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Branded Jewelry
Branded Jewelry
Looking to sell your Harry Winston Jewelries?
Selling Harry Winston Jewelries has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
When it comes to selling Harry Winston Jewelries, leave it to Jewel Cafe! The market value for Harry Winston Jewelries has been on the rise. As the largest business in the industry, Jewel Cafe boasts 250 outlets worldwide as well as top rankings in customer satisfaction. We have established a diverse network of distribution channels through overseas expansion, which allows us to buyback Harry Winston Jewelries at the best prices.
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Expensive Purchases

Jewel Cafe will purchase your Harry Winston Jewelries at world-class prices! Thanks to our professional appraisal team and diverse distribution channels, we are able to offer higher prices than anywhere else. With top rankings in customer satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to use our free appraisal service for your Harry Winston Jewelries.

Diamond Mini Cross Pendant

Jewelry PT950
CompanyA RM6,500
CompanyB RM4,900
CompanyC RM5,500

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Harry Winston Jewelry

Diamond Full Eternity Ring

Jewelry PT950
CompanyA RM5,800
CompanyB RM7,200
CompanyC RM7,800

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Harry Winston jewelry

Diamond Solitaire 0.7ct Ring

Jewelry PT950
CompanyA RM10,400
CompanyB RM11,400
CompanyC RM8,800

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Harry Winston Jewelry

Avenue C Mini

Watch 750WG
CompanyA RM98,000
CompanyB RM81,000
CompanyC RM88,000

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

Harry Winston watch
Jewel Cafe

Purchase Policy

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Policy 1

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
Jewel Cafe

Method of

How to sell

JEWEL CAFE offers three methods of acquisition to suit the needs of our customers.
Either way, JEWEL CAFE values each customer's items and carefully identifies them! We buy your old wines at high prices


Customer Satisfaction No. 1!
This is recommended by JEWEL CAFE Harry Winston Jewelries Methods.

Door-to-door acquisitions

  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment
  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment

Harry Winston Jewelries JEWEL CAFE, the specialist shop, have over 250 stores worldwide! They are located in large shopping centres or in front of stations, so you can drop in while you are shopping. The stores are staffed by knowledgeable female appraisers and the appraisal process is fast, from entry to payment in as little as 10 minutes! Ideal for those who value speed and consultation!

Find out more ..

  • In-store, reception

    Find a shop near you on this website. Please be sure to bringProof of identity such as an identity card or driving licence

  • Custodial Identification

    Have your precious items appraised by JEWEL CAFE's experienced appraisers.

  • Identification

    JEWEL CAFE is proud of its speedy identification! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the appraisal (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of customers waiting and the number of appraisals per person). There is a coffee lounge area with free drinks, so you can relax in the comfort of your own room.

  • Explain the results of the appraisal and deliver the cash

    We will clearly explain the results of the appraisal and confirm the purchase price with you, and when you agree to sell, pay the purchase price in cash immediately. In addition, you'll receive a coupon to use next time and accumulate membership points, offering you exclusive benefits that returning customers love, so you'll get a discount every time you come in. Welcome back to the shop!


Easy access while shopping!
Cozy cafe environment!
Friendly staff!


  • Professional Estimation
  • Free Appraisal
  • Instant Cash
  • Convenience to Visit

There are total 6 outlets opened in shopping malls. Feel free to drop by while shopping and be approached by our friendly staff!

Free shipping nationwide!
Easy application with your


  • Free Regional Shipping
  • Fast Estimation
  • Delivery Documents
  • Pack the Parcel

It’s too far from the store? Not convenience? At your ease, use the Home-Based Acquisition Service!

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Customer's Feedback
47 Total Reviews)

I sold a Harry Winston diamond ring

I sold a Harry Winston diamond ring. I really liked the ring, but it became bent and I couldn’t put it on anymore, so a friend recommended Jewel Cafe to me. The store was bright and cheery, and the staff was very pleasant as she appraised the ring. I am very satisfied because I was offered a good price. I will definitely come again.

They took great care of my Harry Winston collection and offered me a great price

Due to circumstances, I decided to let go of my Harry Winston watch and jewelry collection which I had gradually built over the years. I got them appraised at multiple shops, but I did not feel comfortable with any of them and so I refused to sell. Only Jewel Cafe was able to give me a satisfactory explanation for the price they were offering me. During the appraisal, I chatted with the female staff about various things, such as the diamond cutting in Harry Winston jewelry. This gave the shop a very friendly atmosphere. The staff admired the diamonds from Harry Winston and so treated them with great care, which I was really happy to see.

I sold my wedding ring from Harry Winston

I have always admired Harry Winston as a brand and wore one as a wedding ring for a long time. But when I didn’t need it anymore, I was wondering whether I should sell it. When I discussed it with my friend, she recommended Jewel Cafe to me. I was quite intimidated because I had never sold or bought used items like this, but the store was very approachable because of the female staff who were very easy to talk to, so I was glad that I gave it a shot. They also taught me a lot about Harry Winston and purchased my ring not just as jewelry but as a branded item.

