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Branded Jewelry
Branded Jewelry
Looking to sell your AHKAH Jewelries ?
Selling AHKAH Jewelries has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
When it comes to selling AHKAH Jewelries , leave it to Jewel Cafe! The market value for AHKAH Jewelries has been on the rise. As the largest business in the industry, Jewel Cafe boasts 250 outlets worldwide as well as top rankings in customer satisfaction. We have established a diverse network of distribution channels through overseas expansion, which allows us to buyback AHKAH Jewelries at the best prices.
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Higher Price!

Expensive Purchases

Jewel Cafe will purchase your AHKAH Jewelries at world-class prices! Thanks to our professional appraisal team and diverse distribution channels, we are able to offer higher prices than anywhere else. With top rankings in customer satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to use our free appraisal service for your AHKAH Jewelries .

Tina Coret Necklace

18K 750
CompanyA RM570
CompanyB RM410
CompanyC RM320

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

AHKAH necklace

Vivienne Brilliant Ring

18K 750
CompanyA RM1,600
CompanyB RM2,500
CompanyC RM2,200

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

AHKAH ring

Message In The Stars Ring

18K 750
CompanyA RM600
CompanyB RM800
CompanyC RM640

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

AHKAH necklace

Buttery Pave Midi Bracelet

18K 750
CompanyA RM1,300
CompanyB RM1,000
CompanyC RM1,200

Jewel Cafe

Purchase Record

AHKAH ring
Jewel Cafe

Purchase Policy

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Policy 1

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
Jewel Cafe

Method of

How to sell

JEWEL CAFE offers three methods of acquisition to suit the needs of our customers.
Either way, JEWEL CAFE values each customer's items and carefully identifies them! We buy your old wines at high prices


Customer Satisfaction No. 1!
This is recommended by JEWEL CAFE AHKAH Jewelries Methods.

Door-to-door acquisitions

  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment
  • Rapid Identification
  • More than 250 stores worldwide
  • Same day cash payment

AHKAH Jewelries JEWEL CAFE, the specialist shop, have over 250 stores worldwide! They are located in large shopping centres or in front of stations, so you can drop in while you are shopping. The stores are staffed by knowledgeable female appraisers and the appraisal process is fast, from entry to payment in as little as 10 minutes! Ideal for those who value speed and consultation!

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  • In-store, reception

    Find a shop near you on this website. Please be sure to bringProof of identity such as an identity card or driving licence

  • Custodial Identification

    Have your precious items appraised by JEWEL CAFE's experienced appraisers.

  • Identification

    JEWEL CAFE is proud of its speedy identification! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the appraisal (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of customers waiting and the number of appraisals per person). There is a coffee lounge area with free drinks, so you can relax in the comfort of your own room.

  • Explain the results of the appraisal and deliver the cash

    We will clearly explain the results of the appraisal and confirm the purchase price with you, and when you agree to sell, pay the purchase price in cash immediately. In addition, you'll receive a coupon to use next time and accumulate membership points, offering you exclusive benefits that returning customers love, so you'll get a discount every time you come in. Welcome back to the shop!


Easy access while shopping!
Cozy cafe environment!
Friendly staff!


  • Professional Estimation
  • Free Appraisal
  • Instant Cash
  • Convenience to Visit

There are total 6 outlets opened in shopping malls. Feel free to drop by while shopping and be approached by our friendly staff!

Free shipping nationwide!
Easy application with your


  • Free Regional Shipping
  • Fast Estimation
  • Delivery Documents
  • Pack the Parcel

It’s too far from the store? Not convenience? At your ease, use the Home-Based Acquisition Service!

Home-based acquisition service is currently unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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AHKAH Sold at
Jewel Cafe

Customer's Feedback
47 Total Reviews)

I sold an AHKAH necklace

When I turned 20, I bought an AHKAH necklace as a birthday present to myself. But that was almost 10 years ago now, and my tastes have changed since then. AHKAH’s designs are very fine and delicate, but now I prefer pieces with a bit more weight to them. I found something that I liked, and asked Jewel Cafe about selling the AHKAH necklace to help pay for it. The female staff praised me about the necklace’s gorgeous design, which made me very happy. Even though it was an old AHKAH piece, she appraised it with great care, so I think I will come again in the future.

I sold a diamond ring from AHKAH!

My parents gave me an AHKAH ring as a keepsake. I wanted to sell it for as much as I could, so I went round to many different buyback shops but was not able to nd one who offered a satisfactory price. Finally, I went to Jewel Cafe, who offered me the highest price yet for the AHKAH ring that I had almost given up on selling. Moreover, their service was also the most attentive and reassuring. I was able to wait for the appraisal in comfort as they offered me some drinks. As they also accept other branded jewelry apart from AHKAH, I will defnitely come again if I have the chance!

I sold a pair of AHKAH earrings at a high price!

