Online watch acquisition service. First step: understanding the advantages and disadvantages | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia

Date Updated: April 13, 2023

Online watch acquisition service. First step: understanding the advantages and disadvantages | JEWEL CAFÉ Malaysia


What is the method for using watch purchasing services?


To use online valuation services.


How to find service effectively?


Please keep read the following article.

The most practical method for using watch purchasing services is to use online valuation services. You can select the store from among the many acquisition companies that is most advantageous to you as long as you provide the necessary information only once. Even so, there are drawbacks to the valuation service. Please keep the following things in mind so that you can utilize this service effectively and under ideal circumstances. Please refer to it if you are having trouble with “I want to ask a store to buy a watch, but I don’t know where to start.”


When looking for a store to buy a watch, one trick to maximize the selling price is to “investigate in advance.”

・The model’s purchase price as determined by the market

・Comparison of prices from various businesses

・Select a company that is more knowledgeable about the model you want to sell.

The top priority is the list of points above. Investigations will likely take a long time, though, simply because it is so important. And not just “one store” but “plural stores” need to be investigated.

If the necessary information is provided to the appraiser in the online appraisal service, the appraiser will provide a quotation for each industry. As a result of the lack of a time-consuming appraisal the process, good acquisition store, so it is widely praised.

Free service is also the key secret to its popularity

A few cases will charge additional handling fees for valuation service. If there are no extra charges, of course more and more people will think “Why not use it?”

Easily overlooked shortcomings

However, there are some drawbacks to using online valuation services and comparison websites. It is simple to ignore the existence of this flaw if you focus only on the advantages. Please make sure the following details are correct before using this service.

Some brands cannot use valuation services

Naturally, it makes no difference if it is a well-known brand like Rolex or Omega, but relatively infrequent brands occasionally cannot use the valuation service because there are fewer manufacturers who “want” watches of this brand. Additionally, even though it is not “completely impossible” to use the valuation service, it is possible that “only a few operators” will be able to complete the valuation at any given time. Even sending the watch requires time and effort to provide the necessary information, so it cannot be done to obtain useful information. This situation is often heard.

Valuation is sometimes very time-consuming

Despite being an online valuation, the industry’s methods are distinct as well. However, it is not surprising that it takes 1 to 2 weeks if they come across a special item. Some business owners in the industry can respond to the valuation results within 2 to 3 days at the earliest. You must pay closer attention if you “want to finish the transaction before the specified date.” To “choose who” is the most crucial step when entrusting valuation. Utilizing watch acquisition and valuation services can be beneficial or detrimental. Therefore, if you are determined to commission, the key is to “choose who,” but you must first ascertain whether there is a company willing to purchase the watch you are selling.

If assistance from other businesses is provided, commissions may also be paid after the valuation is accepted. Be sure to check ahead of time because there are many instances where the “handling fee” increased the amount of revenue. When selecting a company, many people consult comparison websites or related articles. But rather than swallowing the date and making hasty decisions, it is crucial to “personally” confirm the parties’ characteristics and specifics. It’s crucial to plan ahead “if you can’t get satisfactory results” if you want to “use smart”. Additionally, if the transaction fails, kindly confirm the shipping and handling costs that must be paid in advance.

You can use the valuation service to comprehend the “market purchase price” and the “actual purchase amount” as long as you keep in mind the key features this time around that were introduced. You might want to apply it in your own manner.


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