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Branded Jewelry
Branded Jewelry
Looking to sell your Damiani Jewelries?
Selling Damiani Jewelries has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
When it comes to selling Damiani Jewelries, leave it to Jewel Cafe! The market value for Damiani Jewelries has been on the rise. As the largest business in the industry, Jewel Cafe boasts 250 outlets worldwide as well as top rankings in customer satisfaction. We have established a diverse network of distribution channels through overseas expansion, which allows us to buyback Damiani Jewelries at the best prices.
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Purchase Policy

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Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
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Method of

How to sell

JEWEL CAFE offers three methods of acquisition to suit the needs of our customers.
Either way, JEWEL CAFE values each customer's items and carefully identifies them! We buy your old wines at high prices


Customer Satisfaction No. 1!
This is recommended by JEWEL CAFE Damiani Jewelries Methods.

Door-to-door acquisitions

  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment
  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment

Damiani Jewelries JEWEL CAFE, the specialist shop, have over 250 stores worldwide! They are located in large shopping centres or in front of stations, so you can drop in while you are shopping. The stores are staffed by knowledgeable female appraisers and the appraisal process is fast, from entry to payment in as little as 10 minutes! Ideal for those who value speed and consultation!

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  • In-store, reception

    Find a shop near you on this website. Please be sure to bringProof of identity such as an identity card or driving licence

  • Custodial Identification

    Have your precious items appraised by JEWEL CAFE's experienced appraisers.

  • Identification

    JEWEL CAFE is proud of its speedy identification! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the appraisal (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of customers waiting and the number of appraisals per person). There is a coffee lounge area with free drinks, so you can relax in the comfort of your own room.

  • Explain the results of the appraisal and deliver the cash

    We will clearly explain the results of the appraisal and confirm the purchase price with you, and when you agree to sell, pay the purchase price in cash immediately. In addition, you'll receive a coupon to use next time and accumulate membership points, offering you exclusive benefits that returning customers love, so you'll get a discount every time you come in. Welcome back to the shop!


Easy access while shopping!
Cozy cafe environment!
Friendly staff!


  • Professional Estimation
  • Free Appraisal
  • Instant Cash
  • Convenience to Visit

There are total 6 outlets opened in shopping malls. Feel free to drop by while shopping and be approached by our friendly staff!

Free shipping nationwide!
Easy application with your


  • Free Regional Shipping
  • Fast Estimation
  • Delivery Documents
  • Pack the Parcel

It’s too far from the store? Not convenience? At your ease, use the Home-Based Acquisition Service!

Home-based acquisition service is currently unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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Customer's Feedback
47 Total Reviews)

I got my Damiani diamond ring appraised

I purchased a Damiani diamond ring many years ago in a fit of passion, but I almost never had the chance to wear it and so it was just kept away for many years. A few days ago I tried it on for the first time in a long while and was shocked to find that it no longer fit. Even though it was very precious to me, there was nothing to be done and so I decided to let go of it. I am glad I sold such a memorable ring to Jewel Cafe because their price and customer servicer are both very satisfactory.

I sold my broken Damiani necklace!

I had bought myself a Damiani necklace but when it broke, I just left it was it was since it would cost money to repair. I happened to pass by a billboard ad about purchasing broken necklaces, so I brought it in for appraisal. I have been to other buyback shops before, but Jewel Cafe was very approachable and conducted the appraisal quickly. The offer price was also satisfactory. It seems that they also purchase other items apart from jewelry, so I love to come again.

I sold a Damiani necklace which I had received as a present

I sold the Damiani necklace which was a present from the man I was dating at the time. I usually go to a buyback shop in the city, but recently a Jewel Cafe branch opened near my house, and so I went there instead. Most places would only appraise the necklace based on its gold value, but Jewel Cafe also took into account the value of the branding, for which I am very glad. I am very satisfied with the purchase price. I am so happy that there now a shop near my house. I will come again!

The customer service was excellent

A friend recommended the place to me, so I brought my Damiani necklace there for an appraisal. I paid a lot for it, so I wondered how much I was able to sell it for. I had a great time chatting with the store staff, who also loved Damiani’s design. I was able to shop around Aeon while I waited for the appraisal, and so time passed very quickly. The offer price matched my expected price, and so I agreed to sell. I received some coupons, so I will use them the next time I have anything to sell. Now I am thinking of buying a new Damiani piece.

I sold some Damiani Belle Époque jewelry

I brought in some Damiani Belle Époque jewelry for appraisal. I had already gone round to multiple shops, but Jewel Cafe offered the best price. What’s more, the staff provided excellent service and the store had a bright atmosphere which made me feel at ease. As they also purchase other brands, I will bring some in the future. Thank you so much!

