Rolex GMT Master latest 2020 acquisition market price | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 26, 2023

Rolex GMT Master latest 2020 acquisition market price | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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。The most notable differential between Rolex watches and other brands is their resale value. The value of antique Rolex models has climbed year after year, and several are now far more costly than when they were initially produced. This time, we’ll take a look at the sales trend and pricing of Rolex’s highly received “GMT-Master.”

※The purchase price listed here is the price in September 2020.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR acquisition market

Manufacturing period: 2013-

Men in their 30s to 40s adore the 116710BLNR’s blue and black two-color bezel, competent and fashionable design sense, and small look. When it went public in 2013, it commanded a premium price in the acquisition market, and it has since continued to increase. Despite the fact that this model was terminated in 2019, the new 126710BLNR was converted to a commemorative strap, thus the market’s appraisal of 116710BLNR has not decreased and is still increasing.

From 2014 to 2017, the pricing remained largely steady. Later, the purchase market burst through the barrier in 2018, influenced by the currency rate and the market’s demand of Rolex. The value of 116710BLNR stays high even after manufacturing is halted. More high-end market has been written as of September 2020. Although the price continues to climb, it is acceptable to sell it now; yet, because there is no blue-black surface with an Oyster strap in the contemporary Rolex watches, there is still the chance of future appreciation. The time of the selling of this watch appears to be more difficult to fathom.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN acquisition market

The GMT-Master is typically associated with the two-color bezel, although the simpler 116710LN is also highly popular. Even after 50 or 60 years, the exquisite green GMT pointer design remains unobtrusive. As a result, in the present GMT-Master, market demand for the basic 116710LN remains high. The price of 116710LN has been rather steady in recent years, however it has risen significantly in 2018. Not only is the GMT model popular among consumers in all styles, but the combination of stainless-steel black front plate is as well, so demand should not be much diminished. Most Rolex models have dropped in price as we enter 2020, but 116710LN remains firmly in a high-priced position, demonstrating its appeal. In September, the market was bullish, and this is a good moment to sell.

GMT-Master II 116710LN Trends after discontinuation

In 2019, both 116710LN and 116710BLNR manufacture was halted. After these two models are retired, the current design will no longer include the stainless steel black face plate combo. It is a wise option to sell 116710LN “now” at a premium price. Alternatively, you might continue to monitor the futures market and wait for the price to climb before selling.

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 acquisition market price

Manufacturing period: 1990~2008

So far, the GMT-Master model of Ref. is still popular. The 16710’s bezel comes in three different colors: red-black, red-blue, and black. The most popular is the red and blue bezel (also known as the Pepsi circle). Because the Rolex bezel can be replaced, some people acquire watches in different colors and then replace them with red and blue for sale to boost the purchasing price. The market for Ref.16710 decreased drastically during the Lehman Brothers financial crisis, but since 2011, the price has gradually climbed until the purchasing price of GMT-Master reached a record high in 2018. Prices have risen owing to the release of a new GMT-Master in the same color, but the market’s strength is astounding. The market plummeted for a period due to the emergence of the new crown pneumonia pandemic, but by September 2020, the purchasing price had risen again. Furthermore, the cost of 16710 fluctuates substantially according on the serial number. The greatest buying price of the serial number Z in the red, black, and black bezels is optimistic, while the Pepsi circle may increase much more.

16710 equipped with Cal.3186 movement, the highest purchase price for watches numbered Z and M

The 16710 has a 3185 movement, while certain versions from the second part of the number Z7 to the letter M have a 3186 movement. The 3186 movement features a blue Parachrom hairspring with anti-magnetic capabilities. Because the current 116710 employs the same movement, the 16710 watch with the same movement is quite popular. The total number of Ref.16710s produced is estimated to be over 700,000, of which only 35,000 are claimed to be equipped with the 3186 movement. This watch must be really uncommon. Because market interest for the GMT-Master has not waned, the acquisition market has increased, and the price of Ref. is 1.5 times that of the common 16710.

GMT-Master II 16700 acquisition market price

Manufacturing period: 1990 to around 1999

This watch was introduced in 1990 and was phased out in 1999. Ref.16700 was the last generation of GMT-Master. “Red and blue” and “black” are the colors of the bezel. At first sight, the “red and blue bezel” looks identical to the GMT-Master II Ref. 16710, however the particular feature of Ref. 16700 is that the date may be set independently. Since 2014, the watch market has continuously increased, and the purchasing amount has increased as of January 2020. The buying price has more than quadrupled in only 5 years. Prices declined for a time as a result of the outbreak, but they began to rise again in September 2020, reaching a record high. The ideal moment to sell is right now. Ref. 16700, on the other hand, may climb in the future. It is a difficult decision to decide whether to sell now or wait for another high. By the way, the “red and blue bezel” is valued higher than the “black bezel,” thus the purchasing price is greater. Furthermore, the product number has minimal impact on the acquisition market, and the price varies based on preservation quality.

Memorable strap for potential models

In addition to the usual three-plate strap, Ref.16700 comes with a commemorative five-bead strap. The new GMT-Master (126710BLRO) gained widespread notice after its release. Although the present market for commemorative strap models has not increased, if the 126710BLRO becomes overcrowded, demand for Ref.16700 may increase.

Rolex GMT-Master II 1675 acquisition market trend

Manufacturing period: 1960 to around 1980

The best Rolex vintage watch, Ref.1675, has been discontinued for about 40 years, and it is still noticed that this watch is sent to the original manufacturer for repair. In general, the buying price of Ref. 1675 is based on the following principles: the older the age, the higher the value, the better the preservation, the higher the price. Watches from the 1960s and 1970s, in particular, should be able to sell for a fair price. Due to the ancient style, the purchase price stayed steady for a time, until the market rose fast in the second half of 2017, and the average price ultimately doubled in 2019. As we approach 2020, Ref.1675 retains its high-end purchasing price, indicating that the model’s desirability should not be underestimated. Furthermore, Rolex provides safe and consistent maintenance services, so the market is unlikely to fall in the future. You must, however, be psychologically prepared. Because of the varying storage conditions of each watch, the buying price will vary.

Highly rated watch Ref. 1675 Mirror dial

The original Mirror dial is the most expensive watch in Ref. 1675. The distinctive shiny surface is both moving and beautiful. The text is gold letter, which is the design of gold letters, which is one of the main features. The Mirror dial’s bezel is easily faded, and depending on the year of manufacture, there are watches with smaller GMT hands. The price of timepieces with these features is projected to be higher. Given that the quantity of watches produced in the future will be decreasing, the price may rise steadily.


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