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Date Updated: May 23, 2023

Selling price of Rolex Submariner 116613LN / 116613LB | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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Rolesor gold steel models (a mix of Oyster steel and gold) have a very constant market price when compared to stainless steel sports watches. Do you aware that the market price of a watch is now skyrocketing? It is the Rolesor gold-steel versions 116613LN and 116613LB of the Submariner series, a mix of Oyster steel and gold. This watch was created in 2009. Because of its lengthy history, the number of productions is unquestionably large. As a result, despite the watch’s long-term popularity, there has never been a price increase. However, its market price is rapidly increasing, and the pace of rise is currently regarded equivalent to that of the stainless-steel Submariner watch. The new Rolex Submariner series, which will be introduced on September 1, 2020, should be the primary reason of this predicament. The previous models will be entirely replaced by the new models. This implies that the Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB will be phased out as long as Rolex’s existing inventory is sold.

What is the current market trend of 116613LN and 116613LB?

The fundamental cause of this dilemma should be the new Rolex Submariner series, which will be presented on September 1, 2020. The new models will completely replace the earlier models. This means that as long as Rolex’s existing inventory is sold, the Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB will be phased out.

Basic Specifications of Rolex Submariner 116613

Case Size : Diameter 40mm x Thickness 13mm

Material : Gold Steel ( Oyster Steel and 18k gold )

Movement : 3135 self winding mechanical perpetual core

Power reserve : Approximately 48 hours

Water Resistant : Water Resistant to 300 meters

Production period : Year 2009 to present


The 116613LN is a normal model in the 116613 series, with a black Bezel bezel and a black dial. The 116613LB is a cool blue bezel watch with a blue dial. The Rolex Submariner diving watch is a popular model that has sold successfully since 1953. The mix of gold and Oyster steel styles began with the 16803 model, which was added to the Submariner series range in 1980. Rolex then released the 16613 watch in 1989, and its revival is the 116613 series.

Because this series of watches has been on the Rolex manufacturing line since its inception in 2009, as noted at the beginning of this piece, it is not as uncommon as the Daytona and GMT-Master series. Nonetheless, it remains a relatively high-end Submariner watch. And it may provide you with a completely different dive watch look as well as a luxury and beautiful feel than the Daytona. Furthermore, it is a very popular watch among collectors who “want to have a unique sub-aqua watch,” which has contributed to its ongoing appeal.

The latest market conditions of ROLEX Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB

With the aforementioned history, the Submariner Rolesor series price has increased to an insurmountable high from February to March 2020. It is the same problem with the black 116613LN and the blue 116613LB. Other Rolex watches have been raised in price in the past due to the price growth of Rolex sports watch straps, but not to the point that it can be labeled a high-priced model. It is widely assumed that the price of 116613 would remain steady. However, the price of this watch has increased to unprecedented levels. Although the price rise rate of 116613LN is comparatively low, it is rapidly catching up to the price increase rate of 116613LB.

Sales price trend of Rolex Submariner 116613LB

By the way, the price of 116613LB increased gradually both before and after the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair in 2019. This is a unique Rolex phenomena that will be discussed later. Nonetheless, its price fell again from June to September of the same year. “Has the high Rolex price finally come down?” There was a rumor going around at the time. The previous declining trend was reversed in October, when prices surged once again. Many popular designs become high-priced versions again at the end of 2019. Although the Submariner series’ price increases are very gradual, the timeframe is slightly later than those of the Rolex Daytona and GMT-Master II series, although it still rose sharply in early 2020. Whether it is the black 116613LN or the blue 116613LB, the parallel input market prices of new products have reached a new high by February 2020.

Although the price has been fluctuating, this model has not before raced to the high-priced market. But why has the price risen substantially in the last two years? We are unable to pinpoint the primary causes and can only speculate on a few possibilities. The approaching Basel World Watch and Jewelry Expo is the most likely cause. This is the strange Rolex phenomena stated before.

When the yearly fair takes place, the market for specific Rolex watches will skyrocket. The Basel World Watch and Jewlery Expo is the world’s largest annual watch industry exhibition. Well-known companies like as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Hublot will convene in Basel, Switzerland, to launch their new yearly works (the COVID-19 will affect them in 2020). It prompted Rolex to delay the debut of a new model in 2020). The timepieces of the year will be withdrawn at the same time as the new model is released. This is a unique occurrence to Rolex watches, and the trade market for defunct models will begin to grow. Because the market no longer produces new items, retired models are becoming increasingly scarce.

The two submariner gold steel models unveiled today are also among the Rolex types that will be phased out in 2020. We may deduce from this that the value of the 116613 series is growing significantly as a result of this component.

Although the Rolesor gold steel model, the Sea-Dweller series, issued the new model 126603, the light of the black model 116613LN was partially obscured. However, due to the reasons listed above, its market price soared briefly before the Basel World Exposition, only to fall again when the conference was postponed. After entering July, Rolex abruptly announced a “new release on September 1,” causing the industry to become active. Prior to that, some people believe that there would be no new works in 2020, thus collectors throughout the world are looking forward to September.

On September 1, Rolex introduced a new generation of Submariner and Submariner Date watches. Although Rolex has sufficient inventory to meet demand, the current 116610, 116613, and 114060 models may be phased out when supplies run out. As previously said, “the market for discontinued styles will rise.” As a result, the market’s purchasing power is concentrated on all of the vintage Submariner watches. When compared to stainless steel watches, the market price of Rolesor gold steel models is quite steady, and dramatic changes are unusual. However, this industrial common sense appears to be being challenged today. Perhaps 116613LN and 116613LB will outperform the submariner steel watch (SS) and become the center of market interest indefinitely.

Best time to sell Rolex Submariner 116613LN/ 116613LB

When is the ideal time to sell your home? Because market values will continue to vary, determining the ideal moment to sell is impossible. But there is no question that we are entering a key selling period. This is due to the 116613 series’ historical record of new product prices being lower than the average a few years ago. In other words, purchasers who purchased 116613 at the time and thought it was the greatest moment to sell. If you are unable to buy at a set price due to limited liquidity but can still buy and use it at a relatively modest price, selling it now is enough to obtain you a new watch. The Submariner series is an absolute must-have for watch retailers that specialize in buying timepieces. The old model is set to be replaced by the new model, especially now that Rolex has revealed the new 2020 model. It is not impossible to foresee that, in the future, retailers would struggle to obtain inventory owing to a drop in market circulation. This watch will become a customer favorite, with the store eagerly purchasing it. Even if none of the aforementioned factors are taken into account, because the watch is a precise instrument, we recommend that you sell it as quickly as possible when it is no longer in use. Let’s ride this sales wave!

Finally, if you have a Sumariner 116613LN or 116613LB with a new warranty card changed in 2020, it has a better chance of becoming a rarer!


In this post, we described to readers the newest market scenario of Rolex Submariner 116613LN and 116613LB, as well as the situation of increasing costs. At the same time, readers who already possess this watch are given recommendations on when to sell it! As detailed in this article, the Submariner series has not only become the central axis of Rolex’s new 2020 release, but it is also one of the watches for which we must continue to monitor market trends. Please help me in keeping an eye on its future market developments in order to achieve the aim of selling at the maximum price!


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