I sold my beloved Damiani necklace!

I purchased a Damiani necklace at one of their brand stores. I liked it and wore it for many years, but then I switched jobs and it was not convenient for me to wear a necklace at my new job, so I no longer got much chance to put it on. I thought of listing it on a community marketplace app but I was quite busy with work, so I went to inquire at the Jewel Cafe near my workplace. They said that they would buy Damiani jewelry at a high price, so I brought in my necklace several days later. As they had promised, the offer price was very satisfactory and so I am glad that I was able to sell it to them.

I sold the Damiani necklace I got from my mother

My mother gave me a Damiani Belle Époque necklace, and I didn’t know what to do with it because it wasn’t really a design I would wear. I discovered Jewel Cafe’s website and decided to visit the shop for their free appraisal. I had never really used such services before and so I had no idea how much a Damiani necklace would be worth, but they carefully explained the points for appraisal and so I was able to sell it at a reasonable price.

I sold a Damiani ring

I sold a Damiani couple ring at Jewel Cafe because the size no longer fit and stone had fallen out. As it would cost money to repair, I thought that I might as well sell it and use the money to buy a new Damiani ring. When the offer price was higher than I expected, my mind was made up. I will come again because they also purchase branded bags and watches.
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Types of Branded

Kinds we make expensive purchase
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Damiani Ranking

1st Place

Wedding Ring Series

The Damiani wedding ring is one of the staples of the company. Designed for two, the set serves as a symbol of matrimony between the beholding couples. It is finished with white gold, rose gold, gold, or platinum. It ranges from a subdue design to ones that are unique to the company. Being a wedding ring, it is design with the intention of everyday wear. One signature feature of this ring is that a small diamond is fit flushed into the inner surface of the ring.

2nd Place

D. ICON series

The D.ICON jewellery series is the testimony of the long-standing traditional technology of goldsmith masters combining white gold and black ceramic to make a ring etched with diamonds. The capital D of the brand logo is displayed on the ceramic surface to show the character of the iconic Damiani jewellery.

3rd Place

Metropolis Dream Series

In the Metropolitan Dream Jewellery series, Damiani’s remarkable logo is shown prominently. The series boasts modern lines, with precious materials such as gold and rose gold. The jewellery series includes rings, earrins, bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks.

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About Damiani Purchase

Leave it to us to purchase your Damiani jewelry! Damiani began its history in 1924 with a small atelier in Valencia, one of the most important jewelry cities in Italy. Thanks to an artistic sensibility nurtured by Italian history and culture, and the masterful skills of craftsmen passed down from generation to generation, Damiani was able to develop a modern and powerful jewelry line. While many jewelry companies have left the hands of their founders in response to the changing times, the Damiani family continues to preserve its traditions and techniques. The company is currently helmed by third generation siblings, Guido, Silvia, and Giorgio.

Among them, the ideas and perspective of vice president Silvia Damiani as a jewelry-wearing woman are further reflected in the design and comfort of the jewelry. Damiani’s jewelry are designed to be worn and enjoyed every day, as opposed to the stereotypical perception of jewelry as something to worn only on special occasions. Its use of gold, cross motifs and other variations are also characteristic of the Italian style of jewelry that is Damiani’s charm. Despite having grown to become an international jeweler, Damiani continues to preserve the culture and techniques of its native Italy. In Italy, it is a custom for the men to give the women flowers every March, and jewelry is also considered a very appropriate gift for this occasion. The country also takes pride in its culture that properly appreciates the attractiveness of women even as they age.

Other women can learn a great deal from the Italian madames, who are not afraid to try out innovative and voluminous designs, and who boldly exude the glamour and presence that only a mature woman can possess. Damiani’s jewelry takes on the fashion sense and lifestyle of the woman who wears it, with a glamorous personality that draws out the charm of mature women and makes them shine. Behind the beautiful, strong presence and dramatic forms of Damiani jewelry lies the company's passion for gemstones. Damiani was one of the first to use brown diamonds in jewelry, and incorporates gemstones with unique colors and personalities, such as peridot and smoky quartz, in order to match the lifestyle and fashion sense of the women who wear them. On the other hand, Damiani also produces a wide range of jewelry featuring classic gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

While the finest jewels in the industry tend to be crafted into rather conventional designs, Damiani's bold designs bring out a new charm in these timeless stones. Jewel Cafe is on a campaign to strengthen our purchasing of Damiani jewelry. We are not only actively looking to purchase items that are in good condition, but also pieces that are outdated, do not have certification, or have scratches etc., so you are most welcome to bring them in for appraisal.

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