How to choose the right glass and windproof for the watch? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: April 13, 2023

How to choose the right glass and windproof for the watch? | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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How to choose the right glass and windproof for the watch?


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To protect the watch’s surface from wind, there are hundreds of different types of wind resistance. Each type of glass has distinct qualities of its own and is appropriate for various watch types, so prices range from high to low. Knowing which glass you use for your watch is crucial because it will affect how much it will cost to replace the windshield. Here is a thorough introduction to the different types and qualities of wind protection, as well as replacement techniques and safety measures.

What is wind protection?

The phrase “glass that protects the surface” refers to a variety of materials that are used in watches’ so-called “wind protection.” It can be roughly divided into three categories; first, describe the different types and features of glass.

Acrylic glass

Acrylic glass, also referred to as “plexiglass,” is created from clear plastic or artificial resin. It is sometimes referred to as “plastic windproof” due to its plastic construction. There are ten grades of mineral hardness according to the Moh’s scale of hardness. Hardness is two. Acrylic glass is advantageous because it is simple to process, lightweight, strong, and difficult to break after being processed with a thin design. It is typically made of strengthened glass, and wind protection is frequently shaped like an arc. However, the resin material still has drawbacks like easily scratching and UV-induced discoloration. Grinding and polishing can get rid of a shallower or smaller scratch, though. You can assured.

Mineral Glass

Mineral glass, also referred to as “inorganic glass,” is a very popular watch component that is found in many watches. Crystal glass and Hardlex are examples of special strengthened mineral glass. Lead oxide is added to mineral glass to create crystal glass. The glass appears to be sparkling crystal because of the glass’s greatly improved transparency and refractive index. Although it has the benefit of being simple to process, it also has the drawback of being easily scratched or missing corners. Mineral glass ranges in hardness from 3 to 6 on the Moh’s scale. Glass called Hardlex is produced by SEIKO using proprietary technology. There is no way to determine the accurate value because no detailed information, such as hardness, is disclosed; its hardness is several times of crystal glass.

Sapphire crystal

Because it is created artificially, sapphire crystal differs from natural sapphire in that it has a Mohs hardness of 9. Although sapphire crystal is sometimes referred to as “sapphire glass,” it is actually a mineral known as “corundum” that uses alumina as its primary raw material. The material’s greatest benefit is that it is tough and difficult to scratch. But the material’s hardness is also a drawback. It is more difficult to process sapphire crystal than mineral glass or acrylic glass. Since most sapphire glass products are flat processed weather protection, it is uncommon to find sapphire glass that has been specially processed on the market. Additionally, due to its high cost, it is primarily used in high-end watches.

How to choose the right glass and windproof for the watch

I just discussed three different types of wind-resistant glass, and when making a watch, the glass will be chosen based on its unique properties. In low-cost watches, mineral glass is frequently used; expensive sapphire crystals are most frequently used in high-end watches. Most of these watches will use the arc-type windshield commonly used acrylic glass, which is typically used to create a retro feel in your design.

Windproof replacement method

It will make it difficult for ordinary people to have the opportunity to know how to replace it as the replacement of wind protection will be handled by watch repair shops and manufacturers.

Next, I will introduce the steps to replace wind protection.

1. Remove the Back Cover / Back Case

Start by taking off the watch’s back cover. This is to take out the movement and dial; however, after taking out the back cover, remember to take out the crown before taking out the movement and dial. The crown might break if you don’t first remove it.

2. Remove Wind Protection

The project for replacing the wind protection can begin after the movement and dial have been successfully removed. The windshield can be removed by pressing the surface glass from the inside because it is installed from the outside. If pressing it with your fingers doesn’t work to remove it, you’ll need to use a specialized tool.

3. Install Wind Protection

It’s time to install the new windshield after removing the old one! There are two methods of installation: adhesive installation or pressure embedding. Use a glass press to embed the windshield from the outside when pressure embedding. This technique is frequently applied to round watches. Adhesives are more frequently used to install square watches. You’re done when you install the wind protection, reverse the previous procedures, install the dial and movement, and then close the back cover.

Precautions when replacing

Even though we frequently request wind protection replacement from watch repair shops and manufacturers, we still need to be aware of it. Do you really need to replace it, first? The wind protection must be replaced if it is cracked or clearly scratched; however, if the acrylic glass is only lightly scratched, the scratches can be removed by polishing it, negating the need to replace the wind protection. Pay close attention to that because, if it’s an old watch or something similar, some glass types might have been phased out and it might not be fully restored. You might want to bring your watch to the repair shop to see how it is doing and to ask the shop to determine whether to replace it or polish it. If you truly need to replace it, you should also find out if the repair shop can help with the replacement or if you should contact the manufacturer. It is typically returned to the manufacturer for processing if it is sent to a general watch shop, but if the watch repair shop has weatherproof stock, it can be replaced on its own even if it is not returned to the manufacturer. It takes the manufacturer about two weeks to replace it before performing inspections like waterproof testing and verifying subsequent operation. If the watch is a weatherproof type that is typically available on the market, you can still ask the store even though it is difficult to find one to replace a special watch to the store if it can be replaced.

Replacement fee basis

Although it is safe to know the charging standard in advance when hiring a repair shop to replace the wind protection, the replacement cost will vary depending on the type of glass. It is advised to compare prices because each store’s quotations are unique. It is important to note that some shops will divide the cost of the glass from the cost of the repair, while other shops will add all the costs up.


Three different types of glass are used to protect watches from wind. This time, I covered the less well-known wind protection replacement precautions and steps. I hope you’ll find this information useful if you decide to replace the wind protection. Of course, it is best to avoid scratching pricey watches, but it is also crucial to take precautions and handle them carefully if the glass is seriously cracked or scratched. Knowing what kind of glass your watch uses in advance will allow you to mentally prepare for the cost of a replacement.


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