How to distinguish fake points? (Watch version) | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: February 24, 2023

How to distinguish fake points? (Watch version) | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Do you know that there are many imitations of high-grade branded items?


This imitation branded item is made from a precision machine and is also expensive.


Can you explain more?


You may refer the article below.

There are many types of counterfeit branded watches are sold in high price and has been distributed consistently. These counterfeit watches made by precision machine that makes it hard to differentiate from the genuine watches. Because of these counterfeit watches, it effects the second-hand shop in terms of the price especially and to ordinary customers because they will hesitate whether “it’s a genuine or not?”

Even it is said to be a fake branded watch, but it has considerable rank.

Even though we have countless counterfeit branded watches experience, but only the genuine maker will remain and there are numerous imitation watches maker, and the quality is also various. These kinds of imitation are called “Super Copy” as the movement are made by the same manufacturer (ETA) like the genuine one. Honestly, low-quality of these counterfeit items easily detected even by an amateur with an attentive looks at them.

In example for man watch, Rolex is the most major brand in Japan. We did like to go over some of the criteria that are used to evaluate the timepieces that are brought in. Usually, the evaluation follows the flow “from the easy to comprehend portion (the difference of section where an imitation is poorly created)”.

This part is often different for a bad imitation! What is the point to differentiate immediately?

1. Compare the price. Look into a trusted website to find out the real price of the genuine luxury watch. Genuine luxury watch is expensive and if you found a lower price than the market price, it’s probably a fake one.

2. Observe the defect. Be alert on their design or construction, such as misspelled words, uneven or loose parts, or poor-quality finishing. These several points are the most crucial parts to identify a fake watch.

3. Measure the weight. Genuine watches only use high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or gold that make them heavier than the fake watches. It might be a fake if the watch feels light.

4. Identify the movement. Fake watch will tick in a jerky, irregular manner meanwhile a genuine watch will have a smooth, consistent movement. It will be easier if you have some knowledge about the movement so that you will instantly notice a fake watch from its movement.

5. Strong brand marking. Beware of the marking of fake watch that usually will incorrect or their brand marking is poorly aligned. The brand name and logo will be engraved or printed in specific parts of the brand of genuine luxury watch.

If it is a delicate imitation, you can identify from here! Where are the different points likely to occur?

1. How to differentiate internal structure movement even it is similar with the genuine item. Several “Super Copy” movement uses the same manufacturer as the genuine luxury watch. However, there must be some contrast in the adjustment after the installation despite the product is identical but still not genuine. You can tell its authenticity by using a timegrapher to listen to the sound.

2. The quality of stamping part and marking A very hard point to identify without using a right tools like magnifying glass. Typical fake point on Rolex’s trademark such as the crown stamping and marking that are messy and the finishing work is rough.

3. There is a distinction in the unseen component. The stamping on the back of the buckle, for example, and the reference number after removing the bracelet are two points that can easily make a difference. The original item is correctly engraved meanwhile the imitation item may be difficult to read due to laser engraving.

Lastly, there are cases where you cannot identify unless you leave it to the professional.

The above point is to make it easier for you to know the authenticity. As time pass, the imitation makers are improving that make it’s hard to identify on the spot, which this is a very rare case. Typically, in luxury branded item like watch will take more time to assess it, if the higher the quality of imitation. In case that where it cannot recognize without using professional gadget, we will take the responsible to keep for further confirmation after obtaining the customer’s permission.

Aside from such circumstances, there are two things that may be claimed about imitation items to some level.

1. It is unexpected when using a magnifying lens to notice something that is difficult to see with the ordinary eye.

2. First and foremost, if you don’t know what the genuine thing is, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Those who frequently look at real objects and publications are more sensitive to such difference therefore we want to improve the chance of seeing not only my own but the genuine item!


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