How to Handle Luxury Watches Delicately? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 8, 2023

How to Handle Luxury Watches Delicately? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


All luxury watches must be strong and durable, right?


Not really. Only some models really are.


Oh, but it's easy to take care of this luxury watch, right?


If you want to know more about it continue to read.

“Since it is a luxury watch, it should be able to withstand pressure, damage or hard-wearing” such impression is actually inaccurate.

It is a thrilling feeling for everyone to own an expensive luxury watch for the first time. A branded luxury watch can cost around multiple times the price of a regular watch and with this the expectation arises by “Because it is mad expensive, and I paid for it”. Not only for the first time, but all luxury watch owner expect that it should be excellent in various aspects such as not only the design but also the precision of the country, the variety of functions, and the toughness that it is easy to get out of order and break.

However, this branded luxury watches are more delicate since they are luxury products, but this also apply to other luxury item than watch. Many presumptions occur “the high price should be commensurate with the result”. But it is very difficult to pursue “luxury design” and “fragility” because it is reflected in the design. For example, if you compare the design of a watch called G-SHOCK, which symbolizes toughness, with the design of a luxury watch that pursues fashion, the difference in appearance is obvious. Even if it is a mechanism, it will be contras.

How to handle luxury watches delicately?

The most appropriate way of care is according to the type of luxury watch needs.

To make a watch last longer, the common things is one must follow the instructions in the manual as much as possible to “use it correctly”. However, as it was introduced in other column before, there are three types of luxury watches, and handling them accordingly is the most important point to extend the life of delicate luxury watches.

Roughly if you divided the types of luxury watches, you could divide them into three types of mechanism such “Automatic winding”, “Manual winding”, and “Quartz type”. Hence, select to which are the basics of delicate treatment that fits.

What are the precautions for handling “self-winding” watches?

In luxury watch, self-winding type is the most common use type, and the mainspring drive is the same as the “manual winding type”. The type where the winds mainspring by the movement of the owner wrist, which uses a weight called a rotor.

Additional info about this type is:

〇 Always keep the time and the date untouched.
There is a time zone called the Prohibited Time Zone for calendar operation in mechanical watches. Depending on the model, the date display gear in the movement is set to change for about 8 hours between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. If you turn the crown to change the date and time during that time, the gear will change. An issue like chipping could result in a serious failure and have an impact on one’s life.

〇 Stay away from place that produces magnetism.
Computers, smartphones, cases, and bags with magnets are some examples. Please be aware that the self-winding type is vulnerable to the effects of strong times, particularly if the phenomenon known as “magnetic banding” happens. This phenomenon can lead to stoppage or deviation, and it will be costly to remove the magnetism.

〇 Hand winding of the crown is used depending on the amount of exercise.
If you only use automatic winding for people who frequently open their watches or who do not exercise much, the mainspring may wear out, which could cause the time to malfunction or stop, which is never a good thing. Another common practice is to manually sprinkle the crown to make up for the low momentum while keeping an eye on the timing (said to be good before wearing it). However, if the crown is overwound while in use, the slip function that guards the mainspring against overwinding will be depleted, reducing life.

〇 Please avoid wearing watch while doing intense sports.
Some individuals might wrongly believe that since the mainspring is wound by exercise, doing more intense exercise, such as participating in sports, will increase the winding force. In essence, a mechanism known as a rotor reacts to arm movements made while walking, but if it rotates too much due to excessive movement, the axis will break and the original one will vanish.

〇 Chronograph will be operated correctly and in order.
A chronograph is a function like a stopwatch that measures time. The buttons are pressed in the order of Start → Stop → Reset, but if you make a mistake in this order, it will have a great impact on the mechanism, so be careful.

Are there any precautions for handling a “manual” watch?

The mainspring type is the earliest appearance among other and has a history of traditional mechanism that is adopted. The mainspring will take times to do it manually, but unlike the automatic winding. Basically, there are many in common points with “automatic winding” but below information only the different parts.

〇 Do not overwind after “stop winding”.
The self-winding watch also has a crown, allowing it to be used in conjunction with manual winding, but the main distinction is that there is no “slip function” when using manual winding (prevents excessive winding and prevents the mainspring from running out). The mainspring will frequently be severed if you attempt to force it to wind up. The rule is that once the crown starts to “roll up,” it cannot be wound any further. The crown cannot be wound indefinitely.

What are the precautions for handling quartz watches?

Since the 1970s, the quartz type—also known as the battery type—has grown significantly, even in high-end watches. The mainspring watches can be distinguished by the presence or absence of the crown, but in contrast to quartz watches, the second hand in mainspring watches moves smoothly rather than every second. That way, you’ll know. This is so-called because the battery, not the mainspring, produces the electricity. Quartz is used to control running. In contrast to the spring type, the accuracy of the time and durability are actually quite good, and there aren’t as many warning signs as possible to be aware of.

〇 Expedite battery replacement
The time may be incorrect, or a problem may occur during or after the battery replacement if the battery is dead. Try to replace it as soon as possible so that you can use as a guide for replacement is clearly indicated. The battery solution can leak or cause an accident if the battery is left unattended for a long time.

〇 Reminder that chronograph consumes a lot of battery power.
Actually, stopwatch function consumes a lot of power and if it uses for a long time on a daily basis, consumption will be faster, so we want to keep it as short as possible.

〇 Be careful with magnetism
The common point with other mainspring watches is to keep it away from PCs, smartphones, and other devices with magnets. The risk of becoming a so-called “magnetic band” can increase.

How was it?
During the time of assessment, you will be given a brief about your item. The items listed here are often written in the manuals. There are several important details, that should be noted other than those listed here. Also, the handling precautions may differ depending on the model. However, it is important to be aware of these rough differences in handling by mechanism. Thank you for reading.


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