Do you know how much your watch is worth? Total review! Average purchase price ratio of branded watches. | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 26, 2023

Do you know how much your watch is worth? Total review! Average purchase price ratio of branded watches. | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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Even if you are unfamiliar with the popular watch industry, the phrase “the price of high-end watches is quite expensive” should be easy to understand. Branded products on the market include branded bags, boutique accessories, boutique clothing, and high-end jewelry. However, unlike the previously mentioned items, the value-preserving capacity of high-end watches remains overwhelmingly high. But how useful is the watch in reality?

Roughly speaking, high-end watches can be generally split into two

In general, high-end luxury watches are divided into three categories: entry-level models under 200,000 Taiwan dollars, intermediate models under 500,000 Taiwan dollars, and higher-end models with greater prices. There are various well-known representative brands at every price point. How pricey a watch should be dubbed a luxury watch is up to the individual, but in general, a watch worth more than 150,000 Taiwan dollars may be regarded a luxury watch type. The so-called “purchase price ratio” is commonly used to assess the primary predictor of the value of a high-end watch. We can see from the sales price ratio that a watch may be sold at a proportion of the initial purchase price, which is an essential reference statistic for assessing the brand’s customer demand. For example, if I buy a branded watch for $300,000 in Taiwan dollars and then sell it for $150,000 in Taiwan dollars, the purchasing price ratio for this watch is 50%. (50 percent of the original price) In comparison, if a certain company’s current selling price is 50% of the original price, we may use this amount as a rough estimate that the watch we carry can be sold at roughly 50% of the original purchase price.


The most popular watch brand in the world is Rolex from Switzerland. Rolex also has the highest total sales price ratio among numerous brands. Regardless of the brand, each series and variant has its own high and low price, but the calculated price for Rolex, even for more simple classic models, is likely to be between 50% and 60% or more of the original purchase price. Overall, the purchasing price ratio for the six-digit model is typically higher, whereas the purchasing price ratio for the five-digit model is relatively low.

It is also worth noting that Rolex produces a variety of sports watches, including the Daytona, GMT Master-II, Explorer, and Submariner. Watches with a market value ratio of more than 60% abound in this series, indicating that it is a highly valued brand.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s three major watch brands. The magnificent art design, the handcrafted mechanism with intensive attention to detail… the beauty of Patek Philippe carvings has been highly praised by many watch enthusiasts both at home and abroad. Patek Philippe, for example, is without a doubt the most expensive brand in history in terms of “asset valuation.” This significance is expressed not only in auction items such as “Grand Complications that show rare craftsmanship” or “the only antique watch,” but also in simple watches such as steel sports watches. The brand’s exceptional worth.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet, like Patek Philippe, is one of the world’s top three watch brands. Since its inception in 1875, the Management Right has never left the founder’s family, and it is a very uncommon watch brand. Because of its particular background, Audemars Piguet is sometimes characterized to as “the preferred brand of business operators.”

The Royal Oak watch collection, introduced in 1972, is Audemars Piguet’s flagship model. Later, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Royal Oak introduction, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak Offshore in 1993, considerably strengthening the series’ product line. Audemars Piguet introduced a new CODE 11.59 series watch concept in 2019. The above series includes all common models with very high sales price ratios.


Hublot is a premium watch brand that is growing in popularity. Because of its creative concept and strong appearance, it is regarded a “brand worn by successful people.” The Big Bang Big Explosion series is, of course, the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Hublot’s masterpieces. However, there is still significant consumer great desire for the light, contemporary and attractive Classic Fusion series and the barrel-shaped Spirit of great Bang series. . .