Most buyback shops would appraise jewelry pieces like the 18K earrings I purchased from AHKAH purely based on its gold value, but Jewel Cafe also took into account its actual resale value. For such a light pair of ear studs, the amount of gold really doesn’t come up to much, so it wouldn’t be worth selling if compared to its retail price. That’s why I was so thankful that Jewel Cafe valued it as a piece of branded jewelry. Actually, I also have an AHKAH necklace. If I decide not to wear it anymore, I will bring it to Jewel Cafe

I have visited this shop many times

They always attended to me so politely, so this time I brought an AHKAH ring which no longer fit. They offered me tea as I waited at the shop for the appraisal. I had a rebate coupon which further hiked up the purchase price, and so I decided to sell the ring. They even cleaned my AHKAH necklace for free, and said that it didn’t matter if I brought more, even if it was not AHKAH, so I will defnitely do so

I managed to sell a ring and necklace from AHKAH

I got my AHKAH ring and necklace appraised. As they were so small and delicate, I didn’t think I would be able to sell them for much, but Jewel Cafe evaluated it as branded jewelry from AHKAH and offered a more reasonable explanation than other places, and so I decided to sell it to them. As they accept other brands apart from AHKAH, I will gather up what I have and come again! Thank you so much

I sold an AHKAH ring!

The other day, I went to Jewel Cafe and sold the AHKAH ring I had received as a present from my boyfriend at the time. We had already broken up, and so I didn’t have any attachment to the ring. Wanting to sell it off, I went to a buyback shop for the first time. The staff was female and attended to me very kindly, which left a good impression. I love AHKAH jewelry, so it felt great when she said that she loved AHKAH too. I don’t have anything else to sell, but I will recommend Jewel Cafe to my family

I sold a pair of 18K ear studs from AHKAH

I went round to multiple buyback shops that accepted 18K gold and arrived at Jewel Cafe. I wanted to sell my 18K ear studs as high as possible, and Jewel Cafe offered the best price and service. I loved wearing them, and so I was glad to sell them with peace of mind. As the store is just near my house, I will come again if I have anything else to sell in the future

I was able to sell an AHKAH bracelet

I got an AHKAH bracelet from an acquaintance, but I was allergic to the metal and so I just kept it in the drawer. I looked around for a place to sell it and hit upon the Jewel Cafe near my house, so I brought my bracelet there along with all its accessories. The appraisal was quick, and they explained about their offer price which was based on its value as a bracelet from AHKAH, so I decided to sell it. I would recommend them because both the store and service were very pleasant
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Types of Branded

Kinds we make expensive purchase
Jewel Cafe

AHKAH Ranking

1st Place

Cleo Cross Necklace

Launched in 2005, it has been a very popular cross necklace since. Made with a simple design yet radiating elegance with a one-point diamond, it carries an air of antiquity whilst being able to match with both casual and formal wear.

2nd Place

Douz Brier Ring

Douz Brier is a ring with 12 pieces of diamond etch around a side of the ring. The slender design emphasizes the gorgeousness of the diamond, sparkling in every direction. It is a popular gift option due to the simple and subtle design that is sure to strike anyone’s fancy.

3rd Place

Diamond Heart Pave Neck

The heart pave necklace as suggested in its name, is etched with pave diamonds all over the heart of the necklace. The delicate gold chain shines brilliantly and compliments the glittering diamonds. Certainly an elegant feminine design. It is worn by many high profile models and actresses in Japan.

Jewel Cafe

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About AHKAH Purchase

Leave it to us to purchase your AHKAH jewelry! AHKAH is a jewelry brand founded in 1977 by Akemi Fukuoji, who was born into a family of jewelers. The brand is known for its simple and delicate jewelry pieces that nevertheless have a strong aura and authenticity about them. Although it is a relatively new brand without a long history, each piece is painstakingly handmade by skilled craftsmen with love and warmth, whilst drawing inspiration from women of all generations. “Like a work of art” is an indispensable aspect of AHKAH’s design philosophy, and its pieces pay homage to the simple yet elegant beauty found in the ebb and flow of nature.

Moreover, AHKAH’s jewelry is designed to be inherited from mother to daughter, from daughter to granddaughter and so on, transcending generations and national borders. Incredible thought is poured into every single piece in order to achieve a charm and beauty that can be loved for all time. Each piece is beautiful and delicate, reflecting the eternal lines of nature's beauty in the form of jewelry whose elegant style and distinctive sparkle continues to captivate the hearts of people. AHKAH’s monogram necklace is popular among young women and men for bearing their own initials as well as that of their lovers, family members or other significant people in their life.

The brand became famous through the patronage of many famous celebrities like artistes and models who featured their monogram necklaces at plain clothes fashion showcases on TV programs. AHKAH is also known for its heart-shaped necklace, which features a modest yet memorable design. AHKAH has since expanded to include sister brands like Tink Pink, Vivian Couture etc. which bring the latest fashion trends to a wide range of women. Jewel Cafe is on a campaign to strengthen our purchasing of AHKAH jewelry. We are not only actively looking to purchase items that are in good condition, but also pieces that are outdated, do not have certification, or have scratches etc., so you are most welcome to bring them in for appraisal.

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