Why are 30-year-old Louis Vuitton Models Still So Popular? Thoughts on the Market for Older Models and Tips on How to Sell them at a Higher Price | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: November 10, 2023

Why are 30-year-old Louis Vuitton Models Still So Popular? Thoughts on the Market for Older Models and Tips on How to Sell them at a Higher Price | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Louis Vuitton is a high-end brand that everyone has admired.


I agree. Even though the item was made 30 years ago, it's still popular today.


That's a surprise! I'm also curious about the reason for its popularity.


Now, we will explain why products from 30 years ago are so popular and the purchasing market price of Louis Vuitton!

The most consistent fact about fashion, from time immemorial, is that it is changeable. The fashion items, trends, and ideas once in vogue are abandoned to adopt newer ones. They only resurface if they are revisited and reformed to meet modern standards.

However, some iconic fashion items have resisted the relentless marching of time. These items have remained in vogue and continued to capture the desire and imagination of fashion enthusiasts from the past till the present. One such iconic fashion item with enduring popularity are 30-year-old Louis Vuitton models.

The question that comes to mind is – why are these classic Louis Vuitton models still popular today? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, this post is for you. Here, we will attempt a trend analysis of classic Louis Vuitton models by examining why they are still relevant and popular. We will also provide insights on the market for them and offer tips on selling them at a higher price. Let’s begin!

Why are 30-year-old Louis Vuitton Models Still Popular Today?

The lasting popularity of classic Louis Vuitton bags is down to several reasons, some of which include the following:

1.     Louis Vuitton Bags Have Timeless Aesthetics

You’d agree that people wouldn’t spend much on luxury bags if they were not aesthetically appealing. Yes! Louis Vuitton ranks high amongst luxury brands with the most beautiful bags worldwide. Some unique features enhance the aesthetic appeal of the brand’s product.

Features like the monogram canvas, the Damier, and engravings on connecting pieces exude a timeless sophistication that has made 30-year-old bags remain stylish. Every model has remained a work of art, retaining high quality, admiration, and demand from all parts of the world.

2.     Louis Vuitton Bags Have High Durability

All authentic Louis Vuitton models are handmade by world-class craftsmen who derive so much pleasure in creating impeccable pieces. Using the rarest, finest, and highest-quality materials

 enhances the craftsmanship of these artisans.

Combining these quality materials and excellent craftsmanship produces the durability value that resonates in all Louis Vuitton models, especially the classic ones. Because the old models have high durability, they are highly sought after today. This has ultimately increased their popularity and sales value.  

3.     Louis Vuitton Models Have High Resale Value

There’s a luxury statement that resonates in all Louis Vuitton models. This statement is timeless, and people with a keen eye for fashion can quickly notice it no matter how old a model is. As a result, the decision to buy these models is an investment opportunity to recoup a higher value than what was paid.
The point to note here is that Louis Vuitton models, especially the vintage models, have a high resale value. Their resale value is down to many factors, two of which we have mentioned above. Many people have identified this today, and that’s why they demand them, ultimately increasing their popularity.

4.     Vintage Fashion Is Trending

If you look around you, you’ll realize that it is relatively easy to find vintage fashion items on people. It is the current trend because classic items are high quality and are remarkably unique. Some people even defend theories that there are no new designs and that what we see is a recreation of past designs.

While there is evidence, dismissing the beautiful designs we’ve seen in contemporary times would be unfair. But the point remains that vintage fashion is trending, and people are collecting all old luxury products, including Louis Vuitton bags. This is another reason why 30-year-old Louis Vuitton models are still popular today.

5. Discontinued Models are Rare

One of the many ways Louis Vuitton has retained the value of its products is because they don’t mass-produce. Many of their products undergo limited production and sales and are discontinued after they are sold out. As soon as these models are sold out, they become so rare that only a few people have them. 
Owning any of these models is the same as possessing a high-value material, and they can only be bought in second-hand markets. As a result, they sell for higher prices than some of the new models. The rarity of discontinued Louis Vuitton models is why they have become popular today. 

6.     Awakening Towards Sustainability and Eco-Consciousness

We are at a time when there’s an unprecedented awareness about sustainability. There’s a sense of socially shared responsibility for everyone to contribute their quota towards protecting our planet. This eco-consciousness has influenced some fashion enthusiasts to purchase vintage Louis Vuitton products instead of newly made ones.

While this is an environmentally responsible choice, the ripple effect of it is a high demand for these vintage models. As a result, they’ve become more popular, selling at higher prices than some new models. As environmental consciousness increases, so will high demand for these old items, increasing their popularity.  


I think I’ve discovered the secret to selling even old models and well-worn items.


Louis Vuitton is of good quality, so many people buy second-hand items. I would like to find a store that will buy it at a fair price.

What Do Buyers Check in Old Louis Vuitton Bags Before Buying?

You may have guessed it, but it needs reiteration that dealers don’t buy just any kind of old Louis Vuitton bag. There are certain things they look out for before buying, and some of them include the following:

If the Bag is in Good Condition

The value of a luxury bag is in its utility. In other words, you cannot buy a luxury bag if you cannot use it. Even if you’re not buying to wear, you’re certainly buying for a specific need. All of these would be defeated if the bag is damaged or in poor condition. As a result, buyers often check if the old Louis Vuitton bag is in good condition before buying.

Every bag component, including the handle, metal fittings, and shoulder strap base, is assessed to determine if they are all in good condition. So, if your old Louis Vuitton bag has certain defects and the condition is too bad, you should request maintenance from an authorized agent or store.

