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Branded Jewelry
Branded Jewelry
Looking to sell your Ponte Vecchio Jewelry?
Selling Ponte Vecchio Jewelry has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
When it comes to selling Ponte Vecchio Jewelry, leave it to Jewel Cafe! The market value for Ponte Vecchio Jewelry has been on the rise. As the largest business in the industry, Jewel Cafe boasts 250 outlets worldwide as well as top rankings in customer satisfaction. We have established a diverse network of distribution channels through overseas expansion, which allows us to buyback Ponte Vecchio Jewelry at the best prices.
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Higher Price!

Expensive Purchases

Jewel Cafe will purchase your Ponte Vecchio Jewelry at world-class prices! Thanks to our professional appraisal team and diverse distribution channels, we are able to offer higher prices than anywhere else. With top rankings in customer satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to use our free appraisal service for your Ponte Vecchio Jewelry.

Cross Motif Diamond Necklace

CompanyA RM1,600
CompanyB RM1,300
CompanyC RM1,400

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli Jewelry

Ribbon Motif Pave Diamond Ring

CompanyA RM160
CompanyB RM140
CompanyC RM230

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli jewelry

Piccolini Pave Diamond Ring

CompanyA RM320
CompanyB RM260
CompanyC RM230

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli Jewelry

Swoosh Motif Melee Diamond Ring

CompanyA RM420
CompanyB RM320
CompanyC RM490

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli Jewelry
Jewel Cafe

Purchase Policy

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Policy 1

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
Jewel Cafe

Method of

How to sell

JEWEL CAFE offers three methods of acquisition to suit the needs of our customers.
Either way, JEWEL CAFE values each customer's items and carefully identifies them! We buy your old wines at high prices


Customer Satisfaction No. 1!
This is recommended by JEWEL CAFE Ponte Vecchio Jewelry Methods.

Door-to-door acquisitions

  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment
  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment

Ponte Vecchio Jewelry JEWEL CAFE, the specialist shop, have over 250 stores worldwide! They are located in large shopping centres or in front of stations, so you can drop in while you are shopping. The stores are staffed by knowledgeable female appraisers and the appraisal process is fast, from entry to payment in as little as 10 minutes! Ideal for those who value speed and consultation!

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  • In-store, reception

    Find a shop near you on this website. Please be sure to bringProof of identity such as an identity card or driving licence

  • Custodial Identification

    Have your precious items appraised by JEWEL CAFE's experienced appraisers.

  • Identification

    JEWEL CAFE is proud of its speedy identification! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the appraisal (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of customers waiting and the number of appraisals per person). There is a coffee lounge area with free drinks, so you can relax in the comfort of your own room.

  • Explain the results of the appraisal and deliver the cash

    We will clearly explain the results of the appraisal and confirm the purchase price with you, and when you agree to sell, pay the purchase price in cash immediately. In addition, you'll receive a coupon to use next time and accumulate membership points, offering you exclusive benefits that returning customers love, so you'll get a discount every time you come in. Welcome back to the shop!


Easy access while shopping!
Cozy cafe environment!
Friendly staff!


  • Professional Estimation
  • Free Appraisal
  • Instant Cash
  • Convenience to Visit

There are total 6 outlets opened in shopping malls. Feel free to drop by while shopping and be approached by our friendly staff!

Free shipping nationwide!
Easy application with your


  • Free Regional Shipping
  • Fast Estimation
  • Delivery Documents
  • Pack the Parcel

It’s too far from the store? Not convenience? At your ease, use the Home-Based Acquisition Service!

Home-based acquisition service is currently unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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Customer's Feedback
47 Total Reviews)

I sold a Ponte Vecchio ring

I sold a Ponte Vecchio ring. Someone gave it to me and I never wore it, so I searched on the internet and found Jewel Cafe. I didn’t think that Ponte Vecchio was worth all that much, so I was glad to get a higher price than I had expected. The staff took great care while appraising the ring, and even chatted with me while I waited. The atmosphere at the shop in general was great. I also have another Ponte Vecchio ring which I will be bringing in soon.

I sold a Ponte Vecchio necklace out of urgent need

I sold a Ponte Vecchio necklace because I was in urgent need of cash. I had to wait a bit as there were other customers at the shop, but they offered me a very reasonable price. The appraisal itself also went very smoothly. I had went to a few other shops, but Jewel Cafe who took the most care to explain about Ponte Vecchio jewelry to me.

I sold 4 pieces of Ponte Vecchio jewelry at one go

I really loved Ponte Vecchio jewelry and slowly collected them over the years, but my tastes have changed recently, so I decided to only keep some of my Ponte Vecchio collection and let go of the rest. When I asked my mother, she recommended Jewel Cafe to me, so I nervously went there for an appraisal. It seems like the store staff also liked Ponte Vecchio jewelry, so we had a great time chatting to pass the time. I am thankful to have gone there. Thank you so much!

