[Market rising] Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A market price is rising | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: May 29, 2023

[Market rising] Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A market price is rising | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


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The price of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A is currently growing at an unusually rapid rate. It is not an exaggeration to state that the market for 5711/1A has been steadily increasing for some years. Of course, the luxury sports watches of the Nautilus series are not only indicative of the Patek Philippe brand, but also of the high-end watch industry. 5711/1A is without a doubt a great masterpiece. Nonetheless, the present price explosion is highly exceptional. Despite this, “the market is showing signs of flattening out” due to the effect of diverse socioeconomic events. However, the current market price of this watch has risen to more than twice the price. The purchasing market is likewise directly related to it, with extremely high quotes occurring on a regular basis. What has caused the price of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series to skyrocket? And it will be phased out in 2021…? Following that, this post will summarize the reasons behind the popularity of 5711/1A as well as the present market circumstances!

※ The information published in this article is relevant as of January 2021.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-001 Basic Specification

Material: Stainless Steel

Glass Material: Sapphire crystal

Dial: Black and blue

Spec: Transparent back case (see through back)

Waterproof: 12ATM(120M)

Diameter:40mm Thickness: 8.3mm

Movement: Cal.324SC automatic (From 2019, change to Cal.26-330 SC caliber)

It was released for the first time in 1976. Gerald Genta, the late great genius of the watch business, directly created the Nautilus series. It is a premium sports watch that embodies the Patek Philippe brand’s essence. Patek Philippe has produced numerous well-known timepieces for the Nautilus series over the course of more than 40 years. 5711/1A is also the most popular market item in the series. It debuted in 2006 and is a popular classic watch model today. The gauge diameter of the former model Ref.3800/1 was only 37mm; after being updated to 5711/1A, the gauge diameter has increased to 43mm (length 38mm). It is a model that may be used for formal occasions as well as sporting events. It is worth mentioning that this watch has a clear rear case, which allows us to admire the distinctive Patek Philippe company emblem as well as the lovely gold micro automatic caliber. Patek Philippe made slight alterations to the bracelet and updated the Nautilus model of the blue dial from 5711/1A-001 to the current 5711/1A-010 in 2010.

When it was initially introduced in 2006, there were only two dial colors to pick from: black and blue. The white dial watch was not formally included to the series’ product list until 2012. For a while after that, the blue and white styles coexisted in the product selection. However, the white dial was abruptly eliminated from the model portfolio in 2020. Then, in 2021, Patek Philippe stated that the blue model will be phased out.

Following the discontinuation of the 5711, the three Nautilus series hands displayed the stainless steel model, leaving only the ladies’ Ref. 7118. Although the rose gold 5711/1R in the model is still selling, and given the 5711’s popularity and lengthy history, it should not be retired. As a result, there are industry reports that Patek Philippe will shortly unveil a replacement model, with the model number 6711 being anticipated. We can only wait for Patek Philippe to reveal the truth. Patek Philippe has delayed the launching of the new watch for 2020 due to the new coronavirus. Patek Philippe is expected to disclose the announcement of the next watch during the Watches & Wonders Geneve Exhibition (previously known as SIHH) in April 2021. Even as the market’s hopes for new models build, the market values of 5711/1A white and blue models continue to skyrocket as soon as the announcement of manufacturing discontinuance is announced. Because they are both immensely popular, the problem of scarcity will only worsen in the future, and prices may skyrocket.

Is it possible to purchase Nautilus 5711/1A at a fixed price?

The current price of a stainless-steel watch with the famed blue dial is outrageously exorbitant. Even for second-hand items, depending on the condition of the watch, the price might be more than twice the price. Despite the fact that the 5711/1A is a “stainless steel” watch, Patek Philippe boasts the greatest manufacturing technique in the world. Its watches are wonders of craftsmanship that cannot be mass-produced, hence they frequently command exorbitant prices.

It’s simply that whether or not there is price appears to be less significant anymore. Because of the ongoing scarcity, purchasing this watch at a conventional boutique is nearly difficult. By the way, beginning in February 2020, Patek Philippe followed Rolex’s lead and began restricting the purchase of specific elements of the watch, beginning with the Nautilus series. This also implies that if you buy Patek Philippe watches in the future, you won’t be able to buy the same model again.

Even so, you must still wait for a long appointment to proceed to the “purchase” stage. It is common to have to wait many years to get a Patek Philippe watch, and there is even rumor that certain stores no longer take new orders. Furthermore, 5711/1A has been verified to be withdrawn, leading the white and blue variants to soar to a very high market at the same time. Such a development was to be expected. After all, the market for this watch skyrocketed between the summers of 2019 and March 2020. From another angle, individuals who intend to sell Nautilus 5711/1A in the future should do so since the Nautilus market is still on the rise, this may be an excellent opportunity to obtain unexpected profits.

At the moment, Nautilus’ gains have somewhat converged owing to the influence of social conditions such as the new coronavirus pandemic and the strengthening of the Japanese dollar; yet its market conditions remain overpriced. After all, the Nautilus 5711/1A is made by the world’s top watch manufacturer. It is a world-class timepiece with exceedingly fine craftsmanship. It also has the greatest pricing and resale value in the globe.

Why is Patek Philippe 5711/1A popular?

Import prices are referred to as market circumstances. Price variations are typically not restricted to pricing since they are heavily influenced by market supply and demand factors. Patek Philippe timepieces were pricey due to the limited yearly manufacturing. Given the market’s extreme oversupply, the price surge appears to be intensifying.

Why is it so popular?

One of the first is the one described above: the production amount is relatively modest. Although there is no official statistics, it is estimated that Patek Philippe produces just approximately 1,000 watches every year. This level of output is insufficient to fulfill the purchasing demands of Japan, China, India, the United States, Europe, and other nations across the world. However, despite its thinness of 8.3mm, 5711/1A has a high waterproof performance of 12ATM, making it well regarded in terms of utility. The Nautilus series’ distinctive and special design style is also one of the primary aspects that have captivated many watch aficionados. Furthermore, the high-end luxury watch industry is quickly developing, both domestically and internationally, causing the market’s need for high-end luxury watches to remain uninterrupted. It is also attributable to environmental variables in certain cases. People’s passion for Rolex and want to purchase Patek Philippe is universal, regardless of nation. Of course, the future worldwide scenario is difficult to foresee, and there are many unknown circumstances, but market demand will continue to rise as long as Patek Philippe’s popularity does not decline. When supply cannot keep up with demand in the future, the price trend will change.


Patek Philippe’s prices have risen in recent years. People are increasingly buying it as an investment. The growth in Nautilus 5711/1A was especially extraordinary. Its market circumstances are expected to alter dramatically now that it has been formally canceled. If you’re thinking about selling this watch, it might signal an ideal selling opportunity.


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