I was able to sell my broken Harry Winston necklace

I had purchased a Harry Winston necklace about 20 or 30 years ago, but the chain broke and I couldn’t wear it anymore so I just kept it at home. I happened to pass by a Jewel Cafe store and went in to inquire, and was told that they accepted Harry Winston jewelry even if it was broken, so I brought it in the next day. They quickly appraised my Harry Winston necklace with its broken chain, and took many other factors into consideration before offering their price. I will be bringing my other unused items there as well.

I was able to sell my Harry Winston ring that was engraved with my initials at a high price!!

I looked up various buyback shops with the vague notion of getting a good price for my Harry Winston ring which was engraved with my initials. Then my mother told me that she received a flyer from Jewel Cafe. I was very nervous as it was my first time going to a buyback shop, but the staff approached me even though I was just standing there, and I was able to get an appraisal in no time. I was very touched when they told me, “Even if it’s not Harry Winston, as long as it has a diamond certificate, the appraisal value will increase,” and so I decided to sell the ring. The store was very approachable because it was bright and cheery, completely unlike the shady image of a buyback shop, so I will recommend it to my friend who is also looking to sell something for the first time.

I sold a Harry Winston necklace

I sold a platinum necklace from Harry Winston which I had purchased 10 years ago while traveling alone. It was before I got married, and I remember buying it as a treat for myself. Now that I have kids I haven’t had much opportunity to wear it, plus my husband and I were looking to buy a new pair of couple rings from Harry Winston, so I finally decided to get the free appraisal. The store was open and relaxing, the staff were cheerful, and they offered me a high price for my Harry Winston necklace, such that I went home feeling very satisfied.

I sold a Harry Winston ring

I really admired my Harry Winston ring and found the HW logo really cute, but I only put it on display without actually wearing it. I was still undecided, so I asked for just an appraisal. As it was really expensive when I bought it, I was hesitant about selling it. I was also cautious because it was my first time going to a buyback shop, but the staff attended to me kindly. I felt that this was a place that would take good care of my ring, and so I decided to sell it. At first I thought they offered a high price because it was a Harry Winston ring with the HW logo, but when I asked about how much other branded rings roughly cost, the price was also higher than I had thought. I think I will be coming again.

I managed to sell a Harry Winston ring

I sold the ring that I received as a present 10 years ago. Even though I no longer wore it, I wasn’t sure where to sell this Harry Winston ring that I had gotten as a present. I ended up going to Jewel Cafe, where the female staff warmly welcomed me such that I was no longer nervous and was able to enter the shop with relief. They carefully appraised my ring as a branded item from Harry Winston. I have other jewelry pieces from Harry Winston, so I will bring them the next time.
Available for purchase

Types of Branded

Kinds we make expensive purchase
Jewel Cafe

Harry Winston Ranking

1st Place

Engagement Ring

The most popular Harry Winston engagement ring. The simple design with one diamond is a simple design that you will never get tired of wearing for a long time. Jewel Cafe purchases Harry Winston engagement rings that are no longer worn at a high price.

2nd Place

Traffic Accent Pendant

The Traffic Accent Pendant features a simple and timeless design with sparkling diamonds. High quality diamonds shine on the white gold base, elegantly coloring the chest. Among the many Harry Winston jewelry, the traffic accent pendant with a stylish design is a popular item that is loved by many people. We are buying expensive at our store.

3rd Place


Harry Winston earrings are a gorgeous addition to your ear. There are various color variations from white to yellow, and there are many designs that make you feel like Harry Winston, such as the combination of high-quality diamonds and colored stones. The voluminous and classical design is especially popular, and it is traded at a high price both in Japan and overseas. Of course, we will buy it at a high price at Jewel Cafe.

Jewel Cafe

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About Harry Winston

We buy Harry Winston! Harry Winston is an American jewelry designer whose father, Jacob Winston, is also a jeweller. Harry Winston is recognized as one of the finest jewelry brands. The quality and prestige of the brand have made Harry Winston jewellery a favourite of many wealthy and famous people around the world. In Japan, there are directly managed stores in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, and Yokohama. Since its founding in 1932, Harry Winston has created many pieces of jewellery. Each piece of jewellery created has its own history and unique anecdote. First, Harry Winston has a vast collection of diamonds that rivals that of the royal family as the "King of Diamonds. Its collection is said to be the second largest and most valuable on the planet after the British Royal Family. Harry Winston jewellery has also been featured in many TV dramas and movies. Indeed, Harry Winston has earned the reputation of being the jeweller to the stars as it continues to add excitement and emotion to Hollywood's history. Harry Winston's strong commitment to the ring has also resulted in many historic engagement rings. As a result, Harry Winston has become synonymous with diamond engagement rings. No other brand has such a spectacular history as Harry Winston, and since its founding, Harry Winston has focused on creating the finest jewellery and producing luxury complicated watches. Believing that the design of a piece of jewellery is determined by the gemstone itself, Harry Winston has continued to invent innovative jewellery designs, and continues to do business around the world while maintaining this tradition. Jewel Cafe is strengthening the purchase of Harry Winston watches. We are of course interested in items that are in good condition, but we also actively purchase items that are in poor condition, such as old designs, items without warranty certificates, or items with scratches, etc. Please contact us for an appraisal.