Omega is a luxury Swiss watch brand with a comparable reputation to Rolex. Because of the excellent production method, Omega’s watches will retain a reasonable CP value. “I agree that Omega is many people’s “first high-priced watch”! Omega watches have a high retail circulation rate, and it is one of the brands that makes it easy for customers. Depending on the model, the average purchase price ratio can be as high as 40%, notably for the Speedmaster moonwatch, which is quite popular on the market, as well as the Seamaster series.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that has always insisted on creating, manufacturing, and assembling in-house movements in its own watch factory. It is worth noting that the bottom of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is engraved with the words “1000 hours test,” indicating that the watches in the series have passed the internal certification test for up to 41 days, which is considered exceptionally demanding by the watch industry. Represents Jaeger-LeCoultre’s sturdy and dependable brand value. Jaeger-LeCoultre watches have remarkable longevity due to their outstanding manufacture quality, ensuring their value-preserving properties.


Panerai is a high-end Italian watchmaker that began with military timepieces and continues to produce high-quality, durable watches. It was a rather late brand, having just entered the general consumer market in 1993, yet it was able to take the market in a short period of time, indicating its success. It is perhaps worth noting that the “big and thick” fad that has swept the watch market during the 2000s is precisely the trend that has brought in Panerai. Panerai’s most well-known basic timepieces are, of course, the Radiomir and Luminor series. However, one of Panerai’s attractions is the numerous derivative models on the manufacturing line, such as the 1950, Submersible, and other versions.


Switzerland has numerous well-known watch manufactures, the majority of which are located in Geneva and Le Locle, near France. However, IWC was founded in Schaffhausen, a town near Germany. IWC excels in producing basic, long-lasting timepieces. Its fame stems from its excellent performance, gorgeous appearance, and innovative architecture. IWC’s overall average buy price ratio is not particularly high, but if it is a popular watch, such as the Portuguese series or Pilot watch, the general market purchase price is sometimes as high as 40% of the initial purchase price.


Breguet is one of the oldest watch companies in the world. It inherited genes from master watchmakers. In recent years, it has been acquired by the Swatch Group, which owns renowned watch brands such as Omega, a representative of the group’s luxury watch companies. Because of the restricted volume of output, the price and market price are inherently quite high, but they may also have a higher value when reselling. The Marine and Classique series, in particular, have a great market demand in the second-hand resale market since they may better showcase Breguet’s design aesthetics.


Chanel is a luxury brand with a consistent market demand for both men’s and women’s watches. For many years, its classical degree has been quite popular in both the male and female sectors. People particularly enjoy purchasing Chanel watches as presents. Every year around Christmas, the series’ sales of women’s watches will grow. The J12 series is Chanel’s most popular watch, although other watch types, such as the Première, Boy-Friend, and the remainder of the series, remain fairly priced. Chanel has recently bought a number of small watch companies and mechanism manufacturers committed to enhancing the company’s watchmaking technologies.


As we all know, Tudor is a pretty inexpensive Rolex watch brand. While Tudor is still regarded Rolex’s younger brother, its brand line is wholly distinct. Tudor continues to produce unique models, with a focus on the Black Bay and Pelagos series. Having said that, Tudor retains the strength and practicality of Rolex because, while being a modestly priced entry-level brand, it still has a pretty steady acquisition market. Furthermore, even after Tudor’s watch manufacture halted, consumer prices continued to rise.


The Cartier ladies’ watch is the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to high-end ladies’ watches. Of course, Cartier’s ladies watch series are numerous, including Tank Française, Tank Solo, Ballon Bleu, Panthère, and others, all of which are instant favorites. Furthermore, as Chanel predicted, the purchasing price of women’ watches will increase every year around Christmas.

Cartier’s men’s watch, on the other hand, is a must-have classic for many guys. For example, the Santos series, known as “the first male watch in history,” the Calibre de Catier series, with a very bold appearance, and the Drive de Catier series, which incorporates the characteristics of a sports watch but is quite suitable for formal occasions. All of them are classic established teams among Cartier men’s watches, retaining Cartier’s appeal.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is well-known for their sporting timepieces, which are known for their realistic and challenging characteristics. It’s a brand that’s particularly popular among guys in their thirties. Because TAG Heuer’s product price range is rather vast, the total selling price of all TAG Heuer watch models is only 30% of the initial purchase price. TAG Heuer has been producing timepieces ranging in price from around 40,000 yuan to over 800,000 yuan. As a result, TAG Heuer’s goods include watches with a 40% average sales price ratio, such as the Carrera series, which are representative and well-known timepieces.


