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Chopard was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and was established first as a watch shop in the Jura district of Geneva in 1860. His legacy was carried on by his son Paul-Louis Chopard, and he continued to maintain the reputation his father built as a precise engineered and designed pocket watches. After the Second World War, production began to decrease, leading Chopard with the only decision to sell the company to Karl Scheufele from Germany. By that time, Scheufele already has a name in gemstone edged watches and luxury bracelet making. By 1930, the later generation of Scheufeles took over and actively developed the business outward, expanding to Russia, China, the United States, and Eastern Europe. These days it is one of the corner stones of luxury jewellery and watch making company in the world.

In addition to the well-known collections Chopard offers today, the company also boasts a variety of elegant accessories such as glasses, perfumes, scarves, necklaces, rings and porcelain tableware. The flagship Chopard store is situated in Florence, Italy, with more than 60 stores around the world.

Chopard Ranking

The Happy Diamonds Necklace series
Chopard launched the Happy Diamonds series in 1976 which has been a hit item by the company ever since. There are little diamonds jumping freely in the heart of the necklace, making it a signature Chopard style.

The Happy Curve Necklace series
The Happy Curve series is a unique and time tested classic in Chopard’s collection of jewellery. It is a unique necklace shape that resembles a water droplet with a housing for 3 machined diamonds. The glass window magnify the interior of the housing making the diamonds look more prominent than their actual size in the necklace. It has a novelty of having a different look from every different angle.

Miss Happy K18 Necklace series
The Miss Happy series is just simple, elegant yet dynamic in its own right. Based on the style of the Happy Diamonds series. The 18K gold material used in the construction of the round pendant housing separates this series from the rest. A branded diamond is housed in the heart of the necklace, and enclosed with two sapphire crystals. With the combination of the shine from the gold and the shine from the diamond through the clear crystals always never fail to charm.

Check Points to sell in higher price!

  • Point 1

    Please bring together all the accessories when you purchased the item!Assessment price will increase if you have the box, guarantee card, spare parts, etc. during purchasing!

  • Point 2

    Please bring to us as soon as possible when you no longer using!Branded item is also leather and metallic. It will deteriorate bit by bit if left untouched.

  • Point 3

    It is better to sell in bundle!Please bring all the items that you no longer using or wanted to sell together! Estimation price will increase when selling in bundle!

  • Point 4

    It’s OK if you can easily care!It can also look beautiful with a simple wipe of dust and stain on your bag!

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