To whom who nervous to choose your first high-end watch, this article may help you! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: March 30, 2023

To whom who nervous to choose your first high-end watch, this article may help you! | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


Have you ever dreamed of having a high-end watch?


Yes, but I feel a bit nervous.


Don't worry. Let's read to know what brand best suits you.


Okay sure.

You might feel anxious when selecting a high-end watch, like a Rolex or Omega, for the first time. It will be beneficial if everyone is aware of what luxury watches are, what they’re used for, and even what brand they are. The phrase “I work hard and need to reward myself, so I want a suitable high-end watch” is frequently used by people who are eager to enter watch stores. I believe that many people unknowingly make their first purchase. Additionally, it is given as a gift for birthdays and weddings. This time, I’d like to share with you what brand has what kind of an image and who it’s best suited for, but please note that this is a summary of what is usually said.

Image of high-end watches from four major brands

1. Rolex is a classic brand

Nearly 50% of the sales of pricier watches go to Rolex. There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of this brand. I therefore believe that Rolex is the best brand for becoming the leading high-end watch. In actuality, it is synonymous with expensive watches. It also comes in a wide variety of models, including the Datejust, which is very popular with women, the Submariner for divers, the straightforward Explorer, and the Daytona. The Rolex brand is known for being not only tough and trustworthy, but also well-liked by watch enthusiasts. Even though it’s a used watch, many people want to own the models they really want, even though some are hard to find and have been discontinued due to the small distribution of models, these prices are usually very high, compared with other brands. A major feature of Rolex is that it is difficult to reduce its ability to maintain value.

2. Cartier has a unique jewelry brand advantage

The first company to be listed as a women’s favorite brand watch may be Cartier. It has a reputation for luxury and a long history dating back more than 150 years, so it is popular and has a sense of opulence. It is therefore no surprise that women support it more strongly than men do. Additionally, in addition to the fact that it was created as a jeweler, the reliability as a watch brand has been confirmed by the outstanding developments in internal movement research and development over the past few years. Its design features include a clever case, an original shape, a beautiful strap, an elegant and classic dial, and a bezel set with casual diamonds. Same popular with women like Rolex, but modern men also interested to fashion industry, thus many excellent designs to distinguish it from other men’s watches, you may emphasize fashion to make a unique choice.

The round design models such as Ronde solo and Pasha, and rectangular designs such as Tank Louis and Tank Americaine.

3. Omega is a Second Choice after Rolex in Japan

It can be said that OMEGA is a well-known brand, particularly among Japanese men. After Rolex, it might be the second most well-known brand, and it costs less than Rolex. It is typically thought of as the backup brand. The fact that the Olympic Committee has named OMEGA as the official timekeeper is a good way to describe the qualities of the brand. Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut, had a Speedmaster on his arm during the historic first moon landing in 1969. The popularity of the brand is reportedly increased by the use of the diver watch in romantic scenes and James Bond and Seamaster performances by Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, respectively.

Additionally, Move And’s high-tech features support OMEGA’s brand image, which initially displayed excellent results in the Observatory Competition’s clock accuracy competition. George Daniels, a watchmaker, developed a new Co-Axial movement in 1999, so the dedication to high precision will not waver. Additionally, techniques like removing potentially magnetic iron components from the movement and improving the so-called “anti-magnetic watch” route are growing in popularity among watch enthusiasts as well as young people.

4. Many people choose BVLGARI because of its design

Like Cartier, BVLGARI is an Italian jewelry company. Because it is a well-known brand from Rome, Italy, and because it has a long history of producing watches—it recently celebrated its 100th—it has a long history of producing watches. Purchases from the brand itself are common. Luxurious and image are the brand’s two primary attributes. Compared to Cartier, its design has more personality. According to various models, some styles will make extensive use of colored stones and have design advantages, making them ideal for people who dress sartorially. The dedication to extremely precise and thin movement comes in second. Octo Finissimo, a line of extremely thin watches from Bvlgari, is a testament to the company’s development prowess. Many models use this startling movement in addition to the ultra-thin design. Among them, the exquisite, one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional case with a 110-face structure stands out because it is both beautifully designed and technically extremely strong, supporting the brand image. What do you believe? I think I summarized the options available and the brand’s perception. But keep in mind that everyone has a different viewpoint. I appreciate you reading.


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