Breitling is the world’s largest manufacturer of chronograph watches, and it plays a significant role in the watch business. Breitling timepieces are easily identified by their characteristic style of “not only a watch, but also a chronograph.” It’s a brand with a strong feeling of self. Classic timepieces, such as the Navitimer aircraft chronograph collection, the Chronomat ultimate chronograph series, and the Superocean series, are in high demand and have a relatively consistent price. Because of its sturdy design elements and amazing longevity, Breitling watches have a high second-hand retail demand. This function was also important in increasing the purchasing power ratio.

Franck Muller

Frank Muller is well-liked among watch aficionados because to his modern and distinctive aesthetic. This brand is well-liked by both men and women, and it is a must-have for watch collectors. The Casablanca, Long Island, and Tonneau Curvex series are all very iconic watches. Furthermore, there are Vanguard, Conquistador, and other series with a very diverse range of commodities, so its worth cannot be judged just by the average purchase price ratio. If you wish to know how much your watch is worth, please contact our store.


The 125th anniversary of the world-famous fashion and luxury firm “Bvlgari” was commemorated in 2009. Bulgari has also gained prominence in the realm of high-end timepieces. The “Bvlgari” watch, which combines Italy’s unique and exquisite elegance with Swiss mechanical product technology, has captured the attention of male consumers in their twenties and thirties. Bvlgari, by the way, has acquired the independent brand founded by the late outstanding watch designer Gérald Genta (1931-2011). He previously produced the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and other famous timepieces. Bvlgari has inherited the DNA of the master, and we are all eager for the next creation.

Brands priced below RM4000 and their purchase price ratios

Popular watch brands including Hamilton, Oris, and Junghans, which specializes in entry-level timepieces, have an average selling price of around NT$30,000, making them reasonably priced. As a result, the merchant buy valuation is frequently unfavorable. Because merchants who purchase a second watch frequently perform minor maintenance on it before selling it, the merchant’s quote usually prioritizes the deduction of maintenance expenses and income. Is it true that if the selling price isn’t high enough, the watch is worthless? This is clearly not the case. As a consequence, when purchasing a new watch, many people may wish to trade in their old one for a new one.

※If the actual product is in very good condition and does not require maintenance, it may be sold at a better price.

The acquisition status of casual watches

Finally, casual watch brands such as DW Watch (Daniel Wellington), Paul Smith, and Skagen Watch have lower retail pricing than the entry-level brands mentioned above. Because they are quartz watches rather than automatic watches, casual watches are referred to as consumables. The majority of casual timepieces may be acquired for a few thousand Taiwan dollars. It is already a respectable figure if you can recoup hundreds of dollars when you sell it. If the watch box, warranty, and any connected accessories are missing, the watch cannot be obtained. As a result, rather than a pricy watch, it is better to regard this sort of second-hand value as a leisure product.


As you can see, the prices for high-end watches vary greatly depending on the brand. When purchasing a watch, of course, you want your chosen model, but bear in mind that when there is a sales need, the bigger the total demand, the better the price. If you don’t have a watch that you especially like right now, purchasing a model that can be sold for close to the original retail price is also a good idea. Again, the aforementioned purchase price ratios are based on second-hand item market pricing. The actual selling price ratio varies based on whether you are selling a brand-new goods or whether the watch was purchased at a predetermined price. Furthermore, the cost of each shape and model varies.

Many Rolex sports watches, for example, have resale values that surpass the original selling price. As a result, please keep in mind that the data calculated in this article cannot be applied to every case.


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