I sold jewelry from Ponte Vecchio

Twenty years ago, when I was in my twenties, I purchased some colourful jewelry from Ponte Vecchio. But I haven’t worn them in many years and completely forgotten about them. I discovered them while decluttering the house, and since I wasn’t going to wear them anymore, I looked around for a buyback shop to sell them at. Jewel Cafe had very good reviews, so I decided to go there. The staff was very kind as I reminisced about the time when I bought the jewelry. I am very happy with the offer price, which was higher than I expected. As it seems that they also purchase other branded items and jewelry, I would definitely come again if the occasion arises.

I managed to sell a Ponte Vecchio necklace at a high price

I no longer wanted the Ponte Vecchio necklace that was given to me years ago, so I tried to give it to my daughter. She didn’t want it either, so I thought about selling it. As I searched for a buyback shop that would buy Ponte Vecchio jewelry, I found the Jewel Cafe near my house. I felt a little unsure as it was my first time at a buyback shop, but the staff at Jewel Cafe put me at ease with her bright smile. During the appraisal, the staff even listened to me talk about my memories of the past, and I felt right at home. She offered me a high price, and so I willingly sold it.

I sold my Ponte Vecchio Eterno jewelry

I loved the Eterno Family collection from Ponte Vacchio and wore them a lot, but recently my tastes have changed and I’ve been wearing them less and less, so when I passed by Jewel Cafe I went in to inquire. Subsequently, I brought in my Eterno ring and necklace for a free appraisal. I also heard that it was better to bring along all the accessories, which I did. After a careful appraisal of the condition of my jewelry, they offered me a reasonable price. Next time I will also bring along my other Ponte Vecchio jewelry that I don’t know what to do with.

I sold a Ponte Vecchio Eterno ring

I had bought a pink Eterno ring because it was cute, but after wearing it a few times I felt that it was too flashy, so I stopped wearing it. After that I forgot about it, but was recently reminded about it when I saw a friend wearing a Ponte Vecchio ring, so I brought it to a Jewel Cafe near my house. The service was attentive and the price reasonable, and I was even able to use the coupon which I was given. Recently I’ve started to become interested in Eterno rings again, so I’m thinking of buying another one in a different colour.

I was able to sell a ring from Ponte Vecchio

I sold a Ponte Vecchio ring which I had purchased years ago. I no longer wanted it and was very glad to get a better price than I had expected for it since it was a Ponte Vecchio K18 WG Eterno ring with lots of diamonds. I have other pieces from Ponte Vecchio, so I will bring them next time. I have sold branded items at buyback shops multiple times, but what set Jewel Cafe apart from the rest was its excellent customer service. Thank you so much.
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Types of Branded

Kinds we make expensive purchase
Jewel Cafe

Ponte Vecchio Ranking

1st Place

Eterno Family

Eterno" means "eternity" in Italian, and it expresses the wish for women living in the modern age to "continue to shine with charm and playfulness forever". The Eterno, with its beautifully plump form and dazzling, high quality, colorful gemstones, is a gorgeous impact with a sense of delicacy from any angle. It is one of Ponte Vecchio's most popular series.

2nd Place


White, which reflects light and has the strength to repel negative elements, and black, which absorbs light and expresses the gentleness that accepts all things, express the strength and gentleness of a woman with white and black diamonds. The design of expressing feminine forms and cute and sweet motifs in monotone is a very popular collection, just like Ponte Vecchio. This jewelry is often brought to our store.

3rd Place


This jewelry collection allows you to enjoy dressing up the fashion editor girl "Emme". The clothing lineup includes more than 20 different outfits, from colorful sack dresses to maiko outfits. These cute necklaces are made of 9-karat gold, which is traditionally used in Europe, and are fun to look at. Jewel Cafe is strengthening its purchase of Ponte Vecchio jewelry, so please sell your unneeded Ponte Vecchio jewelry.

Jewel Cafe

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About Ponte Vecchio Purchase

Leave it to us to purchase your Ponte Vecchio items! Ponte Vecchio is a luxury brand infused with bright colours and jewels. Its collections which combine the elegance of high jewelry with innovative designs overflowing with originality are a great hit among women. Established in 1981, Ponte Vecchio’s playful and innovative design sense unites the colour and brilliance of many jewels into a single piece of jewelry. Starting with imported jewelry that carry on the tradition of Italian jewelry from countless centuries past, the brand then combined the design aesthetic of Italian jewelry with the delicate refinement of Japanese technology to create their own original pieces.

Ponte Vecchio means “old bridge” in Italian, and there is a bridge in Florence with the exact same name. Thank to this unique and imaginative worldview, Ponte Vecchio is exceptionally popular in both the retail and secondhand market. Its cute and colourful designs with attention to the latest trends first captivated the hearts of many celebs, followed by women across the world. The brand continues to deliver jewelry pieces that carry a powerful message, and even has a lineup of bridal rings. Jewel Cafe is on a campaign to strengthen our purchasing of Ponte Vecchio jewelry. Some of the collections that are often brought to our stores include Eterno Family, Bianco e Nero, Sole Mio, the Birthstone Series, etc. We are not only actively looking to purchase items that are still in good condition, but also pieces that are outdated, without certification, scratched etc., so you are most welcome to bring them in for appraisal.

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