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Chanel is a well-known luxury brand recognised around the word that represents the fashion of Paris. The company also known for designer bags with the highest quality leather as well as a wide range of industry such as clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, and watches. It is no exaggeration to say that the founder of the brand Coco Chanel sets a standard in her way of life that is reflected in the numerous products that she had put out to the world. Having been passionate about fashion as a designer up until the age of 88, her legacy lives on after 1971. She brought comfort and confidence through her products to women around the world.

Chanel Ranking

Coco Mark series
Contrary to popular believe, the double C acronym in the interlocked CC logo was not derived first from Coco Chanel’s name but rather it was the traditional symbol logo for the old castle in France, Chateau de Cremat. Coco Chanel liked the logo very much and adopted the logo as the brand’s logo. The logo has become a world icon for fashion and can be seen is almost every Chanel products in the world today.

Chanel was fascinated by the beauty and the elegance of geometric curves found in nature, simple yet gorgeous, natural yet elegant in its ways. With that, she incorporated such designs to her jewelleries since the 1920s. The camellia flower was the inspiration behind this line of jewellery. Today, blooming camelias in luxury jewelleries has become synonymous to the brand Chanel.

Pearl Earrings
After the war, the Bijoux Fantaisie de Qualité line of jewelleries was created to produce luxury looking jewellery without using real valuable jewelleries, often for actresses to be worn on stages. Despite the fact that the line is much inferior to the other luxury products of the company, it is still revered and can be boasted as one of the most popular Bijoux Fantaisie lines created by Chanel compared to other brands.

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  • Point 1

    Please bring together all the accessories when you purchased the item!Assessment price will increase if you have the box, guarantee card, spare parts, etc. during purchasing!

  • Point 2

    Please bring to us as soon as possible when you no longer using!Branded item is also leather and metallic. It will deteriorate bit by bit if left untouched.

  • Point 3

    It is better to sell in bundle!Please bring all the items that you no longer using or wanted to sell together! Estimation price will increase when selling in bundle!

  • Point 4

    It’s OK if you can easily care!It can also look beautiful with a simple wipe of dust and stain on your bag!

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