If There are No Odors

Leather is made from natural material and, as a result, absorbs odors faster than you can ever imagine. The worst thing is that it becomes difficult to remove when leather absorbs a particular odor. As a result, buyers check for strong odors in Louis Vuitton bags before buying.

Cigarette smell and perfumes are long-lasting odors to be careful of in your old LV bag. So, you must check for this before deciding to sell. If the old bag already has an odor, you should research ways to get rid of it as much as possible before you send it in for appraisal. 

If the Bag is Authentic

People often think that paying a high price makes the product authentic. The truth is that price only has a minute bearing on the authenticity of a product. While the chances are slim that you’ll buy an original product cheaply, price should be your least determining factor.

You must ensure that the old Louis Vuitton bag you hope to sell is authentic. You can have an expert help you evaluate its authenticity or look out for date codes and other features to confirm it. Buyers would only buy an old Louis Vuitton bag because it is vintage and authentic.


I hadn’t thought about the smell…


This is a surprisingly important point. You either like it or hate it.

Proven Tips That Will Help You Sell Your 30-Year-Old Louis Vuitton at a High Price

If you want to recoup a reasonable sum of money on your 30-year-old Louis Vuitton bag, observe the following tips before taking it out for sale:

Observe Maintenance Before Submitting the Bag for Appraisal

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important things buyers check before buying an old Louis Vuitton bag is if it’s in good condition. So, observing some maintenance is best before you take the bag out for an appraisal. An excellent way to do this is to clean the bag and repair broken parts.

Gather All Accessories (If Available)

Accessories are some of the properties that enhance the authenticity of a bag. If you can provide the accessories of your old Louis Vuitton bag, you’re sure to get a high value from the buyer. Some accessories include warranty cards, a soft dust bag, and a packaging box. 

Appraise At Multiple Purchase Specialty Stores

Buyers try to buy old Louis Vuitton bags for as low as possible. Hence, trying to sell as high as possible is an excellent decision. To do this, ensure you appraise the bag at multiple specialty stores. This gives you an idea of the market price and shows which store will pay the highest for your bag. The more your options, the better your chances of getting a high price for your product.


If you do some maintenance on it yourself and put it up for sale, you might be able to get a high price for it.


That’s right. It may take some time, but it is important to submit it for appraisal in as clean a condition as possible.

Examples of 30-Year-Old Louis Vuitton Bags Still Popular Today

The following are some 30-year-old Louis Vuitton Bags that are still popular today, selling at high prices:

Monogram Alma M51130 –  A key feature of the Monogram Alma M51130, giving it high popularity, is the sturdy gusset at the base of the bag. People want to buy it because it suits business runs and travels.

Monogram Papillon M51386 – The Monogram Papillon M51386 is a handbag with a unique cylindrical shape and chunky design. It is a rare Louis Vuitton bag, that’s why it is popular and high in demand among many people today.

Monogram Trocadero M51272 – The Monogram Trocadero M51272 is a shoulder bag notable for its excellent storage space and design. It’s also versatile, making it a good choice for different occasions, either casual or business. 

Monogram Saumur M42254 –  The Monogram Saumur M42254 is another attractive shoulder bag with a vast storage space. It has a strap and a buckle across the front, making it an excellent piece to keep contents safe. It’s a discontinued model that’s rare to find.

Monogram Keepall M41426 – The Monogram Keepall M41426 is a standard traveler’s bag. The model is still on sale today because it is a suitable bag for a two to three-day trip. You can cop one at a specialty store near you.

Keepall Bandouliere 55 M41414 – The Keepall Bandouliere is a beautiful travel bag, slightly wider than the Monogram Keepall M41426. It is the perfect option for long trips, as it has enough space.


There are products that can be purchased for a high price even if they are 30 years old.


Of course, the purchase price will vary depending on the condition of the item, so it’s a good idea to sell your unused bags as soon as possible.

Examples of 30-Year-Old Louis Vuitton Wallets

As you know, Louis Vuitton makes many fashion items besides their popular bags. Their wallets are another popular item, some old but still in demand today. Below are some 30-year-old Louis Vuitton Wallets to explore:

Porto Tresor International M61215 – Porto Tresor International M61215 is a compact, handy, and rare wallet. It has a triple-fold interior that allows users to carry cards, bills, and other pieces that fit. The wallet has a simple yet elegant design and is used by men and women.

Portomone Zip M61735 – The Portomone Zip M61735 is a bifold handy wallet that can only hold tiny objects like cards, coins, and small jewelry pieces. It’s a discontinued model that’s very hard to find. You’ll find it on second-hand markets for a high price.

Portomone Bie Cult Credit M61652 –  The Portomone Bie Cult Credit M61652 is a compact wallet that appeals to people looking for small wallets. The model is out of print, but if you can find it, rest assured it will cost a lot.

Portefeuille Koala M58013 – The Portefeuille Koala M58013 is easily the most adorable piece of all the old Louis Vuitton wallets. It is a colorful, bifold feminine wallet with multiple storage spaces despite its size.

The point to note about the above-mentioned vintage Louis Vuitton bags and wallets is that they are attractive, rare, and precious. So, if you want to sell any, rest assured you’ll get a good value in return.


Not only bags but also wallets have high value.


Items that are out of print tend to have particularly high purchase prices.


Louis Vuitton bags and wallets retain value no matter how old they are. The 30-year-old models are particularly endearing for many people, so if you have any, you have a valuable piece. But if you decide to sell, ensure they are in good condition, and research the market price before selling.


I'm surprised that Louis Vuitton from 30 years ago is still popular. It might even be sleeping in my house...


If it's sitting unused, consider selling it. You may be able to sell it for a surprisingly high price!


I agree. There should have been a warranty, so you can expect a high-price purchase!



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