still remember you from your last visit. You are such a friendly and cheerful person. We are so lucky to have a kind customer like you. Really made our day! We didn't mind sharing something with our customer. Also, we can always accept old or new items since we are Japan's No.1 recycle store. Yes Ms Lisa, you still have a chance to win the first prize for our lucky draw! So, please visit us again to do so. We are looking forward to serving you next time!

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STORE BASED Jewel cafe can buy my loose melee diamond with high price

Hello Jewel Cafe. Thank you for serving me with good customer service and buying my loose melee diamonds yesterday. I knew Jewel Cafe from my friend and my friend gave me an invitation card so I got an extra 10% cash up from these benefits. Since all my loose melee diamonds are below 0.2 carat, it is considered melee diamonds. Luckily, I have a GIA certificate for all five of my melee diamonds so Jewel Cafe offers me quite a high price. They also pay me with instant cash and give me a lot of member's benefits. I will recommend Jewel Cafe to my family. Keep it up!

Diamonds below 0.2 carat are considered melee diamonds. Some other places can't buy it but Jewel Cafe can!

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Diamonds below 0.2 carat are considered melee diamonds. Some other places can't buy it but Jewel Cafe can!
Hi Mr Farid. We are so happy to meet you and please send our regards to your friend, Mr. Rosli who invited you. As you already know, not only you will get the 10% extra cash but Mr Rosli also will receive RM100 cash from us as a reward. You also can use these benefits by inviting your friends or family to sell any items here. For your information, actually melee diamonds don't have high resale value. Diamonds with below 0.2 carat are considered melee diamonds. Most goldsmith shops do not buy back melee diamonds but at Jewel Cafe we can buy it no matter if it is attached to precious material or loose diamond. The price is better with a GIA certificate. I really hope we can see you or your acquaintance next time.

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