Gold-making Process – Metallurgy? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 19, 2023

Gold-making Process – Metallurgy? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


What exactly is metallurgy?


The term "metallurgy" is used frequently.


People often claim that gold is created through alchemy.


When it comes to the process of producing gold, many people think of alchemy rather than metallurgy.

Let us look at the gold producing method to gain a better understanding of gold. Many people have probably heard about gold production and have images of smelting or refinement in their heads. The phrase metallurgy is not commonly used in everyday speech. What exactly is metallurgy, and what is the process? Please see below for a detailed explanation of the gold producing procedure.

What is metallurgy?

When discussing gold production, the term “metallurgy” is frequently used.

Metallurgy – extract metal from metal ore

Since long ago, mankind has recognized that ore contains a variety of metals, but in order to use it for diverse purposes, impurities must be removed, and the ore transformed into a more practical form. Metallurgy is the technology used for this. Professionally, it is “scientific metallurgy,” which implies the technology of extracting metals from minerals using chemical processes. To extract metals from minerals, numerous technologies and knowledge are required. They are referred to as alchemy or metallurgy. This is usually included by metallurgy in a broad sense.

Difference of smelting and refining

When studying about metallurgy and industry, the terms smelting and refining are sometimes used interchangeably. It is important to remember that these terminologies have diverse meanings. To appreciate the distinction between these terms, you must first comprehend the meaning of smelting or refining.

What is smelting?

The process of recovering metals from ore is referred to as smelting. Smelting is what metallurgy does. It refers to the extraction of metals from ore and the reduction of metal elements.

What is refining?

The elimination of impurities from metal is referred to as refining. Many contaminants are included in the metal produced after ore smelting, making it unsuitable for direct use. As a result, it must undergo the refining process. These two words are often confused if you are unfamiliar with metal fabrication. There is a significant distinction between the two words. As a result, we must first have a notion, which is the operating method, and the end goal of smelting and refining are very different.

How is gold made? Alchemy?

Many people’s thoughts turn to alchemy rather than metallurgy when it comes to the procedure of generating gold. Alchemy, which is frequently shown in films and comic books, is the study of changing the qualities of a specific metal in order to change it into gold or metal. Gold was also highly valuable in the past, but the amount of gold that could be recovered from the ore was too limited, which may have caused previous generations to wonder and research “Is there any way to make gold?” Even so, it is unfortunate that despite their best efforts, it was still unable to create gold from any metal. However, this doesn’t mean that alchemy is pointless. The technologies established in alchemy, as well as many new discoveries in study, form the cornerstone of modern science.

Gold bars production in modern days

Gold is mainly exchanged in the form of gold bars nowadays. So, how exactly do gold bars get made? The manufacturing method is detailed below.

1. Mining gold.

2. From the gold ore, copper is melted and refined.

3. During the production of copper, gold and silver ores are produced. These ores are made into copper electrolytic anodes (anodes plates).

4. Precious metal such as gold and silver are precipitated through electrolysis.

5. Inject chlorine gas on the sediment and take out the leaching solution which contains gold.

6. Extract gold using liquid extraction method.

7. Obtain pure gold through refining.

8. Processed into various shapes such as gold bars and shipped out.

The metallurgical method of extracting gold from gold ore is closely related to copper and silver smelting and refining. To think about the specific method, you must utilize your imagination.


People have used metallurgical techniques to extract metal from ore since ancient times. Metallurgical processes have gradually evolved throughout time. Perhaps the gold we see is the finished product, and we have never had the opportunity to examine the process of its creation. Trying to have a little interest and concern for metallurgy, on the other hand, may increase our comprehension and knowledge of gold.


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